KhanaGadD's Food in Train Delivery Highlights

Bringing the best train food delivery at your own seat, KhanaGaDi solves your travelling problem within seconds. All you have to do is crave for food, order the same and wait for the next 30 minutes. Sounds untrue? We particularly understand the people travelling in train, need tasty food in train. But different kinds of age groups crave for different kinds of food.


Delicacies, Fast Food and Homely Meals - KhanaGaDi Combos

Our KhanaGaDi food in train menu has everything that can satiate all of your taste buds. While maggi, pizzas and burgers are for teens and kids - we have Jain food and diabetics for health conscious adults. Diet preference is one thing, but if you want to feel at home, ordering homely meal on train at KhanaGaDi is even easier.

Train travel is the cheapest and most comfortable way of going from one place to another. Also 90% of Indians prefer travelling by train, as most places are connected only by railways - where taking road is often longer than railways. Train travel is an education that tells us more about our country and its people.


How to order meal in train via KhanaGadi?

3 Ways to contact KhanaGaDi Food in Train Service:

1. Official App from Google Play and iOS App Store

2. KhanaGaDi's Toll Free Number

3. WhatsApp messaging your order

You just choose the kind of cuisine and dish you want to eat and order it right away. It will be delivered as soon as the train halts on the next station. Our delivery team will reach you and give you your hot and tasty meal in train meal box.

All ways are free and extremely easy. You pay after you receive your order. If you are not pleased, which will not happen, but just in case - you can launch a complaint too.