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Nagpur Fresh Fruit – Oranges and Tasty Famous Namkeen

Maharashtra city which is famous for its oranges and namkeens too, but Nagpur has a lot more to offer for foodies and travellers. Just knowing how to get food delivery in train at Nagpur railway station can solve a lot of problems for yourself and your fellow travellers. If you are alone it is even more beneficial as it makes you travel hassle free. All your food and beverage requirements are handle by just pushing a button and ordering. Nagpur shall not be limited to oranges and namkeen – it has really famous Saoji chicken, mutton and other dishes like fast food rolls, biryani at Momin pura are awesome.

What is more awesome about Nagpur is that with KhanagaDi’s amazing food delivery at Nagpur railway station service you can get anything famous from Nagpur to eat. Right on your seat where you are sitting, it will be delivered and you will be billed after you received it.

KhanaGaDi’s Menu for Food delivery in train at Nagpur railway station

We specialize in giving you anything you crave to eat – but on the train seat. Yes, you might want anything at anytime but you are visiting and your lunchtime halt is at Nagpur. You can just fire our KhanaGaDi app and order it. Our chefs will prepare it and delivery team will reach you on time.
The menu includes North Indian, Chinese, South Indian, Maharashtrian, Gujarati, Hyderabadi, Bengali, Madrasi and many other cuisines. We even have continental, Jain food and food in train for diabetes patients. Yes, people on medication need special diet which helps them keep healthy.

How to get food delivery at Nagpur railway station?
Use one of these methods:
1) Download and use KhanaGadi android app
2) Call KhanaGadi customer care number
3) Message KhanaGadi team on WhatsApp