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Food delivery in train at Varanasi Station

Varanasi also fondly known as Banaras or Kashi is the spiritual capital of India. People from across the country and abroad do not miss an opportunity to take the holy bath on the banks of River Ganges. The city is a major centre of Hindu Pilgrimage and surprisingly has played important roles in giving birth to Buddhism and Sikhism religions.

Apart from pilgrims, the city also attracts traders of Muslin and Silk Fabric, perfumes and ivory works. Thanks to variant myriad travellers of Varanasi - Education, Art and Culture have prospered in UP. Talking about travellers, Varanasi is an important and busy railway junction for both mobile and destined visitors.

With such a heavy flow of train passing by each day and most with an average of 5 minutes halt, food in train at Varanasi can be easily ordered by passengers. KhanaGaDi allows you to do it easily and effectively with the help of its personal app or WhatsApp number. It has a 3 step order process, first by selecting the menu, placing the order and finally paying along with passenger’s train and seat number details. Each station has their collaborated vendors who serve Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Jain and Diabetic meals. Choosing a vendor or menu is totally at the passenger’s discretion keeping in mind the order time of more or less an hour. So, if you need a food delivery in train at Varanasi junction, you need to order an hour before and enjoy the hot sumptuous meal that is served to you by KhanaGaDi.