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Online Order Fresh Food in Train

Traveling in train and do not know what to eat? Looking for hot and delicious hygienic meals on train?Well, KhanaGadi.com brings you online food in train which has been prepared with is freshly cooked just for you.

This is an online portal where you can place order for food in train while you are on a train journey. You can even surprise your near and dear one who is traveling on train by placing order for his favorite meal through this amazing site which offers the ease of ordering online food while travelling from different cities in India.

food in trainNow you can order breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks from this website for the next station that is soon to come up. You do not have to worry about finding quality food as you can have it ordered online with KhanaGadi.com. There are so many vendors at one place, offering delightful, reasonable and freshly prepared meals as per your choice. All you need to do is pick up a vendor and select the menu and place your order. Whatever you wish to eat will be delivered to you on your seat.

So make your train travel all the more interesting and exciting with this website where you can order food in train from various stations in India without starving or missing on delightful treats.

KhanaGaDi India’s first food delivery platform

KhanaGaDi.com a Brand of GBS Travel and Food Tech Pvt Ltd is India’s first 360* food delivery platform that serves clutter free and simplified food menu in Trains, Buses and at home. KhanaGaDi is offering its services in Trains through its “Meal on Seat “ program at around 105 stations and in 4500 Trains, KhanaGaDi’s workforce is working to include 200 stations in its network by the end of Dec 15.

KhanaGaDi is providing its Home Delivery Services in Jaipur city currently and soon will be staring its new Food @Doorsteps services in select areas in Gurgaon, this food delivery services will have food options from select Restaurants, Chefs and also by Home Chefs.The services will start by Dec 15 in Gurgaon.

KhanaGaDi is also working to redefine the food experience while traveling in Buses, it will soon start a pilot project on Jaipur Delhi and Jaipur Ahmadabad route and aims to cater to approx 100 buses on a daily basis.

Food Delivery Services in Train

Embarking on a long Train Journey and the first thought that strikes the mind is that how we gonna arrange for good quality of food Delivery which not only satisfies our taste buds but also is safe to consume. The food available in the pantry car and on stations creates a huge question mark when it comes to taste and food safety plus it lacks variety and range.

KhanaGaDi.com’s Train Food Delivery services is the answer to this pertinent problem as it now serves tasty meal of your choice right at your seat , Yes its right!! KhanaGaDi offers a wide collection of over 15000 menu items to choose from across 4500 trains in Indian Railways network across 105 Stations.

Our food menu has been designed keeping in mind the train journey environment and we offer multi cuisine items in Chinese, Indian, South Indian, Snacks , Breakfast and Meals category. Ordering food with KhanaGaDi.com is very easy an can be done in 3 simple steps

1.Call our Customer Support Helpline no 9667216000/9667262000

2.WhatsApp us on 7568666347

2.Log on to www.khanagadi.com and place online.

Our Customer Support Executives are trained to help you throughout your order delivery cycle and ensures that you get your food right at your Train berth on time.