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Travel to the Capital for Food

Food delivery in train at New Delhi railway station is like an exciting first level of an adventurous game. New Delhi is a heaven for foodies, people who live to eat and party that is. But if you are here and passing by in train, meals on your berth at rain seat can pack the punch you crave from the city. Be it the street food or fine dining, New Delhi has anything and everything. What to order for food delivery at New Delhi railway station? Let us solve this problem right now.

Top Dishes for Food Delivery in Train at New Delhi Railway Station are:
1) Butter Chicken with Naan or Rice
2) Chaat/GolGappas
3) Chhole Bhature
4) Faluda, Malai IceCream

These recommendations are brought to you by New Delhi special KhanaGaDi menu and you are likely to be ordering them again and again. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and lots of snacks with more cuisine than you have ever tasted is what KhanaGaDi, food in train is all about. Pampering you travellers, backpackers or even regular weekend work to home goers – a meal on train is your own way of exploring the food of the region you pass from.

New Delhi Railway Station Jain Food and Diabetic Meals

Yes, these are available too. We understand that with health conditions and silent problems after a certain age, we can only cheat a few meals. Sattvik bhojan is another speciality which actually originated in Delhi, but is rather hidden behind the curtains of foodie extravaganza. Call our customer care number for Jain food delivery in train at New Delhi railway station.

If you are a diabetic, or are travelling with one who has – recommend KhanaGaDi Special Diabetic food delivery at New Delhi railway station.