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6 Places to Visit in Itarsi

Itarsi derives its unique name from “Intt” (brick) and “Rassi” (rope) which was once traded around the town.It is today known for being a popular commercial hub of agricultural goods. Industries of the like of soya mills and ordnance factory make it an important destination for trade. Located in Hoshangabad district, Madhya Pradesh, Itarsi is one of the central most cities of India. As a weekend outing spot, Itarsi offers many sightseeing options:

  1. Hoshangabad – From a distance of around 20kms from Itarsi, we enter Hoshangabad. Named after Malwa ruler Hoshang Shah, the major attractions of this city consists of Sethani ghat situated in the southern banks of river Narmada; Ancient petroglyphs (rock paintings) on Adamgarh Hills; Bandrabhan (meeting point of River Narmada and Tawa); Hoshang Shah Fort and the Durga Goddess Temple in Salkanpur.


  1. Panchmarhi and Satpura Tiger Reserve –Panchmarhi is the only hill station of Madhya Pradesh. It offers both spiritual and natural scenic beauty to its visitors. Spiritual- being the pilgrimage site for Shiv Bhakts and natural because of the presence of breath taking sceneries from Satpura National Park. Satpura Tiger Reserve encompasses the oldest forest reserve of the country, the Bori Wildlife Sanctuary, in its boundaries. Bori Wildlife Sanctuary boasts of a perfect combination of Flora and Fauna.
  1. Tawa Reservoir – Tawa reservoir is situated on TAWA river. It took 20 years to construct the Tawa Dam on which the reservoir is formed. The Tawa Dam is a major source of irrigation for many hectares of agricultural land in Hoshangabad and Harda Districts. A Cruise Boat service has been launched by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department for a trip to the dam and reservoir. Monsoon months witness the most number of footfalls.
  1. Boodhi Mata Mandir – This is considered to be one of the important most pilgrimage sites of Itarsi. People travel from afar to visit this temple that is beautifully carved of white marble. Few other renowned temples of this region are Khedapati Mata Mandir, Hanuman dhaam, Ancient Shani Mandir and Gayatri Mandir.
  1. Friends Church – Quakerism came to Mid- India during the mid-1880 and formed a ‘Religious Society of Friends’ during then. Thus their church is known with the same name. Pentacostal Church, Marthoma Church and E.C.L are few other churches that one can visit in Itarsi.
  1. Railway Junction – Itarsi junction is one of the most important crossings of both East-West and North- South routes. Connected via broad gauge lines to Bhopal and Delhi to the North, Bhusawal and Mumbai to the West, rail junctions Nagpur to the South and Jabalpur to the East, Itarsi act as passing junction to trains from all the four metropolitan cities of the country.

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