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Howrah Railway Station Embeds Bollywood Posters to Inspire Travellers for Swachh Bharat

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In latest news, West Bengal Division of the railways has come up with a unique concept to inspire travellers for keeping the trains and railway stations clean. This is a one of its kind, witty and quirky take on most famous Bollywood dialogues, created in the form of posters and rewritten as dialogues for Swachh Bharat mission. Already Surat has got the cleanest station award last week, Indian railways is initiating all these things to improve the quality of your train travel.

No more littering – A message from DDLJ, Deewar and More

Howrah Railway Station Swach Bharat

The Swachh Bharat bollywood posters taken from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayege’s famous scene between Amrish Puri and Kajol have been inspiring enough to not throw any train in trains or on the platforms. The wit and attractiveness of the posters make sure that most of the passengers will look at them and learn it in a subtle way. This is one trend we all want to go beyond just trains. India is negligent when it comes to keeping its locality and surrounding clean.

howrah station deewar

The play on Mere Pass Maa hai scene from Deewar between the legendary Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor is also another amazing example of this campaign.

We see Howrah Railway division’s innovativeness and intelligence in this as they hit the target audience with their favourite movie dialogues.

howrah station sholay

We all at KhanaGadi urge you to not litter or throw any garbage when you travel on train. There are many dustbins for that. Also spitting on platform is punishable with a fine of 500 Rupees. The posters are hung on the station and they are being appreciated. Many people are clicking images and promoting via Twitter and other social media.

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