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5 Best Places to Visit in Jhansi

If you are exploring places in India that have an historical importance, you must not miss Jhansi.

Why Visit Jhansi?

There are many reasons to visit Jhansi, as it was one of the seats of revolt for Indian Independence and the Queen of Jhansi fought bravely. If you want to know the best places to visit in Jhansi keep reading. We have top five places reviewed – what you see, what you eat and what you get.

Famous for its heritage, food and shopping areas – you explore more by walking and grasping the feel of Jhansi every day.

Here are top 5 picks:

1. Jhansi Fort


Connected to the old times and keeping Jhansi reminded about the great bravery of its Kings and Queens, Jhansi Fort is a marvel in architecture and is situated on a hilltop. It is a sight worth seeing when you are visiting Jhansi.

2. Nag Mandir

Another very popular among local and tourists place is Nag Mandir, it is amazing to visit this temple during morning hours. Go to Nag Mandir and discover that there is beauty in divinity and faith if you believe it.

3. Rani Mahal

Live architectural monuments and art, Rani Mahal will leave you spellbound with everything it has to offer. Build 3 centuries ago, we cannot express how exquisite it is to enter the premises and enjoy the scenic paintings and art forms here.

4. Shopping in Sipri Bazaar

For all things Jhansi is famous for cloths, food and books you can shop them here. Gorge on local delicacies and make your whole group of friends and family buy a souvenir to remember this trip.

5. Orchha

Want more palaces, scenes and holy temples for blessings, visit Orchha near Jhansi. It is a paradise near a paradise. You can enjoy a long holiday combining Jhansi and Orchha and spend leisure time here.

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