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Food delivery in trains at Solapur Junction

Solapur - the name derived from two Sanskrit words Sola (sixteen), Pur (villages). The present city that we see today was earlier divided into sixteen villages during the historic rules of Chalukyas, Yadavas and Bahamanis. Despite being a part of Maharashtra, Solapur has almost equal percentage of Kannada speaking population. Therefore, apart from GudiPadwa and Ganesh Chaturthi, Sankranti is also a major festival of the city. The Sankranti festival celebrated in the famous Siddeshwara Temple attracts many tourists at Solapur. GaddaYatra that falls during Sankranti, is an annual fair of the city.

Solapur experiences a happy space in both economic and industrial terms. Other than being the largest producer of Sugar and Beedi, Solapuri bedsheets and towels are also traded across the country.

Solapur is a prominent junction for both road and rail routes between Mumbai and Hyderabad. Factually, this route is significant for trade and business purposes. Given the considerably safe and short travel duration, Solapur junction witnesses a lot of travellers and trains on a daily basis. This gives Khanagadian opportunity to serve food in train at Solapur Junction to its passengers. Travellers may wonder the need to order food online when tasty options like Vada Pav and other snacks are available on the station. The answer lies in the question itself. One can only expect snacks where hygiene can be most certainly compromised. Food delivery in trains at Solapur or any other junction is a much needed service for people who crave for good food during a journey. The convenience, hygiene and customisation (Veg/ Non-veg, Jain, Diabetic) make it worth the simple effort. The only probable pain one has to take is an hour of pre-planning.