Top 10 Healthy & Delicious Breakfasts of India


Take it serious or not, but yes it’s true that “a good breakfast makes your day”. Everybody on this globe wants to eat not only yummy and healthy too. Many of us don’t listen to our inner shout of taste as it aids the fat to reside in our body. So, we always stick to our plain cum weight loss meal.

Indian food wins the top position when we poke a nutritional topic. Indian breakfast plays a significant role when one wants to be lighter. Healthy, doesn’t sound tasteless always. Yes, actually!! Come let’s talk about some tasty and mouth-watering healthy breakfasts in India. So, there is no need to suppress your craving any more.

While moving on weight loss plan you should focus on what you are having for your breakfast.  A perfect breakfast should include required proportion of carbohydrates. Preferably, it should have high calcium, whole grains and fruits. Below, you are going to read about some startling combinations of so.

1. Banana Apple Porridge

However, this option may be easiest of all the breakfasts but it is too overwhelmed with rich Vitamins and fiber.

Banana, rich in Vitamins A, B and E, is also quite healthy in potassium.  Potassium maintains the blood pressure of the beings so that it remains healthy and keeps his bones strong.

On a contrary, apple holds soluble fiber with vitamin A and C.

2. Sweet Browned Rice

Brown rice, one of the great sources of foods that are rich in fiber, is widely accepted as a complete energetic package for the morning beings. You may have it accompanying few raisins and honey. This great combination would really taste awesome.

3. Creamy Spinach Toast

Spinach, the cartoon lovers are going to remind Popeye hearing this. No doubt, spinach is an outstanding super food. Moreover, it is quite rich in magnesium and dietary potassium. It is too loaded with some essential meals, Vitamins A, K and fiber.

An excellent source from which you may get beta-carotene is spinach that makes the person get rid of asthma problem. The alpha-lipoic acid in it also acts as an antioxidant which reduces the glucose level and too enhances the sensitivity of insulin. This is how it prevents the oxidatively induced effects in a diabetic patient.

Akin to other veggies, spinach clutches chlorophyll which is responsible for lowering down the risk of cancer.

4. Oats Idli

Oats Idli, it may be quite boring hearing this option but you never know the amazing taste of it would make you go mad about it. Oats are healthy that too aids in making the food tasty. A special fiber named, beta glucan is found in oat bran.

Apart from this, when we talk about Urad Dal too known as Black Gram, we find it rich in minerals especially magnesium, iron and potassium, Vitamins and other dietary fibers. With it, you may just find yourself get treated against muscle and joint pains. Likewise, it makes the nervous system stronger, reduces hypertension and improves the digestive system.

5. Mixed Sprouts Poha

Well, whether you follow or don’t follow a strict veg diet, you should know that how beneficial sprouts are. For our digestive health, sprouts are much better. Similarly, these are also essential for maintaining health of the skin. Also, these regulate the sugar level by fastening the motion of the hydrolytic enzymes.

The beaten rice too named as Poha makes your day a little lazy, rest it is rich in fiber and iron.

6. Grilled Corn And Capsicum Sandwich

Corn, a starchy vegetable provides an enough amount of necessary carbohydrates that fuels up the morning hours of us. Noticeably, it is the complex crab, means it needs slow pace to get digested and offer a constant power for a long time. It is too strong to have manganese, a mineral trace which is good for connective tissues.

7. Chana Dal Pancakes

Chana dal, with low glycemic index, it has the caliber to use the blood sugar in an effective manner. This breakfast would be a good choice of yours for every morning. To make it more healthy and nutrient strongly, you may add-on some veggies. Besides, it is too eaten in other ways like in the form of sattu which is made by roasting and powdering it. Besan is also made by chana dal by grinding it to a powdered form.

8. Oats Mutter Dosa

Apart from its healthy feature, Oats Mutter Dosa sounds tasty also. It bestows all the healthy features of oats as mentioned above.  In addition to this, if you add boiled peas, carrots and split lentils to it, then it will raise up its nutritional value.

9. Cabbage Parathas

If you are the one who gets bored having more vegetables in your food then you are going to love this breakfast. It only contains cabbage in the name of vegetables. Parathas doesn’t always mean overloaded calories and fat as these parathas are not going to make you put on more weight. It contains low calories and high ranked Vitamins and fibers. Moreover, cabbage is good to have vitamin C.

10. Upma

Upma, another delicious breakfast which has its roots in the South India, but is eaten across India. Again, it may be cooked in various forms with distinctive ingredients depending upon one’s choice. It is a low calorie item too.

The bottom line is that it’s true that breakfast is must and should be a part of your meals. Additionally, it assists in cutting down your hunger, revives the metabolic rate of your build and helps in losing more calories. In turn, it results into healthier and quicker weight loss.

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