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People Behind Your Train Food Tray: Story of Mizaz E Bhopal

Today we are presenting you the story of Mizaz E Bhopal, an oven fresh dream venture of Mrs. Surabhi Jaiswal, her better half Mr. Manish Jaiswal took out some time to share the story behind their lovely restaurant with us.

When was your restaurant/cafe founded?

We are working in hotel industry since 2006, our first restaurant name is Chinese Chap, later in 2015 we founded our new restaurant MIZAZ-E-BHOPAL.

Tell us something about the founder?

Founder of Mizaz-e-Bhopal is my Wife Mrs. Surabhi Jaiswal, Who is an advocate and practiced in field of IPR for 7 years in Delhi and Bangalore. She is very foodie, She suggested this name because she had an opinion that Chinese Chap promote only one cuisine. And she found that taste of Bhopal’s food is different from other states.

Tell us story behind your restaurant?

We really worked hard for this venture. And hard work is going on. Its mercy of God that we are connected with lots of good people who are helping us to grow our business.

Tell us what is your specialty?

Ans. Our indian food, Chinese Kothe, Chinese Bhel, Mizaz Pasta are specialty. But chinese Bhel Or Chinese Kothe we can not provide in Railway because we can have it hot. After packaging it become soft and taste goes away.

What are your learning?

Delivery in railway is totally different, time management, communication with customers, tracing the train, having watch on railway station, calculation with the other train timing are required. Still we are learning how we can please our valuable customer with delicious food. Still customers have some issues, complaints. Which we try to resolve.

Would you like to mention any key people behind it?

Yes, My Mother because she makes sure that nothing goes waste. in hotel industry we need to control on our material which should not go waste. And my mother do that very carefully.

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Know More About The Largest Train Route of India

From Jammu to Kanyakumari (Himsagar Express)

There are many routes that you may opt for traveling via tracks from Jammu to Kanyakumari. In fact, now you will come to know the longest train trips in India that you can make by boarding only one train to reach Kanyakumari from Jammu.

Checkout the following longest journeys by train to touch the boundaries of Kanyakumari:

1. Vivek Express – Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari.

2. Himsagar Express – Jammu Tawi to Kanyakumari.

Himsagar Express

Among the above two, the Himsagar Express aligns a lively triumph of the Indian Railways. There is a fact which is a big reason of such applause. According to this, it states that this train is the only train that runs on the longest route as we notice within the borders of India.

Initially, after saying good bye to Jammu Tawi Railway Station, Himsagar Express starts rolling over the tracks towards Kanyakumari Railway Station. On its way towards Kanyakumari, it explores many bridges uniting with the tracks, green forests, bluish watercourses, some hidden areas and too many stations in between. It leaves the hands of the northern point to meet the extreme Southern point of India.

The term “Himsagar” when get extracted, delivers two small terms, “Him” and “Sagar”. The former one directs towards the Grand Himalayas that is in the north and the latter one reveals the huge Indian Ocean which lies in South India. When these two ties a knot with each other, it gives out “Himsagar” which shows the path towards the gathering of the three oceans of Kanyakumari from Kashmir that is masked with snow.

Nearby 75 hours are covered by Himsagar Express to touch its destination after traveling about 3751 kilometers. All in total, nine states of India are crossed by this express railway that includes Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, Maharashtra, and Kerala. By running to and fro from Jammu Tawi and Kanyakumari on the weekly basis, this renowned train takes about 77 halts at a same number of stations.

Food on Train

After a short but important discussion about every significant point of this distinguished train, Himsagar Express, we will now through some light on the “food on train” that is popular in this entire journey.

Moving from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, you are not going to find any dish which would be a replica of another one when it comes to taste.  Moreover, when we would talk about the choice, it would touch infinity.

Indian food, it is just amazing, indeed can’t be described in words. This is simply because of the diversity and variety that are actually widespread all over India. Each and every state of India has much to say about their special tasty food and also the preparation of these, that can’t be missed. After getting influenced by the culture, climate, and geography of the state, most of the traditional dishes come forth.

Let’s sit to talk about some of these that are quite known and cherished ever:


The red-any chutney directly from Chattisgarh is named as chaprah which sits beyond to that of “exotic” one. It is made using eggs and red ants. Yes, this is a non-vegetarian dish yet it is strong and spicy.


Most popular in Karnataka, Chiroti is a pastry that is well topped with the powdered sugar and dipped in hot almond milk all around.

Khubi ka Lai

Your experience would be wonderful after tasting this enchanting sweet dish known as Khubi ka Lai. Born in the city of Barh, it is made from mawa, sugar and knubi seeds. It may be given a ball shape or may too bestow a glimpse of a cake.

Haak Saag

A hot favorite food on train which is much in-demand among Jammu & Kashmir people, Haak Saag is prepared at home and too in the parties and functions. The leaves of Haak look a kin to spinach and this dish is cooked along with spices and mustard oil.


Straight from Madhya Pradesh, Lapsi attracts with it the richness of broken wheat and also the tempting aroma of the cardamom.


From Jharkhand and Bihar, a tempting food comes named, Thekua, with its tantalizing sweet taste and crunchiness’.

The food on train that you are going to get towards the destination kanyakumari, is prepared using an amazing combination of spices and an obvious garnish of the coconut. Coconut appends an exotic taste to most of the foods. As we all know, coconuts are grown here enormously because of the presence of the excess of water. Because of this, you are going to sense these two savors differently in almost every dish here.

Apart from these two, you may also enjoy the delicious delicacies of the fresh fishes and also the typical platter of South India in their lip-smacking and authentic forms.

Some of the typical South Indian varieties of food on train that you shouldn’t miss are kesari, Payassam, Sweet Pongal, Upma, Rasam, Sambhar, Vada, Chutney, Dosa, Idli and more.

The delicacies of Kanyakumari are quite spicy but you would notice that the ingredients that are used while preparation would be less. These dishes would make you remind the food culture and taste of the beings from Kanyakumari. Here the basic food is rice but some people opt for Tapioca also. In the hilly areas, this food is quite known.

In most of the delicacies, people cook fish, meat, and agro products. Here the sea fishes are in-demand. In early morning and night, the fishes are much caught here in the seas all around the district. After that the fishes turn to inner towns, village and markets over there in the sunrise.

Here, the local and international tourists are offered quality food at an affordable price and yes, both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. The popular recipes of Kanyakumari are quite delightful and if you would try them once you would wish to have them again. These would leave your taste buds and you impatient.


Culinary Train from New Delhi to Ahmadabad

If you are hopping on to a Train from New Delhi to Ahmadabad, you would get a rare opportunity to unearth some real culinary stops along the way that will stand apart from your gastronomic experience so far, Yes its damn right as the entire Train Journey in between these two great cities would offer some of the finest culinary platter at the stations en route which you have not experienced ever.

This journey of around 15-16 hours is off course best advised to be undertaken in the day time to explore the sumptuous food in train which you will relish in times to come, The very first stop to tantalize your taste buds will come at Alwar in Rajasthan , famous for its Milk Cake or locally known as “Alwar ka Mawa”, This Milk Cake at Alwar Station is known for its unique taste, texture and for a fine balance in between the sweetness and the blend of milk cream and off course the aroma is something that you will not find in any milk cake across the globe.

There are certain families in Alwar known to be in possession of some secret recipe for these unique Milk Cakes, you can easily buy one of these delicacies at your Train Seat only as the vendors will come to your coach to show you the product, it is advisable to go for the light brown texture cake if you are up for buying, so what are you waiting for? Just grab the piece from the Cake pound and let is dissolve in your mouth as your Train marches ahead for your next stop.

After having savoured the soft and tendered Milk Cake, your taste buds would be looking forward to something spicy, minty and off course super chilly to take the edge off that sugar, your next Stop, The great City of Pink City Jaipur is the ideal destination ahead in your Train Journey to change the taste with some mouth watering and spicy “Pyaj ki Kachori “and “Moong Dal Kachori”.

These Kachori’s are awesome snacks and if served hot with either Mint Chutney or Kadhi can really make you day in Train, Jaipur Station have several vendors who serves Fresh Kachori’s with Kadhi and Minth Chutney, they can even pack some for you for your journey ahead. Jaipur is also globally famous for its local Dessert “Ghevar”, there are variety of Ghevars available at Stations which you can order and also can take them along for friends and family.The Ghevar is a traditional delicacy of Jaipur, it’s a round shaped dish prepared with flour, ghee, mawa, cardamom, saffron and almond, it is better served piping hot along with a glass of milk.

These heavenly food items will rock the foodie in you who can then look forward to very important towns of Rajasthan coming ahead –Ajmer and Jodhpur, your first stop after Jaipur’s culinary treat in this sojourn would be Ajmer, the land of Sufism and Prithviraj chouhan.Ajmer is famous for its Sohan halwa and the legend associated with it .In 1526 AD, when emperor Akbar visited Ajmer, he wished for a sweet which will have a shelf life of 15-20 days, a local halwai then made the Son halwa or Sohan halwa and the great Akbar approved its taste , Sohan halwa is made from flour, ghee, almonds  and sugar, the famous shop to get Sohan halwa is “Azad Sweets”, you can buy it easily from Ajmer Railway Station and there are many vendors of acclaimed brands that are selling Sohan halwa at platform, you be rest assured for the taste.

Your next food station at Jodhpur is equally rich in its culinary heritage as its predecessor stations, Jodhpur is known for its Marwari cuisine , Mirchi Bada , Gatta subji and off course Dal Bati , Churma, it is advised that you should taste the Mirchi Bada and order a Combo meal of Traditional Jodhpuri Thali, it will come with Dal , Bati ,Churma and Gatta subji.This is not all what Jodhpur has to offer to you foodies , well any trip to Jodhpur cannot be completed without “Mawa ki Kachori”, this princely menu has a long history , This kachori is filled with Mawa or Milk Cake Cream and served with sugar syrup , preferably hot.

Well after all these delicacies you may want to look for something refreshing and cool and thats what Abu Road Station has to offer – Its classic “Rabri”, Abu Road is based in the foothills of Mount Abu , the only Hill Station in Rajasthan and is very famous for its “Rabri”, a refreshing drink of milk cream and can be ordered as Take away also from Abu Road Station.

Your Food Train is almost closing in to Ahmadabad , your final stop but a cauldron of food items with age old history . Ahmadabad is known for its veg, kathiawadi food and also for its Mughlai cuisine with brands like “Moti Mahal” offering some age old recipes from the kitchen of Mughals.While at Ahmadabad Station you can enjoy a wide variety of snacks and meals like Dabeli, Vada pav, Farsan, Bakarwadi and can also indulge in real and authentic Kathiawadi food, In Non Veg food there is no dearth of cuisines either- start from kebabs and graduate your taste buds to Rogan josh, Butter Chicken, Mutton keema and many others from the bygone era of great culinary history and heritage.

Once in your lifetime, just hop on to any Train from New Delhi to Ahmadabad and experience the rich legacy of Indian Kitchen offering some heavenly food items which will leave the lasting taste on your taste buds that can be remembered and relished in times to come….


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Top 10 Healthy & Delicious Breakfasts of India

Take it serious or not, but yes it’s true that “a good breakfast makes your day”. Everybody on this globe wants to eat not only yummy and healthy too. Many of us don’t listen to our inner shout of taste as it aids the fat to reside in our body. So, we always stick to our plain cum weight loss meal.

Indian food wins the top position when we poke a nutritional topic. Indian breakfast plays a significant role when one wants to be lighter. Healthy, doesn’t sound tasteless always. Yes, actually!! Come let’s talk about some tasty and mouth-watering healthy breakfasts in India. So, there is no need to suppress your craving any more.

While moving on weight loss plan you should focus on what you are having for your breakfast.  A perfect breakfast should include required proportion of carbohydrates. Preferably, it should have high calcium, whole grains and fruits. Below, you are going to read about some startling combinations of so.

1. Banana Apple Porridge

However, this option may be easiest of all the breakfasts but it is too overwhelmed with rich Vitamins and fiber.

Banana, rich in Vitamins A, B and E, is also quite healthy in potassium.  Potassium maintains the blood pressure of the beings so that it remains healthy and keeps his bones strong.

On a contrary, apple holds soluble fiber with vitamin A and C.

2. Sweet Browned Rice

Brown rice, one of the great sources of foods that are rich in fiber, is widely accepted as a complete energetic package for the morning beings. You may have it accompanying few raisins and honey. This great combination would really taste awesome.

3. Creamy Spinach Toast

Spinach, the cartoon lovers are going to remind Popeye hearing this. No doubt, spinach is an outstanding super food. Moreover, it is quite rich in magnesium and dietary potassium. It is too loaded with some essential meals, Vitamins A, K and fiber.

An excellent source from which you may get beta-carotene is spinach that makes the person get rid of asthma problem. The alpha-lipoic acid in it also acts as an antioxidant which reduces the glucose level and too enhances the sensitivity of insulin. This is how it prevents the oxidatively induced effects in a diabetic patient.

Akin to other veggies, spinach clutches chlorophyll which is responsible for lowering down the risk of cancer.

4. Oats Idli

Oats Idli, it may be quite boring hearing this option but you never know the amazing taste of it would make you go mad about it. Oats are healthy that too aids in making the food tasty. A special fiber named, beta glucan is found in oat bran.

Apart from this, when we talk about Urad Dal too known as Black Gram, we find it rich in minerals especially magnesium, iron and potassium, Vitamins and other dietary fibers. With it, you may just find yourself get treated against muscle and joint pains. Likewise, it makes the nervous system stronger, reduces hypertension and improves the digestive system.

5. Mixed Sprouts Poha

Well, whether you follow or don’t follow a strict veg diet, you should know that how beneficial sprouts are. For our digestive health, sprouts are much better. Similarly, these are also essential for maintaining health of the skin. Also, these regulate the sugar level by fastening the motion of the hydrolytic enzymes.

The beaten rice too named as Poha makes your day a little lazy, rest it is rich in fiber and iron.

6. Grilled Corn And Capsicum Sandwich

Corn, a starchy vegetable provides an enough amount of necessary carbohydrates that fuels up the morning hours of us. Noticeably, it is the complex crab, means it needs slow pace to get digested and offer a constant power for a long time. It is too strong to have manganese, a mineral trace which is good for connective tissues.

7. Chana Dal Pancakes

Chana dal, with low glycemic index, it has the caliber to use the blood sugar in an effective manner. This breakfast would be a good choice of yours for every morning. To make it more healthy and nutrient strongly, you may add-on some veggies. Besides, it is too eaten in other ways like in the form of sattu which is made by roasting and powdering it. Besan is also made by chana dal by grinding it to a powdered form.

8. Oats Mutter Dosa

Apart from its healthy feature, Oats Mutter Dosa sounds tasty also. It bestows all the healthy features of oats as mentioned above.  In addition to this, if you add boiled peas, carrots and split lentils to it, then it will raise up its nutritional value.

9. Cabbage Parathas

If you are the one who gets bored having more vegetables in your food then you are going to love this breakfast. It only contains cabbage in the name of vegetables. Parathas doesn’t always mean overloaded calories and fat as these parathas are not going to make you put on more weight. It contains low calories and high ranked Vitamins and fibers. Moreover, cabbage is good to have vitamin C.

10. Upma

Upma, another delicious breakfast which has its roots in the South India, but is eaten across India. Again, it may be cooked in various forms with distinctive ingredients depending upon one’s choice. It is a low calorie item too.

The bottom line is that it’s true that breakfast is must and should be a part of your meals. Additionally, it assists in cutting down your hunger, revives the metabolic rate of your build and helps in losing more calories. In turn, it results into healthier and quicker weight loss.

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7 Thumbs Up for Our Indian Railway For 2016

2016 was a year of growth, hope and achievements for Indian Railway, below are 7 key steps that Indian Railway took in 2016 to improve the experience of Train Passengers in India.

1. Travel Cashless Way

To push Online payments Indian Railway incentivised the online transactions by rewarding 10 Lac accidental insurance cover on online booking of tickets. By taking this step ahead ministry gave 5 % off on online transactions on railway catering and accommodation.

Online booking key on computer

2. For Transgenders

A small gesture to stand for equality among all genders, Indian railway added an additional field of Transgenders in gender section of reservation ticket forms and cancellation form.



3. Installation of Bio Toilets in All Trains

As a sustainable and the most efficient step towards making our railway cleaner, Indian railway has planned to install bio toilets in all trains till 2019. This big step will bring a big change in the sanitation system of Trains and the way we travel.


4. New Trains and Talgo Trains


Indian Railway has introduced new members in the train family – Humsafar Express , Gatiman Express , Mahamana Express and Tiger Express . These new trains are from the same genre as Shatabdi, Rajdhani and Duronto. The railways has also decided to launch several Talgo trains in less than a year.

Humsafar Express Exterior
Image Courtesy: Jagran

5. Executive Lounges at Railway Stations

A new class of luxury, executive lounge has been developed at the New Delhi Railway Station and the same facility will be implemented on more than 49 Stations of the country, passengers of will be able to enjoy WiFi, buffet service, wash and change, and concierge service  pre-departure and post-arrival of trains.

executive lounge at delhi station

6. Giving More Power to Train Drivers

Every year hundreds of trains get delayed or get canceled due to weather issues, Railway is going to install a system called ‘Terrain Imaging for Diesel Drivers, Infrared Enhanced Optical and Radar Assisted (Tri-Netra)’ in all trains. This technology will also keep a record of track maintenance; currently this technology is used by Fighter Jets and Planes.


7. Fare System for Special Trains

Just like Aviation sector, the railways have introduced a new pricing method in top tier trains Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi from September 9. Under the flexi fare system, passengers will have to pay 10 to 50 per cent more.


a. The first 10 per cent of the seats will be sold at the normal fare.

b. The base fare will go up with every 10 per cent of the berths sold.

c. Once half of the train tickets are sold, the remaining will be sold at a price 1.5 times higher than the base fares for 2 AC and 2S sleeper coaches and 1.4 times higher for third AC coaches.


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A Street Food Trip to Jodhpur

Jodhpur as a city has many names to its credit. It is known as “Sun City” because of its bright and sunny weather throughout the year. The houses in the old areas of the city are painted in blue, hence the name “Blue City”.  The Mehrangarh Fort being both historically and physically eminent watches over the city with good care. But, there is one more thing that makes Jodhpur an ideal tourist destination. Yes, with food one doesn’t need to guess much. Jodhpur cuisine is popular for its spicy, tasty and affordable treats. We take you on a refreshing food trip in Jodhpur with this post.

Although, one can find cuisines as varied as Continental, Mexican, Italian and Asian, the local cuisine is one to die for. The reason for its popularity can only be credited to heavy aroma, spices and rich taste. Onion is an integral element in all its delicacies.

Street Food –

1. Mirchi Bada

The hot and spicy MirchiBada with chilli and potato filling is a favourite among local people and the natives suggest visitors to definitely give it a try. It is served usually with tamarind or green chutney.

2. Pyaaz Kachori

Kachori stuffed with onions, potato and other spices make it a tasty treat.

3. Shahi Samosa

Ingredients like dry fruits, paneer chunks and green vegetables make it a royal lip smacking snack.

4. Dal Bati Churma

It is a traditional food of Rajasthan consisting of dal, roasted wheat ball and jaggery loaded with lots of pure ghee.

5. Dahi Chaat

Although spicy chaats are anyhow popular in Jodhpur, dahi (curd) chaat is the most desired one.

6. Pani Patashi

Small puris with potato filling are served with a variety of flavoured water.

7. Kadhi Kachori

A mixture of Jodhpuri Kachori with kadhi (condimented curd in a liquid form)

8. Makhaniya Lassi

Buttermilk with extra loaded processed butter on top makes it delicious and is a much liked drink locally


Curries –

1. Gulab Jamun Ki Sabji – Normally GulabJamun is consumed as a dessert but an innovative spicy curry of it is found in mostly all eateries of Jodhpur

2. Panch Kuta – Made of 5 ingredients (Desert beans, dried berries, dried seeds, red chillies and gum berry)this curry is a regional delicacy


1. Makhan bada – A sweet dish made with butter and sugar syrup.

2. Mawa Kachori – A deep fried Cardamom spiced kachori dipped in sugar syrup.

3. Besan ki Chakki – Made of gram flour processed with ghee later cut into rectangular pieces for consumption



Laal Mans – This is a spicy and aromatic Mutton Curry prepared with authentic Rajasthani spices and loads of condiments to give that special flavour. The curry also consists of whole uncut onions and potatoes.

So, next time you happen to visit Jodhpur, don’t miss out any of these.

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7 Mouthwatering Eatables in Nagpur Other Than Orange

Nagpur, which is the third largest city of Maharashtra, is famous for oranges but there is a lot more left unexplored. All of us must be acknowledged to the fact that Nagpur is famous for the Nagpur Oranges, and is also known as the “Orange City” as it is the major trading centre of oranges in India.

Apart from this, Nagpur is also famous for its Saoji cuisine or Varhadi cuisine, which was the main food comprehended in the culture of Savji community. The essence and richness of spices such as cloves, cardamom, poppy seeds, black pepper set Nagpur’s food apart from all other Indian states.

Here are 7 most mouth-watering dishes which can be found in Nagpur:

1. Tarri Poha

This is an authentic Nagpuri breakfast which is easily available in every roadside shacks and restaurants across Nagpur. This is a delicious dish that can be served anytime during the day as it is a high carbohydrate, low fats, and a quick meal that can be prepared in a few minutes. TarriPoha is made of finely processed flattened rice, properly roasted with chilies, chickpeas, mustard, onions, cumin seeds, and coriander leaves and served with tarri on the side.

2. Pitla Bhakri

PitlaBhakri is a traditional Maharashtrian rural dish and is typically popular among farmers and peasants. It is a delicious vegetarian dish without which your trip to Nagpur is incomplete. Pitla has a semi-solid texture made from chickpea flour or powdered dal and is served along with bread called Bhakri (made of Jowar or Bajra flour).

3. Sandage

Sandage is among the most popular and regularly made dishes in Nagpur. It is also known as “Mangodikisabzi“ in some regions of Punjab, the only difference being that it is made with Bangal gram (channa dal) in Nagpur and Green gram (moong dal) in Punjab. It is made during the summer season and left in the sun for drying. After drying, it can be cooked with different vegetables and served with chapattis.

4. Stuffed Eggplant

Stuffed eggplant or BharliVangi is famous in many other countries such as Turkey, Iran, and Israel, but in Nagpur (India) it has become one of the most eminent dishes because of the wide use of different flavors like coconuts, tamarind, date, peanuts. It is prepared by stuffing eggplants with a mixture of boiled and thoroughly minced potatoes along with above ingredients for flavoring purposes.

5. Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana (Tapioca Sago) is a well processed and ready-to-cook agricultural food preservative. The only raw material required for manufacturing Sabudana is Cassava. Sabudana khichdi is the major food item eaten by people of Nagpur in breakfast. It is also considered to have a high nutritional value and can be served to infants, sick people or during fasts.

6. Koshambir

Koshambir is one the vital components of a Nagpuri thali and is generally prepared on all auspicious and religious occasions. It is a salad made of raw vegetables and fruits, typically flavored with butter and different spices. The main ingredients of Koshambir dish are cucumber and grated coconut.

7. Zunka Bhakar

Zunka bhakar is an authentic traditional dish of Vidarbha region, which can be prepared from millet flour and split gram mixture. Zunkabhakar is a very healthy food, rich in proteins and carbohydrates. If you ever visit the city of Nagpur, you should have the above-mentioned food items or else your journey is going to be incomplete.

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Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Visakhapatnam

Places to visit in Visakhapatnam:

Visakhapatnam, also known as Vizag, is the largest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh, both in terms of area and population. It also has the oldest shipyard in India and it houses natural harbor, which is one of its kind on the Indian east coast. So guys, if you are looking for a destination that would keep your spirits high with its natural beauty and man-made wonders Vizag is the right place.

Here are a few places you must visit when you are in Visakhapatnam:

1. RK Beach

RK beach

The Rama Krishna Mission Beach is one of the most famous beach parks in Andhra Pradesh, India. It gets its name from the Rama Krishna Mission Ashrama across the beach road from the park. The beach becomes more popular for its, INS Kursura Submarine Museum (preserving the Kalvari Class Submarine).

2. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park:

IG Park

The Zoological Park is named after former PM of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, and it was declared open on 19th May 1977. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, covering an area of 625 acres of land is located amidst Kambalakonda Reserve Forest in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, India. This zoo is the home of many extinct species of animals, reptiles, and birds such as sloth bear, giraffe, the royal Bengal tiger etc.

3. The Kailashgiri Hill Park

Kailashgiri Hill Park

The Kailashgiri Hill Park is located on the hilltops in the city of Visakhapatnam. The park is maintained by Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (VUDA) comprising 380 acres of land, all covered with flora and other tropical trees. The hill, 110 m height, also overlooks beaches, forests, harbor and the city of Visakhapatnam. Recently, VUDA has declared the Kailashgiri Hill as a plastic-free zone.

4. Rushikonda Beach


Rushikonda is one of the best beaches in Andhra Pradesh, which is a frequently visited tourist spot. The beach is located 8 km away from Vizag and it is probably the best place for you if you love water sports such as swimming, windsurfing, and skiing (some of the sports available here).

5. Katiki Waterfalls

katiki falls

Katiki Falls is named after Katiki, the place where it is located, 4 km away from Bora Caves. The Waterfall is about 50 feet high and originates from the Gosthani River. It is popular for its greenery and clear water in its vicinity.

There are many more tourist spots in Vizag, but the above are the best ones. Please, let us know about your views in the comment section below.

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