Unique Service of online food order in train journey


Imagining journey without food is simply impossible. Some of us as are so fond of eating on journeys that as soon as we board the train, we start looking for something to munch on. Online food order in train is such a delight for all the food lovers who are on the move. KhanaGadi has completely transformed the experience of train travel by offering this wonderful opportunity to order food online while traveling.

KhanaGadi offers a wonderful range of multi-cuisine food choices for the travelers to help them select anything they want to have online food order in train . Ranging from munch on anytime snacks to complete meals, there are so many interesting choices to choose. Just order the food you wish to have and fill in the details related with your PNR, train and contact information and you are sorted. Your food will be delivered to you at the selected station on the selected time at your seat. What more can you ask for when you have freshly cooked, delicious and tempting meal just a click away.

Now you don’t have to depend on pantry or look out on platforms to eat something as KhanaGadi is there to take care of your food needs around the clock. So what’s stopping you from enjoying yummy burgers, noodles, parantha’s and many more sumptuous food items? Order them now and make it a Happy Train Journey.