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Food delivery in trains at Hanumangarh Station

Hanumangarh is situated on the banks of river Ghaggar (also known as River Saraswati) in the northern Rajasthan state. It was earlier known as Bhatner during King Bhupat’srule. But, since Maharaja Sooraj Singh of Bhati clan won it awayon Tuesday (the auspicious day of Lord Hanuman)from the former, it has been rechristened as “Hanumangarh”. Researchers during a visit found out that Hanumangarh was a part of Indus Valley Civilization that existed around 5000 years ago. The remains like stamps, scripts, jewellery etc. were found as proof and later placed in the National Museum, Delhi.Sharing borders with Punjab, the language of Hanumangarh- Bagri has heavy accents of Punjabi and Haryanvi, thus funnily converting its name as “Khichdi’ language.

Hanumangarh Junction is a major railway station between Jodhpur and Bathinda. It has both Meter and Broad gauge lines passing through the junction. It also has a Diamond Railway Crossing and is instrumental in providing smooth rail traffic for two major cantonments- Jaisalmer in Rajasthan and Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir.

Visibly, a lot of traffic passes through this junction every day. Therefore, it is only obvious that passengers might expect food delivery in train at Hanumangarh junction. KhanaGaDi simplifies the equation by providing two easy options (personal app and WhatsApp) to order food. For people exhausted with a pre-set thali menu, KhanaGaDi has Ala Carte options available too. When asked about the delivery assurance, KhanaGaDi follows a Six-Sigma certified process that achieves 99.99% delivery strike rate. And, if that was not good enough, you’ll love the prices that they offer (150-300) based on your selection of food. I’m now sure that you will definitely order food in train at Hanumangarh Junction on your next journey.