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Food delivery in Trains at Raipur Station

Raipur is the largest city of Chattisgarh. Raipur’s existence dates back to 9th century. It is archaeologically of great significance due to being a part of Mauryanempire and DakshinaKosala Kingdom. People take pride in the fact that they breathe the same air as the great ruler Samudragupta,who ruled here in 5th and 6th century. Surrounded by Mahanadi River, Maikal hills and Deccan plateau, Raipur is often referred to as “The Rice Bowl of India” for its enormous production of rice varieties.
Apart from being a decent contributor of agricultural products like rice, poha and certain industrial products like cement, formalin, plywood and alloys; commercially Raipur is the largest market of steel in India. It is home to many famous tourist locations like KaivalyaDham, Kanha National Park and Chitrakoot falls and also boasts of owning great education, medical, news and communication infrastructure.

Raipur Railway Junction is located on the Howrah-Nagpur-Mumbai line of Indian Railways. It also has great connectivity to almost all the major cities of the country. A special line from Raipur- Vizianagaram enables it to transport the produce effectively to all southern provinces. With such connectivity and rush, Raipur definitely becomes a prominent junction for train passengers. KhanaGaDi does food delivery in train at Raipur junction to passengers who have pre-ordered for it. The passengers can taste authentic Raipur cuisine by opting for Meals (thali, combos, Ala Carte, sizzling snacks and yummy desserts) from the food delivery network. With specific detailing towards hygiene, taste, and customised menu, nothing can possibly compete with the food in train at Raipur junction the way KhanaGaDi does. So, no need to hold your taste buds while passing through Raipur station.