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Amar Hotel


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Khana Ghar Ka (Exclusive Home Made Meals)


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Enjoy Train Food in Sholapur with Meal on Seat Services

Solapur is a popular city in state of Maharashtra which is known for highest numbers of sugar factories in the country. It is an important station located between Mumbai and Hyderabad. There are various tourist attractions located in this city which include Shri Siddheshwar Temple, Akkalkot Swami Maharaj Temple, Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary and Solapur Fort. Do not miss to include these places in your itinerary when you are visiting this city.

On your next travel plan, if your train is going to across this town then enjoy the ease of online meal ordering with and indulge in food in Solapur for a spicy and interesting experience. Place order for food in Solapur to answer your appetite with something delicious. Gone are those days when you have to wait for some station to arrive or manage with pantry or get down on platform to buy something. Now food in Solapur is just a click away. You can order for anything you like ranging from breakfast to lunch to dinner to snacks. You don’t need to kill your desire for a delicious meal as technology makes it easier for you to order food.