Meals in Train Seat by KhanaGaDi


You are going on a long Train journey of over 48 hours from Delhi to Chennai and you are worried that how you will manage your food during this long sojourn, you do not trust the food sold on platform on various stations and the pantry food lacks taste, now you are mulling over the options of carrying the dry snacks with yourself but there is a possibility of stomach upset due to the same. Looks like a familiar situation whenever you are set to sail in the Indian Trains? Yes it’s a very familiar situation but now you can be rest assured for the quality food options available at various stations of your upcoming Train Journey as Khanagadi offered meals in train at your train seat, you can now enjoy Chinese, South Indian, Indian, Punjabi, Snacks and various other delicacies in your Train. You still do not believe it !!!!

But it’s true, now with KhanaGaDi’s “Meals in Train” this is possible and importantly you can order through a hassle free process and can call the customer support at KhanaGaDi if you encounter any problem during your ordering process, if your Train is running late, you will get a call from their helpline no asking to prepone or postpone your food delivery, isn’t it fantastic and unbelievable.

KhanaGaDi’s “Meals in Train“ is now available at 105 Stations across India in over 4500 Trains , you can order by calling at our helpline no 9667216000/9667262000 or simply log on to to place your order online.