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Food of Telangana, Heaven for Non-Veg Food Lovers

Telangana, the capital of Hydrabad is famous for its non-vegetarian food recipes. On your next trip to this beautiful place just go and indulge yourself in the must eat the food of Hydrabad. The city of nawabs, Hydrabad is famous for its delicious dishes starting from its lip-smacking biryani to its delish kebabs to mouth-watering sweet dishes. Biryani is one of those enchanting delicacies that firstly come first in our minds when we talk about Hydrabad. All together it’s a Food Paradise. So, all the foodies, just check out some of the delicious food of Telangana below:

Tunday Kebabi

On simply uttering the name of this dish, you become like having it right now even if your stomach is full. This is the only thing that makes it special, instantly your appetite perks up. So, just don’t wait for anything now just go and relish this spicy delicacy with the creamy mayonnaise.

Kache Gosht ki Biryani

Hole and sole like its tag biryani is cooked with the raw meat. It is quite juicy to it and fragrant that activates the taste buds of the non-veg lovers. This delicacy is a main course of Telangana. On just tasting it once, you can’t stop yourself finishing up your plate. You may too savor it with the raita so that a best of it may come out.

Murgh do Pyaza

Now, let yourself introduce to this mouth-watering dish named, Murgh do Pyaza. Its name will automatically get raise your hunger. Moreover, the delightful taste of this chicken food will definitely go melt in your mouth. Just a single bite will not sound enough; you will like to have more. You are not going to forget its tempting taste in your whole life.

Gosht Pasinde

The best time to have this amazing recipe, Ghost Pasinde is the weekend’s lunch-time when your taste buds wish to have some captivating savor. This classic dish of meat straight from Hyderabad will cheer up your mood within a flick. Its gravy is prepared quite thick with the potatoes and beans. You may pair it up with the hot chapattis especially tandoori one to make your day.

Boti Kebab

Just make your mind remind of the hot kebabs just going sloppy in your mouth. Just a simple thought of this tempting preparation will wake up your stomach rats. A secret that is behind the flawless taste of this delicacy is the strongly soaked mutton which is cooked with the fresh garden herbs. So, don’t just salivate, just try it out.

Maghaz Masala

The name of this dish is made with two words, ‘Maghaz’ and ‘Masala’ that actually mean ‘brain’ and ‘spicy’ respectively. This spicy dish of brain fry is a popular lamb delicacy directly from Hyderabad. The sizzling and thick gravy with the juicy meat will undeniably magnetize the attention of the non-veg lovers towards it. In order to enjoy this amazing traditional Hyderabadi recipe you just go for it with your hands. And yes, it will too leave you finger-licking.

Keema Samosa

Keema and samosa come together to make this dish. Your appetite will reach the sky after tasting simple a single bite of this delicacy. The combo of this little snack doesn’t require any occasion to get prepared. You may even have a bet that you haven’t tried this enchanting food earlier.

Hyderabadi Marag

The best way to initiate your meal is none other than the spicy-meaty soup. You might have tasted varieties of soups earlier but this one is just amazing. In fact, you will a become fan of it. This dish is prepared with the tender mutton and reveals of its light texture. It is a perfect starter that will make you hooked.

Hyderabadi Biryani

Talking about the biryanis without pairing it with a term, ‘Hyderabadi’ will not be good as the main, in fact, the top most recipe of Hyderabad is Biryani only. It is cooked either with chicken or mutton and is laced with the rich ingredients. This delicacy is like a staircase towards the heaven. This is all time favorite dish for the people as they always love to have it in the morning, noon or night.


The term, Pesarattu is made adjoining two words, “attu” and “pesara” which actually means crepe or dosa and moong dal. Apart from the use of the urad dal which is used traditionally in dosa batter, this tempting dish is made from the whole or split green moong lentils. This nutritional and crisp dosa is exclusively famous that is usually eaten in the breakfast time. It is mostly served with tangy chutney of ginger to enhance its savor.

Mirchi Bhajji

A perfect snack for the tea time, Mirchi Bhajji is the favorite dish for the one who loves to have spicy and hot green chilies. Through the middle the green peppers are slit and boiled potatoes are stuffed within. At the end it is coated with the paste of gram flour after that it is deep fried in oil. Suddenly a pop of the intricate taste is delivered at once only. A typical street food, Mirchi Bhajji is enjoyed at its best with a cup of hot tea in the rainy days and breezy evenings.

Baghara Baingan

A popular eggplant curry, Baghara Baingan was firstly introduced as an Indian recipe by the Mughals. Later, it became an important part of the Hyderabadi cuisine. For its preparation, eggplant is fried deeply and later tossed in the gravy. The gravy is loaded with the peanuts and churned spices.

Burani Raita

All the dosa delicacies that are made with meat require some balance and for that only this tempting dish is prepared. It is a kind of dish which actually balances the flavor of the meat dosas. It is too an integral part of the cuisines of Hydrabad. As it is made by infusing garlic, this secret of it makes it the most loved dish ever. The local people of Telangana enjoy this dish with pulao and biryani, but its impeccable taste doesn’t get change when taken with mutton delicacies. Naan also sounds awesome with it.

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Food in Train Memories

Did you remember an old motto, “the journey is just as important as the destination”? Its echo is true. Isn’t it? When a topic of talk ends up with a rail travel, our thinking starts decorating a stage of imagination as if, a journey by tracks is another way of life. In fact, it’s more than just moving from one end to another. It is actually an essential piece of Indian experience, a remarkable one.

Moreover, in the memory of our entire generation, the journeys by train occupies a special area that has got developed in an eon when the Indian railways set upright for everything apart from taking the being from one stop to other.

One and the foremost thing that holds an extra importance in making the memories on tracks is the food in train. Many travelers, who have not so good experience with the horrible and unhygienic food of railway platform and pantry cars, they point only famed food delivery services. These kinds of services are offered to the person on his seat in the train. The food is delivered to almost all the major stations of India. These diets include all the meals as they care all time cravings of their customers. Additionally, there is no issue related to the payment as the traveler may pay at the time of food delivery right in his hands.

Today, we will too sit together to talk about which kind of food in train makes your train travel memorable.

1. Poha:

Poha, all-time hit, a light one that is usually considered as a morning diet. It is cooked with potatoes and onions and flavored with curry leaves and lemon.

2. Chole with Bature:

Coming directly from Punjabi kitchen, this dish is made with an amazing combination of rustic spices. The mouth-watering chole when served with light and feathery bhaturas flavors enchanting.

3. Gobi ka Paratha:

A North Indian food, Gobi ke Parathe, of which most of the beings seems to be crazy is widely known for its amazing savor. When eaten with chutney or pickles and a bowl of yoghurt this recipe tastes outstanding.

4. Paneer Toasty:

Two slices, well toasted, when layered with cottage cheese, leaves the one with licking fingers. Some salsa may also be spruced on it making its flavor more delight.

5. Moong Dal Cheela with Stuffed Panner:

Cheela made with Moong dal and filled with panner be a joyful breakfast option. Tomato chutney, pickle or coriander chutney appends awesome taste to it.

6. Aloo Rasedaar:

Boiled potatoes well dipped in spicy gravy are eaten with hot and fluffy pooris, takes the foodies in the heavenly ambiance.

7. Dal Bhari Poori:

Poori liked so far is mostly prepared in North India on a festive day. This poori is fried in oil or ghee and is stuffed well with delicious moong ki dal.

8. Dal Kachori:

One of the most cherished Indian snacks, dal kachori is paired strikingly with aloo ki sabzi.

9. Misal Pav:

Straight from Maharastra, Misal Pav is usually taken as morning food as it makes the day light. The fluffy pavs are combined with flavored veggies.

10. Rawa Upma:

Made with suji, Rawa Upma is cooked with aromatic nuts, lentils, spices, vegetables and curry leaves. At the top, grated coconut is added which makes it an impeccable meal.

11. Uttapam:

A creamy batter is prepared to make Uttapam when rice, spices, and urad dal are whisked together. When this food is topped with curry leaves, tomatoes and onions it would make your taste buds impatient.

Desserts – Add sweetness in food in train

After having such a great Indian taste, still, something seems to be missing which makes the savor incomplete. It’s dessert, which leaves our tongue dancing.

1. Modak:

Sweet dumplings made with flour filled well with jaggery, nutmeg, coconut, and saffron should not be missed. It is generally prepared during an Indian festival, Ganesh Chaturthi.

2. Payasam:

A version of kheer, directly from South is prepared deliciously with rice, cream, and milk and topped with raisins, nuts, and cashews.

3. Shahi Tukda:

The past travelers of India named this amazing dessert the land of honey and milk. Born and brought in Awadh, this sweet dish is believed to be invented to make the use of the unused bread in the 19th century in Mogul cuisines.

4. Kulfi:

One of the popular frozen desserts that are creamy, dense and rich is named kulfi. A savory twist that is added to this traditional recipe, may also be flavored with juicy fruits.

5. Gulab Jamun:

An old and good delight, Gulab Jamun, is made with khoya is fried till gold and is dipped finally in saffron well induced with sweet syrup of sugar. It is also a festive special dessert.

6. Aam Shrikhand:

The hung curd is used to prepare this sweet and Gujarati favorite dish. In its recipe, sweetened yogurt is decorated with the pieces of mango and is too served with a zesty salad of mango.

7. Phirni:

A milk pudding, one of the known varieties of milk is prepared during the special occasions and festive time, especially on Ramzan and Eid. It is best served in mud pots too called as mitti ke kasore.

Apart from the food in train, other perspectives are also imperative to make your journey via train memorable. One among all, a seat with an awesome view, holds value. Travel classes in India vary greatly. The train speeds give a rare glimpse of everything outside from the routine rural life to the busy life of big cities. So, you only have to do is just sit relaxing with the back as this would be a fleeting moment amongst all the disarrays.

Significant Tip for a Happy Journey

We all know organizing a big travel would bestow a daunting feel, it may be because of the travel time, travel experience, kinda beings etc. but if we will live every moment of our journey accordingly in a great way then the entire trip would become a venture.

So, make your train travel memorable by trying out such delightful, enchanting and tasty food items and desserts.

7 Dishes to Definitely Retry These Winters

1. Butter Chicken:

Butter Chicken

The creation of Kundan Lal Gujral, the owner of Moti Mahal Delux, Butter chicken attracts foodies from India and abroad to Delhi, Made on traditional clay tandoor and then roasted or fried in the mouthwatering Indian spices with lots and lots butter, tastes like heaven in mouth.

2. Makke di Roti:

makke di roti

Indian food is incomplete without breads, and makke di roti or corn bread is the delight of winters in Northen India. It’s a popular delicacy having roots in rural Punjab, where it is enjoyed with Jaggery, butter, butter milk and its alter ego Sarso da Saag, which typically complete this meal. Served hot by ladies to their husbands going to work hard whole day, makke di roti is very nutritious and healthy diet.

3. Biryani:


Rich in ingredients and taste, The core ingredient of Biryani is Rice, the harmony of magical Indian spices, veggies, fruits, meat & herbs make it a lovely affair for foodies. Hyderabad (Present day Telangana) is considered as the epicenter of Biryani, including many other South Indian States because of their high affinity and capability for rice production. Although it is widely popular and made with precision in various parts of the country like Delhi and Lucknow.

4. Idli:

Idli Sambar

Again a South Indian dish, Idli is the lifeline of south Indian food lovers. Made with rice and de-husked black lentils, it is very soft to eat, Served with hot tangy Sambar and coconut sauce, it dissolves like cotton candy in mouth. Light on stomach and considered as one of the best breakfasts in the world. Many celebrities have claimed to eat Idli and butter milk in their breakfast.

5. Dum Aloo:

Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo is half Kashmiri and Half Bengali Dish according to a story, In 1784 Awadh was struck by food scarcity, in an ancient recipe found in “Ain-i-Akbari” where beef was stewed overnight in a “deg”, the technique was known as “Dum Pukht”, The Kashmiris introduced Turnip in place of Beef so that hundreds of hungry workers could be fed at a moment’s notice with warm food. After the British captured Awadh in 1856, Waji Ali Shah moved to Calcutta along with his “Nanbais” or Cooks. Where Bengalis started using Potato in place of Turnip.

6. Dal, Bati & Churma


Rajasthan’s complete meal, Dal Bati Churma has all the flavours that you desire in a meal, Bati, bread hard from outside and soft from heart is soaked in warm ghee to add buttery taste to it. Its another avatar, Masala Bati is stuffed with mouth watering mixture potatoes, dry fruits and spices.

7. Chana Masala:

Chana Masala

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Chana Masala is evergreen. the mushy flavor of chickpeas goes well with all kind of breads. Mostly loved with Bhature or Kulche in North India, on other hand In Kerala, white appam and chana masala is one of the main dishes for breakfast.

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3 Tips to make Train Travel Comfortable in India

Want to explore the Indian subcontinent? You will be travelling by trains a lot. These 3 tips are your guide to comfy, enjoyable and delicious travelogue. You are going to have much more fun; yes we guarantee that.

India is one of the best and oldest countries of the world. The civilization is around for thousands of years and exploring it takes more than just confidence and courage. It takes a pair of new eyes to see such a different and divine world. Travelling within India to places of repute be it of historical or religious significance, Indian Railways are always your best choice, to see and understand the diversity all travellers talk about.

3 Tips you should know:

1) Last Minute Train Tickets Booking

If you come from abroad and want to explore the length and breadths of the country, you will have no other option but to choose to book tickets at the last minute. This is called Tatkal reservation, which is expensive, but guarantees a berth to travel and sleep on the train. Learn about it when you are booking a train for your next impromptu journey.

2) Ordering Food in Trains

Many travellers, who are well versed with the hygiene and distasteful food of pantry cars and railway platform, choose KhanaGadi, an online food delivery service that delivers food right at their seat. Yes, all you need is a phone to dial their number, text them on WhatsApp or internet connection to order via their Android App. KhanaGadi delivers food to all major railway stations in India and takes care of your early breakfast, or midnight cravings too. Yes, order anytime and your meal will reach you on time. Paying is not a problem as you can pay when you get the delivery.

3) 24 Hour long journeys

Long haul journeys can be tiring if you are travelling alone, because you are sitting in one place. Don’t just rely on music and movies. Carry a book and try to communicate with locals who get on and get off the train during the span of 24 hours. Learn from them about the speciality of the place you are visiting. This info is what will help you enjoy more and dive into India’s special mood.

So, make sure you get your tickets in tatkal, order food in train via KhanaGadi and carry a novel or strike a conversation in train to make it memorable and happy.

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The List of Popular Stations where you can find food delivery in Train

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food delivery in train

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Agra Fort, Akola Jn, Jodhpur, Ahemdabad, Surat, Nagpur, Jhansi, Katni, Bhusaval, Kanpur, Lucknow

Vishakapatnam, Vijaywada, Vadodara, Bhopal, Agra Cantt, Kota, Sawai Madhopur, Itarasi, Manmad Jn

Warrangal, Bhubneshwar, Howrah, Jaipur, Allahabad, Coimbatore, Godhra, Hanumangarh, Varanasi

Sholapur, Pune, Rajamundry, Rajkot, New Delhi, Moradabad, Raurkela, Jharsuguda, Guwahati, Bharatpur, Secunderabad, Ratlam, Shahdol

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