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Food delivery in Train at Vadodara Railway Station

Folks travelling towards Delhi or Mumbai in trains like Shatabdi and Rajdhani pass through a Gujarati city called Vadodara. Earlier named Baroda, it is a foodie’s paradise. But since you do not have time to travel and see, why not taste special chaat, Gujarati thali and Egg dishes at your booked seat in train itself. Yes, KhanaGaDi at Vadodara station brings you food delivery within 30 minutes of ordering. You can order 30 to 60 minutes before your train arrives and anything in KhanaGaDi's menu will be delivered right at your seat.
Do not want any surprises in food but want a regular North Indian or South Indian meal, order them and eat your stomach’s fill. Enjoy it exactly as you do on a daily basis, and train travel won’t make you miss food with KhanaGaDi food delivery in train at Vadodara railway station service.

What to order for food delivery in train at Vadodara railway station?

All the major food outlets in Baroda/Vadodara city are KhanaGaDi partners and our delivery boys are quick to relay your request and bring your meal. Food in train at Vadodara railway station will never be a problem if you have our app, customer care number and WhatsApp contact. You just choose any of these channels and forget about it. Just your PNR is enough for our team to deliver and reach you on time.

Let us know if you need any other special cuisine or food prepared in your own way, we can make that fresh too. Just try KhanaGaDi and get your food fix and meal on train every time you pass via Vadodara. Try it out.