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Interesting Facts about Some Railway Stations in India

The soothing vibration and the guzzling of the train manage to carry every passenger and drop him at his destination. Indian Railways, which is the world’s third largest network of railway, clutches a crowd of facts of which you too find yourself strange.
Today, we have come up with various interesting facts about some of the railway stations that are situated across India.
• Navapur railway station which exists in India is developed in two states; half of it is in Maharashtra and another part of it resides in Gujarat.
• Almost 2.5 Crore passengers travels daily in Indian Railways, which is actually a total population of Tasmania, Australia, and New Zealand when put together.
• The busiest junction in this nation is Lucknow where about 64 trains arrive and depart every day.
• The shortest distance that is covered by the trains between the two sequential stations in India is approx. 3 kilometers between Ajni station and Nagpur station.
• Before installation of the Automatic Point System, hundreds of guards who were trying to fix everything manually lost their fingers and hands. We were there only for complaining about for the delayed train but the Indian Railway employees were losing their limbs for us.
• In this country, the longest tunnel is 11.215 kilometers long, which exists in Jammu and Kashmir named, Pir Panjal.
• There is a station in India that name of which is the longest of all that is Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta. Sometimes, the people call it by its prefix, ‘Sri’.
• In the past, the cartridges were position by the help of the elephants. For laying down the Indian railways’ tracks, they were required to circle up the entire earth for almost 1.5 times.
• If we talk about per minute clicks that hit the Indian Railways website that is nearby 12 Lakh. Hourly, the traffic on the site, is actually more than that of the annual traffic of few famed Indian websites. At one time, it can handle about 5 million threads.
• The train drivers, Loco-pilots, their salaries touch the boundary of Rs. 1 Lakh and even more. This pay scale is higher even that of the software engineer.
• The highest railway bridge that is about to get constructed in Jammu and Kashmir over Chenab. Its height is five times the height of the tallest building in India, Qutub Minar. In fact, it will defeat the Eiffel Tower in the same case.
• Too in the case of certain death, there is not a single loco-pilot in the history who has uncontrolled the train.
• The slowest train of the Indian railways with its speed of 10 kilometers per hour goes the uphill.
• There is a train from which you may jump off, spend few seconds and may again climb on it. It is a passenger train known as Mettupalayam Ooty Nilgiri.
• After the completion of 50 years of Indian Railways, the toilets were built in the train. Before that, the passengers had to control the nature’s call till the commencement of the next station. For this, we should thank Mr. Okhil Chandra who wrote a letter in the name of Indian Railways which was answered as the development of toilets in 1909.
• In Indian Railways when we talk about the most unreliable train, a name that strikes our mind is Guwahati-Trivandrum Express. It’s always late for an average time of 10-12 hours. Oh Gosh!
• The name of Indian Railway station which is smallest is ‘IB’ that is situated in Odisha.
• Vivek Express, a longest running train, which covers a distance of 4273 kilometers between two stations named, Dibrugarh and Kanyakumari.
• Trivandrum – H. Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express, it’s a train which covers the longest gap of 528 kilometers without getting stopped for a single time.
• The Rail Museum in India that is largest in Asia exists in Delhi. There you will witness both types of models, working, and non-woking.
• Moreover, there is a mascot of Indian Railway, a Guard Elephant named, Bholu.
• In Indian Railways, the oldest running dinning car is the Mumbai-Pune Deccan Queen.
• It’s a World Record – Delhi station got a position in the Guinness World Book as it has the largest route relay interlocking system in the world.
• It’s the talk of the pre-Independence; nearly 42 Railway companies were operated in India.
• The first sea bridge in India is a cantilever bridge on the Palk Strait named Pamban Bridge. It links mainland India and Rameshwaram on Pamban Island (which lies in Tamil Nadu).
• When it comes to revenue, during the financial year 2011-12, Indian Railways collected Rs 581 Crore as fine and charges on ticketless travel.
• The transit trains, Mumbai’s local trains are amongst some of the world’s train that has 15 coaches. Shanghai’s local trains also come near to it with 12 coaches.
• When it comes to a total number of trains, there are 19,000 trains that run every day by Indian Railways. Among these, 7,000 trains are for freight and 12,000 trains are for passengers.
• A luxury train, the Palace on Wheels was not in the fate of Indians when it was launched in 1982 on Republic Day as they were not allowed to travel in it.
• For the public use, the first ever underground railway that was initiated was Calcutta Metro.
• The first electric coach that ran on 3rd February in 1925 was between Kurla station and Bombay VT station.
• The world’s ninth utility employer or the largest commercial has the labor force of over 1.4 million employees. It’s too the India’s largest employer.
• The Howrah Station that is situated in Kolkata is the only station where you may take the car inside.
• Air cooling in Indian Railways was first organized in 1874 in 1st class coaches in the Great Indian Peninsular Railway.
• On 6 June 1981, in Bihar, the worst train disaster took place which was carrying more than 800 passengers, which got out of the tracks and plunged into the Bagmati River while crossing the bridge.
• Approximately, 10.65 Lakh acre of the land is in the hands of Indian Railways and 90% of it is under the usages of railway’s operations.

Food of Telangana, Heaven for Non-Veg Food Lovers

Telangana, the capital of Hydrabad is famous for its non-vegetarian food recipes. On your next trip to this beautiful place just go and indulge yourself in the must eat the food of Hydrabad. The city of nawabs, Hydrabad is famous for its delicious dishes starting from its lip-smacking biryani to its delish kebabs to mouth-watering sweet dishes. Biryani is one of those enchanting delicacies that firstly come first in our minds when we talk about Hydrabad. All together it’s a Food Paradise. So, all the foodies, just check out some of the delicious food of Telangana below:

Tunday Kebabi

On simply uttering the name of this dish, you become like having it right now even if your stomach is full. This is the only thing that makes it special, instantly your appetite perks up. So, just don’t wait for anything now just go and relish this spicy delicacy with the creamy mayonnaise.

Kache Gosht ki Biryani

Hole and sole like its tag biryani is cooked with the raw meat. It is quite juicy to it and fragrant that activates the taste buds of the non-veg lovers. This delicacy is a main course of Telangana. On just tasting it once, you can’t stop yourself finishing up your plate. You may too savor it with the raita so that a best of it may come out.

Murgh do Pyaza

Now, let yourself introduce to this mouth-watering dish named, Murgh do Pyaza. Its name will automatically get raise your hunger. Moreover, the delightful taste of this chicken food will definitely go melt in your mouth. Just a single bite will not sound enough; you will like to have more. You are not going to forget its tempting taste in your whole life.

Gosht Pasinde

The best time to have this amazing recipe, Ghost Pasinde is the weekend’s lunch-time when your taste buds wish to have some captivating savor. This classic dish of meat straight from Hyderabad will cheer up your mood within a flick. Its gravy is prepared quite thick with the potatoes and beans. You may pair it up with the hot chapattis especially tandoori one to make your day.

Boti Kebab

Just make your mind remind of the hot kebabs just going sloppy in your mouth. Just a simple thought of this tempting preparation will wake up your stomach rats. A secret that is behind the flawless taste of this delicacy is the strongly soaked mutton which is cooked with the fresh garden herbs. So, don’t just salivate, just try it out.

Maghaz Masala

The name of this dish is made with two words, ‘Maghaz’ and ‘Masala’ that actually mean ‘brain’ and ‘spicy’ respectively. This spicy dish of brain fry is a popular lamb delicacy directly from Hyderabad. The sizzling and thick gravy with the juicy meat will undeniably magnetize the attention of the non-veg lovers towards it. In order to enjoy this amazing traditional Hyderabadi recipe you just go for it with your hands. And yes, it will too leave you finger-licking.

Keema Samosa

Keema and samosa come together to make this dish. Your appetite will reach the sky after tasting simple a single bite of this delicacy. The combo of this little snack doesn’t require any occasion to get prepared. You may even have a bet that you haven’t tried this enchanting food earlier.

Hyderabadi Marag

The best way to initiate your meal is none other than the spicy-meaty soup. You might have tasted varieties of soups earlier but this one is just amazing. In fact, you will a become fan of it. This dish is prepared with the tender mutton and reveals of its light texture. It is a perfect starter that will make you hooked.

Hyderabadi Biryani

Talking about the biryanis without pairing it with a term, ‘Hyderabadi’ will not be good as the main, in fact, the top most recipe of Hyderabad is Biryani only. It is cooked either with chicken or mutton and is laced with the rich ingredients. This delicacy is like a staircase towards the heaven. This is all time favorite dish for the people as they always love to have it in the morning, noon or night.


The term, Pesarattu is made adjoining two words, “attu” and “pesara” which actually means crepe or dosa and moong dal. Apart from the use of the urad dal which is used traditionally in dosa batter, this tempting dish is made from the whole or split green moong lentils. This nutritional and crisp dosa is exclusively famous that is usually eaten in the breakfast time. It is mostly served with tangy chutney of ginger to enhance its savor.

Mirchi Bhajji

A perfect snack for the tea time, Mirchi Bhajji is the favorite dish for the one who loves to have spicy and hot green chilies. Through the middle the green peppers are slit and boiled potatoes are stuffed within. At the end it is coated with the paste of gram flour after that it is deep fried in oil. Suddenly a pop of the intricate taste is delivered at once only. A typical street food, Mirchi Bhajji is enjoyed at its best with a cup of hot tea in the rainy days and breezy evenings.

Baghara Baingan

A popular eggplant curry, Baghara Baingan was firstly introduced as an Indian recipe by the Mughals. Later, it became an important part of the Hyderabadi cuisine. For its preparation, eggplant is fried deeply and later tossed in the gravy. The gravy is loaded with the peanuts and churned spices.

Burani Raita

All the dosa delicacies that are made with meat require some balance and for that only this tempting dish is prepared. It is a kind of dish which actually balances the flavor of the meat dosas. It is too an integral part of the cuisines of Hydrabad. As it is made by infusing garlic, this secret of it makes it the most loved dish ever. The local people of Telangana enjoy this dish with pulao and biryani, but its impeccable taste doesn’t get change when taken with mutton delicacies. Naan also sounds awesome with it.

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Tips for a Solo Woman Traveler in India

As a solo traveler, while traveling all over India, one thing of which a woman should keep a track of while traveling is that today also India is a conservative hub predominantly. In the world of Bollywood too the films reveal Indian women in a fashionable and glamorous way. On the contrary, when we see the other side of the real woman who finds her home on the Indian streets, the ground realities sounds poles apart. Here, in the society, the difference between the genders and standards is growing and becoming a giant.

Some female tourists and mainly the solo one are reevaluating their trip plans across India due to increasing women encircled crimes. The woman coming to India should learn every day about how she may fit herself here like a blonde female. Here, groping women, voyeurism or rude comments are quite common. Being a woman, you should have to come prepared and always get set go to make a fuss when required and yes, don’t allow it to put you off experiencing bewitching yet chaotic India.

Apart from this, we would like to help you out with some amazing tips that would prove to be beneficial for a solo women traveler in India. You are definitely going to appreciate all these. Besides, these would make your life easier.

Get Yourself Covered

We all are aware of the glowing and hot attitude of Indian sun. How are the people going to react watching you in shorts and a singlet? It’s obvious that you might not be in a mood to upset the crowd and walk on the streets like a model.

So, it’s better to cover up your lower face and head with a scarf. This will too act as a pollution guard. Moreover, your knees and shoulders should not be exposed regardless of whatever the temperature it’s around.

Caution! There are Dogs

Apart from the attractive places of India, you are going to meet the stray dogs too. They might be dangerous, especially after the sun sets.

So, you should be attentive after dark. In fact, avoid wandering alone in the noiseless places. Additionally, don’t forget to be rabies vaccinated before departing from your place.

Avoid Scams

Scam, a quite popular word, is common not only in India but throughout the world. It’s a trick that fraud people follow to gain the confidence of a new guy just for the sake of making money.

It’s better to prepare yourself for the same. You can just gain each and every important, yet related detail so that you may avoid all the pitfalls that are general. You may too take a look at the handy guides to be safe from the scams while you are on your trip.

Watch out! You are Celebrity here!

Indian, a curious crowd, would definitely like to have a selfie with you. They usually give a celeb treatment to the westerners. They don’t want to harm you but yes, want to show off their pictures to their family and friends. If you doesn’t want or doesn’t feel comfortable in so then you may just decline politely and move on. If it is possible then you may make a use of your day-bag on your seat so that a barrier like a wall may build up between you and the person sitting beside you. Indians are just simple beings they don’t know how to behave with the travelers. So, it’s better to take care yourself but yes, don’t forget to make someone’s day just by waving back your hand to them, as Indians becomes happy just by doing this.

Don’t Hesitate in Making Friends

While traveling on public transport, you may just make a simple talk with the locals as this is going to enhance the peacefulness of your mind. If you find it hard to converse in the same language then you may just give a smile, this is the best way to get connected with the fellow travelers.

Don’t Wait for the Sun to get Down

These days, walking alone after the sunset is not a good idea, not only in India but too on this entire earth. However, if you find it necessary then you may just be in link with the busy areas. And yes, be sure that there should be a transport facility all around you so that you may quickly get up and touch your accommodation just in time.

Get Connected to Hunger Helpline

We all know that there is a facility of food on wheels but yet many problems catch us like:

  • 1. The food is not hygienic that we may have.
  • 2. The quality too doesn’t meet the line.
  • 3. There is no food facility specifically for the Jain community.
  • 4. In addition, the diabetic patients can’t make them comfortable with the food that is served in train.

You don’t have to worry about all such issues as mentioned above because we have a tip for you in this case also. You may simple order your food online. Yes, this is true; you may call to none other than, KhanaGadi to order for the delicacy of your choice. The team will hand-over your food right at your seat. Furthermore, you would be surprised to know that they too have cash on delivery option. So, you don’t have to worry in this case too. So, ladies just feel at home by ordering such a great, tasty and hygienic food from KhanaGadi.

Practical Tips

Now, we will just take a short route to get some practical tips that will help you, the ladies to travel even solo:

  • 1. While traveling in the night, you should pick the upper berth so that you may have more privacy.
  • 2. On the train, always go for a women’s car and too don’t forget to book the front seats in the huge buses. If possible, sit next to the female passengers only.
  • 3. Avoid unnecessary chit-chat with the stranger, especially odd-looking men.
  • 4. Try to avoid traveling at night, specifically when you don’t have company.

So, while traveling alone, just follow all the tips and enjoy your trip even when you are alone.

KhanaGaDi App, Your Travel Buddy, the best app ever is famed for its hygienic and quality food in train. The train passengers who always seek for an alert, specific and easy online food delivery ways all over India are going to appreciate this app. Right at your seat only, KhanaGaDi handover your ordered meal by taking an advantage of robust operating technology and procedures framework which is working at Six Sigma. At around 105 stations and in about 6000 and more trains, KhanaGaDi is offering a diverse and wide variety of Ala-Carte menu and pre-portioned food to its consumers. Moreover, to accomplish the target of approximately 99% delivery rate direct at passenger’s place on the wheels, this online food delivery option make the use of Six Sigma certified procedure and focuses the operations utterly upon the procedures of logistics and delivery. Apart from the food delivery feature, KhanaGaDi throws other quality too. Just go through to check them out.

Highlights of KhanaGaDi’s Food Delivery in Train

With an aim to supply you the best delivery of food in train, KhanaGaDi finds out a perfect solution for the traveling problems of the passengers simply in a flick. Only one thing you have to do is keep an eye on the mice of your stomach. Whenever they start jumping, just order the food of your choice and sit back for next 30 minutes. Does this sound counterfeit? May be, but, it’s not so, here at KhanaGaDi, the team understands that the beings during their journey become helpless when it comes to a need of tasty food. That’s why; this app has come forth to make the passengers feel relaxed in this case.

KhanaGaDi Combos – Homely Food, Fast Food, and Other Delicacies


The menu of food in KhanaGaDi holds everything that may assuage all the taste buds of the people. While the kids and teens love to have burgers, pizzas, and Maggie, here there are separate menus for the Jain beings and diabetic patients. The diet preference may be a different thing, but for your journey on wheels, if you wish to feel like home, order any homely meal on the train, KhanaGaDi is one and only place.

Travel on train is the most comfortable and cheapest option of moving from one spot to other. Too 90% population of India picks train for traveling as most of the destinations are linked via tracks only as compared to that of roadways where the road routes are found longer.

How to order a meal in train via KhanaGaDi?

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1. Download and install official KhanaGaDi App from iOS App Store or Google Play.

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All the above-described ways are ultimately easy and free. You may pay the cash on delivery. In any case, if you are not satisfied with anything, the service or food, KhanaGaDi promise to erect the same, but just in case you may too strike a complaint also.

Track Order

If you want, you may track your order also as KhanaGaDi offers you this feature too to ease the customer’s comfortableness. You just have to fill a form which will ask for your order number, you only have to type that and just click a button below it named, ‘Track Order’. Your order’s status will generate on your device’s screen. This feature will able to perform offline too which will also reveal the time of the pick-up, its preparation time, dispatched time and the time of delivery also.

Indian Railway PNR Status Check Just One Click Away


At KhanaGaDi, you will be offered a cluster of Comprehensive Services to its customers other than the online food delivery service in their place. This cluster will hold the blossoms of the other services which allow the passengers to check their Indian Railway PNR status on the website.

PNR, as we all know is much important for the passengers traveling via tracks. Here at KhanaGaDi, you will be able to check your PNR in a convenient and fast way in just no time. You only have to log-in your account on the website and can check your PNR status quickly.

The main objective of the team of KhanaGaDi is to provide the information that holds a significant role for all the customers so that their journey may become easy and memorable. The train related information, its route, and other details will also become available in just one click.

Here, on this App, the viewer is going to witness a set of 25000 and more menu items that clutches a wide collection of all time meals like breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner and beverages in a convenient packaging. The sole objective of the team is to offer a variety, value, and range to the customers.

Predict PNR Status Confirmation


For the dear travelers, KhanaGaDi throws a feature according to which they may predict the PNR status confirmation that is powered by The travelers may get to know the chances they have for their PNR confirmation. This system makes a use of the intelligent algorithms as per the historic trends.

A form that you will have to fill for checking your PNR status will ask for your PNR Number and Phone Number and then just click the ‘check’ button.

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Must Go Places in Delhi in Your Next Trip

Delhi, it’s not just a city, it’s the heart of the country, India. An ultimate blend of modernity and tradition, Delhi is more than a lovable metropolitan. It too shares up its entire land with countless monuments and yes, too with a world class airfield. A perfect place to visit is none other than Delhi, shopping malls, street food; thrifty places of shopping, theatres, religious places, anything you just speak up, Delhi holds all these and even more than these.

After, flowing along with the favoring melodious words about Delhi, your heart might be beating fast to witness all the exotic places of it. But, as you are new to Delhi, you didn’t know about the popular sightseen of Delhi. Don’t worry guys! Just relax! We are here to help you out. Below we will introduce you with some famous places of Delhi so that next time whenever you will finalize this place for your family trip, you would not find this place new.


Here, when you will attend the ‘Arti’, your faith in the lord would move one step up towards the heights. The devotional tracks are played here and the temple is adorned with bewitching portraits and statues of Lord Krishna. A calm ambiance would greet you with a mysterious power surrounding you. It would be great if you would attend light show and Vedic sound show named, ‘Gita Saar’. This place is near to Nehru Place metro station.


For family picnics and morning walks, Lodhi Garden would be a nice place. It covers up around 90 acres of the area and holds splendid five architectural crafts of 15th century – Bara Gumbad, Sheesh Gumbad, Sikander Lodi’s Tomb, and Mohammed Shah’s Tomb. It is situated close to Jor Bagh metro station and JLN Stadium.


The one for whom shopping is the best companion; Sarojini Market would sound like a buddy place for them. Here you would be offered inexpensive, yet quality items. One of the popular market among the top markets, this place is known for shopping fashion products like accessories, clothing, jewelry (fashion and more) etc. Most of the beings call this place as, ‘Teen Girl’s Paradise’.


A walking trip of the Indian culture, Dilli Haat is the famous shop for ethnic wear. So, go and overload your pockets and bags with enthralling handicraft items or have badam kulfi and enjoy the pleasant weather there.

Various food stalls over there would be offering lip-smacking delicacies of distinctive places of India. It is near to INA metro station. Here, bargaining is like a legal act, so don’t forget to apply it and yes, don’t miss having ‘Momos’ here.


An architectural masterpiece, Lotus Temple will leave you with your mouth open after you would witness its ‘wow’ appearance. Well, when you would go inside it, you should be keeping silence! Here you may pray to your respective lords or just sit calmly with peace as here there are no ritualistic activities or sermons. Nehru Place metro station is close to this place.


A renowned place which has an esteemed position in a list of the majestic monuments, Red Fort is a UNESCO world heritage site. Nearly 200 years back, it was served to be Mughal Emperors residence. The living configurations of this fort are the imperial apartments, the audience halls, the main gates, ramparts and its walls. Don’t miss sound and light show at six ‘o’clock in the evening.

A place which leads up towards Red Fort, Chandni Chowk is an ancient market in Delhi. It is the house where many religious buildings reside like Jama Masjid, Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib, shops, historical mansions and eateries. Here, Parathe Wali Gali is well known among most popular eating areas. This market is too known for silver and gold jewelry, fabrics etc. Chandni Chowk metro station is near to this place.


Your eyes are going to cherish this garden. It shows off murals and 25 sculptures, walkways covered with flowers and the aromatic trees and shrubs. There is a shopping and food court in the garden only where one may enjoy eating. This site is too spotted as a popular romantic place ever in Delhi. It is close to Saket metro station.


Labeled as the ‘last flicker’, Qutub Minar is actually the spotlight of Mughal Qutub Minar. It is the 2nd tallest building in India. It is too declared as a UNESCO heritage place. It also gives away a place to a mosque at its foot that is the first ever mosque which was built in India. In its courtyard, you are going to see iron pillars that are 7m long with an appealing saying stuck to it. Qutub Minar metro station is close to this tower.


India Gate, a glorious place which is not new all of us. The people enjoy their walk around this area. Beautiful fountains are also launched here that enhance the cozy and nice glimpse of it. Central Secretariat metro station is found near to it.


If you are looking for a cheap hogging, cheap lodging and cheap shopping place then, Paharganj is the best ever site where you can have all these. The leather footwear and bags are famous items to buy from here. This market is too known for the silver jewelry and also for the thrift shops. This market is going to bestow you a feel of hill stations like that of Kasaul.


Before coming to this place you would have to set up your budget and then go off like crazy for shopping stunning ethnic wear. Great kolhapuri chappals, kurtas, sarees are the main attractions of this market. This market is also popular for street foot, so don’t forget to have all. Lajpat Nagar metro station is nearby. The ladies who are fond of mehendi would find this place best as many mehendi wallas sit here to decorate your palm beautifully.

So, visit all the popular sites of Delhi and come back with lots of memories and overloaded shopping bags. Enjoy your holiday!

Food in Train Memories

Did you remember an old motto, “the journey is just as important as the destination”? Its echo is true. Isn’t it? When a topic of talk ends up with a rail travel, our thinking starts decorating a stage of imagination as if, a journey by tracks is another way of life. In fact, it’s more than just moving from one end to another. It is actually an essential piece of Indian experience, a remarkable one.

Moreover, in the memory of our entire generation, the journeys by train occupies a special area that has got developed in an eon when the Indian railways set upright for everything apart from taking the being from one stop to other.

One and the foremost thing that holds an extra importance in making the memories on tracks is the food in train. Many travelers, who have not so good experience with the horrible and unhygienic food of railway platform and pantry cars, they point only famed food delivery services. These kinds of services are offered to the person on his seat in the train. The food is delivered to almost all the major stations of India. These diets include all the meals as they care all time cravings of their customers. Additionally, there is no issue related to the payment as the traveler may pay at the time of food delivery right in his hands.

Today, we will too sit together to talk about which kind of food in train makes your train travel memorable.

1. Poha:

Poha, all-time hit, a light one that is usually considered as a morning diet. It is cooked with potatoes and onions and flavored with curry leaves and lemon.

2. Chole with Bature:

Coming directly from Punjabi kitchen, this dish is made with an amazing combination of rustic spices. The mouth-watering chole when served with light and feathery bhaturas flavors enchanting.

3. Gobi ka Paratha:

A North Indian food, Gobi ke Parathe, of which most of the beings seems to be crazy is widely known for its amazing savor. When eaten with chutney or pickles and a bowl of yoghurt this recipe tastes outstanding.

4. Paneer Toasty:

Two slices, well toasted, when layered with cottage cheese, leaves the one with licking fingers. Some salsa may also be spruced on it making its flavor more delight.

5. Moong Dal Cheela with Stuffed Panner:

Cheela made with Moong dal and filled with panner be a joyful breakfast option. Tomato chutney, pickle or coriander chutney appends awesome taste to it.

6. Aloo Rasedaar:

Boiled potatoes well dipped in spicy gravy are eaten with hot and fluffy pooris, takes the foodies in the heavenly ambiance.

7. Dal Bhari Poori:

Poori liked so far is mostly prepared in North India on a festive day. This poori is fried in oil or ghee and is stuffed well with delicious moong ki dal.

8. Dal Kachori:

One of the most cherished Indian snacks, dal kachori is paired strikingly with aloo ki sabzi.

9. Misal Pav:

Straight from Maharastra, Misal Pav is usually taken as morning food as it makes the day light. The fluffy pavs are combined with flavored veggies.

10. Rawa Upma:

Made with suji, Rawa Upma is cooked with aromatic nuts, lentils, spices, vegetables and curry leaves. At the top, grated coconut is added which makes it an impeccable meal.

11. Uttapam:

A creamy batter is prepared to make Uttapam when rice, spices, and urad dal are whisked together. When this food is topped with curry leaves, tomatoes and onions it would make your taste buds impatient.

Desserts – Add sweetness in food in train

After having such a great Indian taste, still, something seems to be missing which makes the savor incomplete. It’s dessert, which leaves our tongue dancing.

1. Modak:

Sweet dumplings made with flour filled well with jaggery, nutmeg, coconut, and saffron should not be missed. It is generally prepared during an Indian festival, Ganesh Chaturthi.

2. Payasam:

A version of kheer, directly from South is prepared deliciously with rice, cream, and milk and topped with raisins, nuts, and cashews.

3. Shahi Tukda:

The past travelers of India named this amazing dessert the land of honey and milk. Born and brought in Awadh, this sweet dish is believed to be invented to make the use of the unused bread in the 19th century in Mogul cuisines.

4. Kulfi:

One of the popular frozen desserts that are creamy, dense and rich is named kulfi. A savory twist that is added to this traditional recipe, may also be flavored with juicy fruits.

5. Gulab Jamun:

An old and good delight, Gulab Jamun, is made with khoya is fried till gold and is dipped finally in saffron well induced with sweet syrup of sugar. It is also a festive special dessert.

6. Aam Shrikhand:

The hung curd is used to prepare this sweet and Gujarati favorite dish. In its recipe, sweetened yogurt is decorated with the pieces of mango and is too served with a zesty salad of mango.

7. Phirni:

A milk pudding, one of the known varieties of milk is prepared during the special occasions and festive time, especially on Ramzan and Eid. It is best served in mud pots too called as mitti ke kasore.

Apart from the food in train, other perspectives are also imperative to make your journey via train memorable. One among all, a seat with an awesome view, holds value. Travel classes in India vary greatly. The train speeds give a rare glimpse of everything outside from the routine rural life to the busy life of big cities. So, you only have to do is just sit relaxing with the back as this would be a fleeting moment amongst all the disarrays.

Significant Tip for a Happy Journey

We all know organizing a big travel would bestow a daunting feel, it may be because of the travel time, travel experience, kinda beings etc. but if we will live every moment of our journey accordingly in a great way then the entire trip would become a venture.

So, make your train travel memorable by trying out such delightful, enchanting and tasty food items and desserts.

Know More About The Largest Train Route of India

From Jammu to Kanyakumari (Himsagar Express)

There are many routes that you may opt for traveling via tracks from Jammu to Kanyakumari. In fact, now you will come to know the longest train trips in India that you can make by boarding only one train to reach Kanyakumari from Jammu.

Checkout the following longest journeys by train to touch the boundaries of Kanyakumari:

1. Vivek Express – Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari.

2. Himsagar Express – Jammu Tawi to Kanyakumari.

Himsagar Express

Among the above two, the Himsagar Express aligns a lively triumph of the Indian Railways. There is a fact which is a big reason of such applause. According to this, it states that this train is the only train that runs on the longest route as we notice within the borders of India.

Initially, after saying good bye to Jammu Tawi Railway Station, Himsagar Express starts rolling over the tracks towards Kanyakumari Railway Station. On its way towards Kanyakumari, it explores many bridges uniting with the tracks, green forests, bluish watercourses, some hidden areas and too many stations in between. It leaves the hands of the northern point to meet the extreme Southern point of India.

The term “Himsagar” when get extracted, delivers two small terms, “Him” and “Sagar”. The former one directs towards the Grand Himalayas that is in the north and the latter one reveals the huge Indian Ocean which lies in South India. When these two ties a knot with each other, it gives out “Himsagar” which shows the path towards the gathering of the three oceans of Kanyakumari from Kashmir that is masked with snow.

Nearby 75 hours are covered by Himsagar Express to touch its destination after traveling about 3751 kilometers. All in total, nine states of India are crossed by this express railway that includes Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, Maharashtra, and Kerala. By running to and fro from Jammu Tawi and Kanyakumari on the weekly basis, this renowned train takes about 77 halts at a same number of stations.

Food on Train

After a short but important discussion about every significant point of this distinguished train, Himsagar Express, we will now through some light on the “food on train” that is popular in this entire journey.

Moving from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, you are not going to find any dish which would be a replica of another one when it comes to taste.  Moreover, when we would talk about the choice, it would touch infinity.

Indian food, it is just amazing, indeed can’t be described in words. This is simply because of the diversity and variety that are actually widespread all over India. Each and every state of India has much to say about their special tasty food and also the preparation of these, that can’t be missed. After getting influenced by the culture, climate, and geography of the state, most of the traditional dishes come forth.

Let’s sit to talk about some of these that are quite known and cherished ever:


The red-any chutney directly from Chattisgarh is named as chaprah which sits beyond to that of “exotic” one. It is made using eggs and red ants. Yes, this is a non-vegetarian dish yet it is strong and spicy.


Most popular in Karnataka, Chiroti is a pastry that is well topped with the powdered sugar and dipped in hot almond milk all around.

Khubi ka Lai

Your experience would be wonderful after tasting this enchanting sweet dish known as Khubi ka Lai. Born in the city of Barh, it is made from mawa, sugar and knubi seeds. It may be given a ball shape or may too bestow a glimpse of a cake.

Haak Saag

A hot favorite food on train which is much in-demand among Jammu & Kashmir people, Haak Saag is prepared at home and too in the parties and functions. The leaves of Haak look a kin to spinach and this dish is cooked along with spices and mustard oil.


Straight from Madhya Pradesh, Lapsi attracts with it the richness of broken wheat and also the tempting aroma of the cardamom.


From Jharkhand and Bihar, a tempting food comes named, Thekua, with its tantalizing sweet taste and crunchiness’.

The food on train that you are going to get towards the destination kanyakumari, is prepared using an amazing combination of spices and an obvious garnish of the coconut. Coconut appends an exotic taste to most of the foods. As we all know, coconuts are grown here enormously because of the presence of the excess of water. Because of this, you are going to sense these two savors differently in almost every dish here.

Apart from these two, you may also enjoy the delicious delicacies of the fresh fishes and also the typical platter of South India in their lip-smacking and authentic forms.

Some of the typical South Indian varieties of food on train that you shouldn’t miss are kesari, Payassam, Sweet Pongal, Upma, Rasam, Sambhar, Vada, Chutney, Dosa, Idli and more.

The delicacies of Kanyakumari are quite spicy but you would notice that the ingredients that are used while preparation would be less. These dishes would make you remind the food culture and taste of the beings from Kanyakumari. Here the basic food is rice but some people opt for Tapioca also. In the hilly areas, this food is quite known.

In most of the delicacies, people cook fish, meat, and agro products. Here the sea fishes are in-demand. In early morning and night, the fishes are much caught here in the seas all around the district. After that the fishes turn to inner towns, village and markets over there in the sunrise.

Here, the local and international tourists are offered quality food at an affordable price and yes, both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. The popular recipes of Kanyakumari are quite delightful and if you would try them once you would wish to have them again. These would leave your taste buds and you impatient.


Enjoy Winter Delicacies In Your Next Train Travel

Travelling is an art. While performing it, being healthy is the first need yours. The cool attitude of cold winter leads to lack of minerals in the beings. It’s a no doubt thing, when we say, that winter is one of the favorite seasons of which everyone seems to crazy. But yes, to tie-up a friendly bond with it while traveling, we require having some healthy foods.
Winter is known for its awesomeness as it allows cool and open-air transactions, amazing transformation in apparel and enhanced green and healthy veggies growth. Moreover, a non-forgetting one is delicious seasonal delicacies as you get a chance to taste yummy foods that are in demand during this period only. Apart from an enchanting taste of these, these bestow various benefits that aid the beings to make their body stronger and warmer. During this particular season, the food in train holds a significant role as it balances the shortage of minerals in the people that arouse due to the winter chills, most often. Some special and mouth-watering dishes in India like “Sarson da saag with makki ki roti” and “gajar ka halwa” are one of the famous and full of nutrients foods.
Today, we will put a lime-light on few lip-smacking, irresistible, Indian, traditional and winter special eatables that should be the part of food in train guide. Indian delicacies of winter including snacks and sweets would surely leave you and your taste buds impatient if you don’t allow them to sit on your tongue. So, let’s get started:

1. Matar ki Kachori
Matar ki kachori, the most delicious winter food in train, which you would never have tried, encloses yummy fillings. You would notice some crushed and green peas, peeping outside from it. A prominent flavor that gets appended to it is due to an amazing addition of the variety of spicy spices.

2. Rasam
A light and tasty soupy dish, Rasam is spiced with yummy traditional spices, too known as masalas. It is South-India born. In fact, a rich protein, fibrous antioxidant, red lentil is used to prepare it. In addition to this, it clutches a tag of “a whole meal” as green veggies are added to it that makes it a complete food. So, to make your evenings fantastic you may try it as a food in train.

3. Paneer Tikka
A popular tandoori snack, Panner Tikka can easily be made even at home. The tandoor offers a hand of a little smoky flavor of charcoal to the panner. Mostly, this dish is served in the name of starter.

4. Moong Dal Pakodas
A hot and fantastic winter special food in train, pakodas made of moong ki dal tastes awesome when garnished with the fresh radish. One of the best seasonal delights, radish adds a long-lasting taste to the pakoras. A good source of potassium and iron, moong dal is the chief ingredient of this dish. It too holds Vitamin C, calcium, iron, manganese and potassium and all these enhances the immunity.

5. Sarson da Saag
One of the most alluring and widespread Punjabi foods, “Sarson ka saag” is cooked in this cool season and also in harvest period of the year. It becomes overflow with the beneficial nutrients when served with homemade butter and “makki ki roti”. The mustard leaves are an important player of this which is full of protein and iron. This vegetable grows in winter only.

6. Gajar ka Halwa
A legendary and special dish of winter, “Gajar ka halwa” always sounds mouth-watering and an obvious favorite of most of the people. The credit of its popularity goes to the cool winter season. This dish is cooked with lots of ghee and is loaded with various dry fruits. The carrot that is used to prepare it naturally tastes sweet. As we all know, the carrot is a famed sugar level regulator of the human’s body. Ghee that is too added is a fantastic assistant for keeping the body warmer and maintaining the mental and physical health of the being. Dry fruits act as a strong fighter against the cold.

7. Undhiyu
A popular and tasty vegetarian curry, Undhiyu is a Gujarati dish. It is generally served in the place of the main course that too consists of various veggies. As cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, spices and herbs, it leads to an awesome spicy and sweet taste. It is served with methi muthiyas, roti or puri. One of its ingredients, methi that is fenugreek, is usually eaten in winters as it keeps the cold away.

8. Nolen Gurer Sandesh & Rosogolla
Kolkata special dish, Sandesh, and Rosogulla is the main dish that is offered to the guests all the year around. On the contrary, nolen gurer flavored Bengali sweets are quite special in winter over here that you can’t afford to miss.

9. Litti with Brinjal Bharta or Potato Mash
On a journey towards Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Bihar would prove to be incomplete if went without tasty bites of Litti. Littis are a traditional and unique food of India that is filled up with balls and served with spicy and hot brinjal bharta or potato mash. You may also find this snacky delicacy on the food guide of top street foods.
10. Stuffed Parathas with Curd
Food in train while moving towards Delhi might also be Parathas usually in winter. Parathas are well stuffed with different vegetables like radish, fenugreek leaves, mashed potatoes, peas, carrot, cauliflower, and spinach. Often served with curd, butter, and pickle, this fabulous dish tastes awesome. In winter it is a unique North Indian food.
Along with these, there are many other dishes too that are like shining and sparkling stars on the menus of food in train. While traveling to any state all over in India you will get introduced to various enchanting and distinctive tastes of our nation that would leave your fingers licking. So, this winter does’t let yourself be apart or distanced from the countless and famous winter delicacies in your next train travel.

INFOGRAPHIC: 16 Tips For A Successful Sales or Business Trip

Sales Trip are always exciting but they carry its own challenges to accomplish the objectives set out for the trip , given the limited time at hand , a slight planning in advance can really bring fruitful results for you as a Sales person

Infographic for Sales Professionals and Business Travelers

7 Bonus Tips:

1. Make a To Do of the most Important things to address with your team or dealers in market

2. Send them advance email for the kind of information that you shall need, it will help you to get the interaction focused and time bound

3. Identify the areas of the market that you will visit first and also draw a sequence so that you meet the core people in field

4. Set aside some uninterrupted time to meet with your customers where in you can address their query on the product , it could happen at shop floor, dealer’s shop or at a common place.

5. Visit your competition in different areas of the city to get a real perspective of sales matrix and market.

6. Arrange a debrief session for your team to summarize the entire feedback to them and set expectations for the reports and the changes that you would like to see in forthcoming visit.

7. Last but not the least have a fun time with your team to keep them motivated and to understand their practical problem in field.

From Visually.

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Top 7 Gujarati Dishes We Can’t Stop Falling in Love With

Gujarat, one of the most exciting tourist places all over this globe, is famed for its delicious dishes. The reflection of the culture is always the food and it is important that we should taste the food of the particular region to know about the respective culture.
Here in Gujarat, you will find a wide range of delicious foods. Here varieties of dishes are offered with amazing and distinctive tastes. However, the entire menu of it is purely vegetarian but it too holds a great nutritional value. Additionally, as an add-on they often make these eatables sit on the silver utensils. These interesting people use a fantastic blend of yummy flavors and spices to cook the meals and this is the only thing because of which their food comes in the top locus of truly exotic dishes.
The flavors of Gujarati food is a perfect blend of all, spicy, sour and sweet. The predominant addition of certain eatables like sesame seeds, gram flour, buttermilk and yogurt aids in making the distinctive taste of Gujarati food. In fact, along with this, their preparation style too adds up in the same.
Today, we will also have a mouth-watering talk about some of the top Gujarati dishes that would leave you with your fingers licking. Let us introduce ourselves to top seven striking dishes straight from Gujarat.

1. Basundi

Firstly, we will start with a sweet dish named, basundi. Gujarati beings too call it as a mishhthan. It is a semi-liquid dessert that is made with thickened milk, saffron, sugar, pistachios, and almonds. You may take it as Rabdi, which is akin to it and is the North Indian Sweet Dish.
Although it clutches high fats and calories, but it is good for our health. You may prepare it in another way also using the milk which contains low fat and any substitute of sugar. This way you may have your favorite dish with low fat and calories.

2. Muthiya

Another is a tea-time snack with a divine taste. This flavor will get double when you will let it fry in the hot oil with few sesame seeds, mustard and curry leaves which are also known as Mitho Limdo in Gujarati.
Like the other dishes of Gujarat, this one also leaves a remarkable feedback.

3. Lilva Kachori

An elegance of South Gujarat, Lilva Kachori is a stuffed dish that is made by filling green peas in plain kneaded flour. In the breezy and cool winds of Gujarat winter, don’t forget to have it; it would leave you mmm…!!

4. Sev Khamni

Next, a steamed, boiled and crushed food originally from Surat, is quite popular. A perfect and tasty combination of crunchy “Sev” and soft “Khamni”, when served with sour green chutney sparks off a happy tick in you!

5. Dabeli

Dabeli, quite popular among all age beings, is brought up in the Kutch district of Gujarat. You may imagine it with a kind of “Vadapav”, stuffed fully with mashed potatoes, groundnuts, and mixed spices. An enchanting tang would get appended to it when served with sweet “chutney” made with Tamarind and Dates.
A perfect aroma of the spices, the colorful texture, and a single Dabeli bite would definitely active Ghrelin in you!

6. Dhokla

It is well known that one of the chief emblems of Gujarat is “Dhokla”. Besides, not only the Gujarati people but the Indians also cherish having this dish.
Likewise, to make it, the ingredients that are added are fermented rice and the split chickpeas. You may also split it into any sizes and shapes as you want. You may or may style it as boiled or fried one. When it comes to serving, green chutney or sweet chutney (as read above) adds a great flavor.
This multi-taste dish, that is sweet, spicy (if made like) and soft is too fried with curry leaves, cumin and mustard seeds, which would also be enjoyed by your taste buds.

7. Handva

A yummy member of” Dhokla” family, Handva, is itself a unique dish, that makes it distinguishing in appearance and taste from its ascendant.
In its preparation, thick and single layered bread is firstly cooked either in the specialized Handva cookers or ordinary cookers after applying tadka of the oil, curry leaves; cumin and mustard seeds are applied. Next, its ingredients are added named, coriander, green chilies, ginger, garlic, peas, and guard. Now, the serving part accompanies pickle as it creates a delightful combination. In fact, the contents of it are too appetizing.
Most of the other Gujarati recipes have a unique and unmatchable taste. The Gujarati cuisines mostly make the use of native veggies and yes, an awesome combination of special species to spell them. This results in satiating and homely dishes.
You might be thinking that what is added to their dishes that tastes sweet, actually it is jaggery. It is present almost in every meal for neutralizing the salty taste of the water. Gujarat is a dry coastal desert area where the ground water is used as a primary source of the drinking purpose that often tastes salty.
Furthermore, today in Gujarati community, there are Hindus and Jains who are predominantly Lacto vegetarians and purely vegetarian respectively. Some Gujarati Muslims are too the members of Gujarati community who consume fish and meat. Above description of dishes puts the focus especially on the purely vegetarian recipes so that every being whether he is a non-vegetarian or vegetarian person may take a tasty benefit from it. However, the Gujarati food is purely vegetarian.
So, you might or not have tried all of the above dishes but yes, you may like to say that some of them have a chance to get appended to your favorite dish list. There are many, such kind of marvels, that are quite known and liked in the Gujarati cuisines like Undiyu, Locho, Khandvi, Khaman, Thepla, Fafda, Khichu, and so on. The unique tang of these will surely lure your taste buds. So, while wandering this lovely place, just try all the possible foods as you never know, you may gonna miss them!

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