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7 Mouthwatering Eatables in Nagpur Other Than Orange

Nagpur, which is the third largest city of Maharashtra, is famous for oranges but there is a lot more left unexplored. All of us must be acknowledged to the fact that Nagpur is famous for the Nagpur Oranges, and is also known as the “Orange City” as it is the major trading centre of oranges in India.

Apart from this, Nagpur is also famous for its Saoji cuisine or Varhadi cuisine, which was the main food comprehended in the culture of Savji community. The essence and richness of spices such as cloves, cardamom, poppy seeds, black pepper set Nagpur’s food apart from all other Indian states.

Here are 7 most mouth-watering dishes which can be found in Nagpur:

1. Tarri Poha

This is an authentic Nagpuri breakfast which is easily available in every roadside shacks and restaurants across Nagpur. This is a delicious dish that can be served anytime during the day as it is a high carbohydrate, low fats, and a quick meal that can be prepared in a few minutes. TarriPoha is made of finely processed flattened rice, properly roasted with chilies, chickpeas, mustard, onions, cumin seeds, and coriander leaves and served with tarri on the side.

2. Pitla Bhakri

PitlaBhakri is a traditional Maharashtrian rural dish and is typically popular among farmers and peasants. It is a delicious vegetarian dish without which your trip to Nagpur is incomplete. Pitla has a semi-solid texture made from chickpea flour or powdered dal and is served along with bread called Bhakri (made of Jowar or Bajra flour).

3. Sandage

Sandage is among the most popular and regularly made dishes in Nagpur. It is also known as “Mangodikisabzi“ in some regions of Punjab, the only difference being that it is made with Bangal gram (channa dal) in Nagpur and Green gram (moong dal) in Punjab. It is made during the summer season and left in the sun for drying. After drying, it can be cooked with different vegetables and served with chapattis.

4. Stuffed Eggplant

Stuffed eggplant or BharliVangi is famous in many other countries such as Turkey, Iran, and Israel, but in Nagpur (India) it has become one of the most eminent dishes because of the wide use of different flavors like coconuts, tamarind, date, peanuts. It is prepared by stuffing eggplants with a mixture of boiled and thoroughly minced potatoes along with above ingredients for flavoring purposes.

5. Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana (Tapioca Sago) is a well processed and ready-to-cook agricultural food preservative. The only raw material required for manufacturing Sabudana is Cassava. Sabudana khichdi is the major food item eaten by people of Nagpur in breakfast. It is also considered to have a high nutritional value and can be served to infants, sick people or during fasts.

6. Koshambir

Koshambir is one the vital components of a Nagpuri thali and is generally prepared on all auspicious and religious occasions. It is a salad made of raw vegetables and fruits, typically flavored with butter and different spices. The main ingredients of Koshambir dish are cucumber and grated coconut.

7. Zunka Bhakar

Zunka bhakar is an authentic traditional dish of Vidarbha region, which can be prepared from millet flour and split gram mixture. Zunkabhakar is a very healthy food, rich in proteins and carbohydrates. If you ever visit the city of Nagpur, you should have the above-mentioned food items or else your journey is going to be incomplete.

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