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5 Best Dishes to Try in Lucknow

Awadhi cuisine in Lucknow is every travellers dream. The tastes it packs are like a benchmark that comes handy when comparing anything and everything. The kebabs, pulav and desserts in Lucknow are thousands of year old recipes that you must try out.

Here is Lucknow on the Platter for you:

1. Tunday Kebab

Tundey kebab in train in Lucknow

Image Source: IndiaMarks

The world famous restaurant for kebabs is the Tunday kebabi. It is famous for galawati kebabs, which are very soft, melt in your mouth delicacies of mutton. Cooked on a large, round on the edges and flat bottom skillet and served with Rumali rotis. Try them hot with chutney/sauce and relish the Lucknawi taste on your tongue.

2. Tokri Chaat

Tokri Chaat in train in Lucknow

Image Source: Bhavna’s Kitchen

For vegetarians visiting Lucknow, do not feel left out. There is plenty for you. Start with the Tokri chat, which is crunchy on the outside but sweet, tangy and sour on the inside. Choose your own kinds of fillings to satiate your chaat cravings.

3. Nahari

Nahari in train in Lucknow

Image Source: DesiChef

A food from the yore but still the most famous Nalli Nahari, is an iconic dish of Lucknow. You cannot miss this if you are coming to Lucknow or passing by. Yes, if you have little time, call KhanaGadi for food delivery in train at Lucknow station. Prefer ordering this dish during breakfast, because that is when it should be eaten.

4. Mutton Pulav

Mutton pulav in train in Lucknow

Image Source: FoodFellas4You

Tired of the sad roti and nonsense rice they serve when you travel. Landing in Lucknow you can start with Mutton Pulav and that too right the in the train. Yes, you can order from your seat, receive food and meals in train on your seat and pay/eat on your seat – a box of mutton pulav from Lucknow’s famous shops. Contact KhanaGadi for food delivery in train at Lucknow railway station.

5. Lassi

Lassi in train in Lucknow

Milk products, sweets and Lassi hold a great significance in royal cuisine. These are highly flavoursome and rich in texture. The Lassi in Lucknow is best suited on hot days when you are done with a plate of Pulav or kebabs. Do not miss, as it is one of the best lassI you will ever have.

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