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Online Order Fresh Food in Train

Traveling in train and do not know what to eat? Looking for hot and delicious hygienic meals on train?Well, KhanaGadi.com brings you online food in train which has been prepared with is freshly cooked just for you.

This is an online portal where you can place order for food in train while you are on a train journey. You can even surprise your near and dear one who is traveling on train by placing order for his favorite meal through this amazing site which offers the ease of ordering online food while travelling from different cities in India.

food in trainNow you can order breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks from this website for the next station that is soon to come up. You do not have to worry about finding quality food as you can have it ordered online with KhanaGadi.com. There are so many vendors at one place, offering delightful, reasonable and freshly prepared meals as per your choice. All you need to do is pick up a vendor and select the menu and place your order. Whatever you wish to eat will be delivered to you on your seat.

So make your train travel all the more interesting and exciting with this website where you can order food in train from various stations in India without starving or missing on delightful treats.

Food Delivery in Train for your next Group Tour

Traveling with a Group in a long haul Train Journey for holidays or pilgrimage or are you a Travel Agent that frequently organizes large Travel Group Holidays or Pilgrim Tours? Then Food Delivery of quality food is something that strikes your mind immediately once you decide to take a Travel Group in Train.

Quality food delivery in Train at multiple stations is not an easy task; you not only need to ensure hygienic food but also the taste and quantity for each person with rotating varieties to keep everyone in the group happy and content with your food arrangement.

Following points needs to be checked while choosing the right partner to arrange the food for your Travel Group:

  • Quality and Hygiene
  • Timely Delivery
  • Special Request of Group members- Jain Food, Food with onion and garlic etc etc
  • Experience in Delivering at multiple locations, network of vendors in most of the locations.
  • Convenient packaging

Managing food logistics at different stations for your group requires an experienced Food Delivery partner and your search ends with KhanaGaDi.com , Pioneer in food delivery for bulk orders for Travel Groups, Pilgrim Tours, Education Tours and any other food requirement for large group for a long haul train journey.

KhanaGaDi.com’s Team has more than 25 years of experience in train food delivery and managing food logistics system that will give you that confidence to arrange the food delivery for your next Group tour with us , our team has proven expertise in managing a large group tour’s food requirement in Trains, our process includes the following elements which are very critical in a successful bulk order delivery at multiple stations:

  • Network of Select Vendors at most of the locations in Indian Railways network.
  • Quality process of Food production and packaging
  • Standard operating process for designing various meal combos for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Use of Technology to maintain the entire order delivery cycle via automated process.
  • Proven expertise in handling large orders

If you are a Travel Agent or a Tour operator looking for a Food Delivery partner to manage your next Travel Group’s food requirement at multiple locations on a long haul train journey then please do write to us at info@khanagadi.com or call us at 7568666347.Please also visit our website at www.khanagadi.com , you can also leave your query in the “Contact us “ section of our website.

Go Foodieeee with online food order in train

Ordering delicious food right at your Train Seat with multiple at your disposal is a reality now with KhanaGaDi’s pioneering Train Food Delivery services. You can order the favorite food of your choice right from pizza to Chinese and from Snacks to full course meals right from your Train Seat by online food order in train service  which is provided by Khanagadi.com. Yes you have heard it right and that too with a very user friendly process of ordering infect if you do not want to order even via online , you can choose to just dial their helpline nos at 9667216000/9667262000 and they will arrange the food delivery right at your Train Seat at your preferred Station on your Train journey map.

As of now , KhanaGaDi is providing this service at select 105 Stations in over 4500 Trains. They have a pre designed menu for each station and offers a wide range of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks items , Their Thalis are a big hit among consumers and is available in both Veg and Non Veg Variants with options to choose from.

Ordering at KhanaGaD.com is even simpler than switching on your TV Set, you can either login at : www.khanagadi.com or Dial the Helpline nos at 9667216000/9667262000 to book your order instantly.

You will get all the updates related to your orders on your phone via SMS and email , Customer Care executives at KhanaGaDi.com are there to assist you on call if you need any help related to your orders.

Dine from our Multi Cuisine Train Food Delivery Menu

Gone are the days when you need to compromise on your food choices while traveling on a long haul journey in Indian Trains as KhanaGaDi.com has completely revolutionized the Dining experience in Trains in India, It offers a Multi Cuisine Train Food Delivery Menu for  the Passengers of Train in select 105 Stations across 4500 Trains, Consumers can choose from a wide variety of 15000+ food items, conveniently packed and available right at your seat and thus enjoy the delicious Train food while sitting on their train seat.

Passengers can book their favorite food in 2 simple steps:

  1. Logon to www.khanagadi.com and place your order online, you can book your food at multiple stations.
  2. Call our Customer Support Helpline at 9667216000/9667262000.
  3. Whats APP us at 7568666347 and our Customer Care Executives will call you to take your order.