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Food delivery in Train at Shahdol Station

Shahdol is a city in Madhya Pradesh with a population of a lakh. It is known for its picturesque beauty with lush green forests and wide stretches of natural coal mines and minerals. A primitive tribal population seem to exist in the forests aforementioned. The forest consists of trees that are known for its great furniture manufacturing quality. Other trees like Mahua and Guli provide edible oil to the local residents. Orient Paper Mills and other small scale firms contribute industrially at Shahdol.

Shahdol is famous for its Virat Temple of Lord Shiva built during the 10th century by the then Kalchuri King Maharaj Yuvraj Deva. This temple’s structure is humongous and is a beautiful example of Kalchuri Age Architecture. These were reasons enough for it to be declared as heritage site by Archaeological Survey of India.

Considering the fact that this is a ‘not so busy junction’, trains here halt for a lesser duration. Therefore, there is no scope of a passenger to get down and look for food. That is where the food delivery in train at Shahdol station by KhanaGaDi comes into play. Once you have placed the order (an hour before), the KhanaGaDi guys wait in the station and reach your seat as soon as the train rests. The efficiency with which the transaction takes place doesn’t require more than half a minute. And, you get to enjoy a tasty meal of your choice. Who could have ever thought that getting food in train at Shahdol could be this easy? Also, if you’re passing by the station during snack time or breakfast, you can very well order that too from the elaborate menu of KhanaGaDi’s vendor. Given the location, Vegetarian is the choice one can opt for in Shahdol station.