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Enjoy Train Food in Katni with Meal on Seat Services

Katni is also known as the City of Marbles or Murwara. This town is located on the banks of Katni River in Madhya Pradesh. This city is known for its rich resources of lime and bauxite. If you are here, then Bahoriband is the most exciting place to see various historical monuments. You can even visit Tigavan which is known for 1500 years old temple with flat ceiling which is surely a surprise. Roopnath is another place which is a popular pilgrimage which has Panchlingi statue of Lord Shiva.

If you are travelling on train and Katni junction is on your way, you can order food in Katni with While you are on one of the largest railway junctions in India, you can have the most amazing food in Katni delivered on your seat. With you can select Katni station, vendors supplying food in Katni station and pick delicious dishes from their menu to answer your appetite with hot and fresh meals. Even when you are away from home, you don’t have to compromise with taste and hygiene as you can have what you want with this amazing meal on seat service which promises great taste and comfort to train travelers.