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5 Things that Make Surat Special

Surat, formerly known as Suryapur, is the economic capital of Gujarat. Presently, Surat is the richest city in India far ahead of Bangalore and Madras. Surat has also been declared the third cleanest city in India, maintaining its consistency in cleanliness from past few years.

Here are 5 things that make Surat special:

1. Surat is known as the Diamond heart of the world and does a business worth billions of dollars every year. Reportedly, almost 95% of rough diamonds across the world are cut and polished in Surat. Annually, Surat’s diamond trade contributes almost 90% of the total national export of diamonds and stones.

2. Surat is a renowned for producing textiles, also known as the Silk City of India. Surat is very popular for its cotton mills, man-made fibers, and Zari Craft. There are over 41,100 power loom units and 381 dyeing mills (printing as well) having yearly turnover around 5 billion rupees, and providing employment to lacs of labors.

3. Surat is also known as the City of Flyovers, as it has the maximum number bridges and flyovers in India. Apart from this, Surat also preserves many historical monuments such as Clock Tower, Dutch Cemetery, English Cemetery, Tomb of Khudawand Khan, and Heritage Square. Surat is also the home of many beautiful beaches and parks.

4. Navratri, Diwali, and Ganesh Chaturthi are among the major festivals celebrated in Surat. People in Surat also celebrate thekite-flying festival of Uttarayan (Makar Sankranti, in January) and Chandi Padvo (in October) with great pomp and enthusiasm.

5. The best thing that attracts tourism to Surat is its relaxed lifestyle and its cuisine. A popular dish named Locho (made of gram flour and lentils) is mostly in demand because it is only available in the city of Surat. Ghaari, Undhiyu, Rasaawala Khaman, Surati Khaman, Sosyo, and Sarasiya Khaja are among other preferred dishes available in Surat.

So, when you plan to visit Surat, do keep in mind that you are in one of the oldest cities of India. Surprisingly, Surat is mentioned in the book of Mahabharata where Lord Krishna made a halt while travelling from Mathura to Dwarka.

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5 Foods to try when visiting Surat

Surat and Gujarati food at a glance

The city of Surat has been applauded for its cleanliness and its special range of food delicacies. The standard of living in this city is above average and people love to work, eat and enjoy a balanced life. Be it Dumas Beach or the junction area – Surat is both a fast yet laid back place. It depends on your pace and how you want to be in Surat. It has all the options you need.

Want to try Gujarati and other Surati delicacies; here is our attempt to hack Surat on a platter for you.

Five Foods to try when visiting Surat

From lip-smacking Thalis to a world class continental experience you will find it all. The street food deserves a special mention so beware of the gastronomic blues!

We know that taste is an extremely subjective opinion but we have listed 5 foods that we think will have your eyes rolling and mouth-watering. Here it goes:

  • Matla Undhiyu:


Image Source:

This one is for the health conscious folks. Otherwise known as Gujarati barbeque, it is a member of the Undhiyu family that involves roasted ground nuts, ginger-garlic paste and spices cooked in an inverted hot pot. This one is optional, but the addition of coriander leaves often leaves a lasting sensation one to remember.

  • Locho:

Locho2Image Source: Gopal Khaman House

Have you ever asked any locals about what makes them proud to be from Surat? Well, we are sure from the long list Locho will definitely be a top contender. It is a famous street food steam boiled- ready to go with green chutney and Sev. Have one with a hot beverage while exploring the streets of Surat and we guarantee you an evening you will never forget.

  • Dabeli:


Mumbai looks out here I come! Yes, you Mumbai if you think that your Vada pav is unbeatable then we have got the challenge for you. Originally from the Kutch region of Gujarat Dabeli is a special Vada-pav served with methi chutney that will make even the most die-hard fans sway in this one’s favor.

  • Chopsuey:


Wait since when is that a local dish? Well, this is the odd one out but Golden Dragon’s American Chopsuey served with various Chinese delicacies is a must mention for those who get a kick out of the exotic.

  • Batar’s Ice dish:

The peak Summer of India really takes its toll on people. What better than a very desi version of Ice-cream served with strawberries fruits, nuts below which lay the Cream on top of a unique serving of Ghee, sugar and sweet bread.

Let us know how we can make your experience better and life-changing in the hub of tourism known as Surat, with its breath-taking architecture, sight-seeing opportunities and of course tempting and sometimes burn a hole in your pocket but worth it food.

Happy Hogging!