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Food Delivery in Train at Surat Railway Station

Looking for food delivery in train at Surat (ST) railway station, come we have great menu and discounted rates for all kinds of food. Surat a fairly populous and commercially viable city is a hub of many businesses. The major being clothes and diamonds. It is an opportunity to travel and explore the city of Dumas Beach, where every Surati family enjoys a great weekend together and relaxes.

If you come to Surat often and enjoy great food at your host’s home or in the markets, but complain about hygiene and taste as soon as you step on a train – you must order train food at Surat railway station.

Travelling to Surat you cannot miss special delicacies of the region. But what if Surat is just your connecting station, to catch a train for another destination or you are just passing by in train. To feel a city one has to taste its food. Grab Surat’s flavor and let them win your heart – one Gujarati snack and meal at a time.

Sounds like impossible when you are on board on a train? Well with KhanaGaDi anything when it comes to your food requirements and delivery time is possible. As much as that we become your WhatsApp contact and a text is enough to get you your next meal.

Pay us on your seat; eat Surat’s tasty food like Undhiyu, Dhokla, Ragdoo, Locho, Gujarati thali whenever your train passes via Surat. Our chefs specialise in Gujarati cuisine and make it the Surati way so that your taste buds are satiated.

If you are missing home away from Surat and want to spice up things with your own cuisine, KhanaGadi, food in train at surat railway station will bring you whatever you order. Be it North Indian food, South Indian food or Spicy and tangy food.