Top 7 Gujarati Dishes We Can’t Stop Falling in Love With


Gujarat, one of the most exciting tourist places all over this globe, is famed for its delicious dishes. The reflection of the culture is always the food and it is important that we should taste the food of the particular region to know about the respective culture.
Here in Gujarat, you will find a wide range of delicious foods. Here varieties of dishes are offered with amazing and distinctive tastes. However, the entire menu of it is purely vegetarian but it too holds a great nutritional value. Additionally, as an add-on they often make these eatables sit on the silver utensils. These interesting people use a fantastic blend of yummy flavors and spices to cook the meals and this is the only thing because of which their food comes in the top locus of truly exotic dishes.
The flavors of Gujarati food is a perfect blend of all, spicy, sour and sweet. The predominant addition of certain eatables like sesame seeds, gram flour, buttermilk and yogurt aids in making the distinctive taste of Gujarati food. In fact, along with this, their preparation style too adds up in the same.
Today, we will also have a mouth-watering talk about some of the top Gujarati dishes that would leave you with your fingers licking. Let us introduce ourselves to top seven striking dishes straight from Gujarat.

1. Basundi

Firstly, we will start with a sweet dish named, basundi. Gujarati beings too call it as a mishhthan. It is a semi-liquid dessert that is made with thickened milk, saffron, sugar, pistachios, and almonds. You may take it as Rabdi, which is akin to it and is the North Indian Sweet Dish.
Although it clutches high fats and calories, but it is good for our health. You may prepare it in another way also using the milk which contains low fat and any substitute of sugar. This way you may have your favorite dish with low fat and calories.

2. Muthiya

Another is a tea-time snack with a divine taste. This flavor will get double when you will let it fry in the hot oil with few sesame seeds, mustard and curry leaves which are also known as Mitho Limdo in Gujarati.
Like the other dishes of Gujarat, this one also leaves a remarkable feedback.

3. Lilva Kachori

An elegance of South Gujarat, Lilva Kachori is a stuffed dish that is made by filling green peas in plain kneaded flour. In the breezy and cool winds of Gujarat winter, don’t forget to have it; it would leave you mmm…!!

4. Sev Khamni

Next, a steamed, boiled and crushed food originally from Surat, is quite popular. A perfect and tasty combination of crunchy “Sev” and soft “Khamni”, when served with sour green chutney sparks off a happy tick in you!

5. Dabeli

Dabeli, quite popular among all age beings, is brought up in the Kutch district of Gujarat. You may imagine it with a kind of “Vadapav”, stuffed fully with mashed potatoes, groundnuts, and mixed spices. An enchanting tang would get appended to it when served with sweet “chutney” made with Tamarind and Dates.
A perfect aroma of the spices, the colorful texture, and a single Dabeli bite would definitely active Ghrelin in you!

6. Dhokla

It is well known that one of the chief emblems of Gujarat is “Dhokla”. Besides, not only the Gujarati people but the Indians also cherish having this dish.
Likewise, to make it, the ingredients that are added are fermented rice and the split chickpeas. You may also split it into any sizes and shapes as you want. You may or may style it as boiled or fried one. When it comes to serving, green chutney or sweet chutney (as read above) adds a great flavor.
This multi-taste dish, that is sweet, spicy (if made like) and soft is too fried with curry leaves, cumin and mustard seeds, which would also be enjoyed by your taste buds.

7. Handva

A yummy member of” Dhokla” family, Handva, is itself a unique dish, that makes it distinguishing in appearance and taste from its ascendant.
In its preparation, thick and single layered bread is firstly cooked either in the specialized Handva cookers or ordinary cookers after applying tadka of the oil, curry leaves; cumin and mustard seeds are applied. Next, its ingredients are added named, coriander, green chilies, ginger, garlic, peas, and guard. Now, the serving part accompanies pickle as it creates a delightful combination. In fact, the contents of it are too appetizing.
Most of the other Gujarati recipes have a unique and unmatchable taste. The Gujarati cuisines mostly make the use of native veggies and yes, an awesome combination of special species to spell them. This results in satiating and homely dishes.
You might be thinking that what is added to their dishes that tastes sweet, actually it is jaggery. It is present almost in every meal for neutralizing the salty taste of the water. Gujarat is a dry coastal desert area where the ground water is used as a primary source of the drinking purpose that often tastes salty.
Furthermore, today in Gujarati community, there are Hindus and Jains who are predominantly Lacto vegetarians and purely vegetarian respectively. Some Gujarati Muslims are too the members of Gujarati community who consume fish and meat. Above description of dishes puts the focus especially on the purely vegetarian recipes so that every being whether he is a non-vegetarian or vegetarian person may take a tasty benefit from it. However, the Gujarati food is purely vegetarian.
So, you might or not have tried all of the above dishes but yes, you may like to say that some of them have a chance to get appended to your favorite dish list. There are many, such kind of marvels, that are quite known and liked in the Gujarati cuisines like Undiyu, Locho, Khandvi, Khaman, Thepla, Fafda, Khichu, and so on. The unique tang of these will surely lure your taste buds. So, while wandering this lovely place, just try all the possible foods as you never know, you may gonna miss them!

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