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Food Delivery in Train at Ahmedabad Railway Station

Never worry about you eating food in train ever again when you are travelling to or from Ahmedabad because KhanaGaDi’s special food catering services are available here too. Visiting Ahmedabad, or your train crosses the station and you feel hungry. Just call us on KhanaGaDi customer care number 30 to 60 minutes in advance. We will bring you your hot and fresh food, which will be anything you pick from our extensive menu, at your train seat.

Food delivery in train at Ahmedabad railway station is best option because the kind of variety and ability to get food of your choice at KhanaGaDi will blow you away. Yes, the taste is authentic and the preparations are neat and clean. Unlike what is sold at the platforms, which is not even close to edible, we pack gastronomic delights of Ahmedabad or anything from Jain food, diabetic food, home thali, snacks or even Pizza and other fast foods. Order it and you get significant discounts too. It can feed you and your whole family. Such is the ability to customize and have your own kind of favorite hot food item.

Quick Fix for all 3 Meals of the Day

Remember last time you booked a train and there was a sad thali that came from the pantry car – which might have ruined the palate. Nothing will happen ever again as you can just call, text or use KhanaGaDi application and surprise your friends and family with dishes and items of their choice. Awesome desserts and beverages can be ordered too.

Ahmedabad hosts a lot of industries and reputed educational institutes. As a student going home or from home to school – in train you can enjoy food delivery at Ahmedabad railway station easily.