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A Street Food Trip to Jodhpur

Jodhpur as a city has many names to its credit. It is known as “Sun City” because of its bright and sunny weather throughout the year. The houses in the old areas of the city are painted in blue, hence the name “Blue City”.  The Mehrangarh Fort being both historically and physically eminent watches over the city with good care. But, there is one more thing that makes Jodhpur an ideal tourist destination. Yes, with food one doesn’t need to guess much. Jodhpur cuisine is popular for its spicy, tasty and affordable treats. We take you on a refreshing food trip in Jodhpur with this post.

Although, one can find cuisines as varied as Continental, Mexican, Italian and Asian, the local cuisine is one to die for. The reason for its popularity can only be credited to heavy aroma, spices and rich taste. Onion is an integral element in all its delicacies.

Street Food –

1. Mirchi Bada

The hot and spicy MirchiBada with chilli and potato filling is a favourite among local people and the natives suggest visitors to definitely give it a try. It is served usually with tamarind or green chutney.

2. Pyaaz Kachori

Kachori stuffed with onions, potato and other spices make it a tasty treat.

3. Shahi Samosa

Ingredients like dry fruits, paneer chunks and green vegetables make it a royal lip smacking snack.

4. Dal Bati Churma

It is a traditional food of Rajasthan consisting of dal, roasted wheat ball and jaggery loaded with lots of pure ghee.

5. Dahi Chaat

Although spicy chaats are anyhow popular in Jodhpur, dahi (curd) chaat is the most desired one.

6. Pani Patashi

Small puris with potato filling are served with a variety of flavoured water.

7. Kadhi Kachori

A mixture of Jodhpuri Kachori with kadhi (condimented curd in a liquid form)

8. Makhaniya Lassi

Buttermilk with extra loaded processed butter on top makes it delicious and is a much liked drink locally


Curries –

1. Gulab Jamun Ki Sabji – Normally GulabJamun is consumed as a dessert but an innovative spicy curry of it is found in mostly all eateries of Jodhpur

2. Panch Kuta – Made of 5 ingredients (Desert beans, dried berries, dried seeds, red chillies and gum berry)this curry is a regional delicacy


1. Makhan bada – A sweet dish made with butter and sugar syrup.

2. Mawa Kachori – A deep fried Cardamom spiced kachori dipped in sugar syrup.

3. Besan ki Chakki – Made of gram flour processed with ghee later cut into rectangular pieces for consumption



Laal Mans – This is a spicy and aromatic Mutton Curry prepared with authentic Rajasthani spices and loads of condiments to give that special flavour. The curry also consists of whole uncut onions and potatoes.

So, next time you happen to visit Jodhpur, don’t miss out any of these.

Luxury Trains of India – Travel As You Rule The World

Indian railways is as diverse as India and can give you a wide range of experiences, from scenic views to a unique royal treatment, Bholu has everything to offer. Indian Railways introduced the concept of luxury tourist trains to India in 1982 by associating with Rajasthan Tourism Department, the magnum opus ‘The Palace on Wheels’ was launched on tracks of Royal Land in 1982. It was then refurbished and reintroduced in August 2009 with new décor, itinerary and cuisine.

palace on wheels

“For me life is all about exploring, i am here to experience a royal life”, said Mike from California traveling on The Palace on Wheels, a luxury train that gives you a lifetime travel experience that you will not find in any ordinary train.

After the success of POW, Indian Railways launched similar trains in the other parts of the country, and now there are not just 1 or 2 such trains, but total 5 trains are conceptualised in this manner, apart from royal treatment these trains have been designed in a very innovative style presenting the essence of Royal India through interesting nomenclature, cuisine & decor.

Mentioned below are the trains:

1. The Palace on Wheels

2. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

3. Deccan Odyssey

4. Maharaja Express

5. The Golden Chariot

What mattered to you most last time when you visited your favourite restaurant? Ambience? Service? And most importantly Food? What could be a better ambience than these soothing lamps, classy chairs and a desert view through window, and authentic Indian food in train touching your taste buds.

POW inside

On other hand, serving staff’s attire goes with the style of train, they carry a very warm and welcoming mannerism to make you feel super comfortable and special.


Tamanna from Amritsar said “My husband and i were planning to go out of India for honeymoon, but our visa got rejected due to some issue with documents, then Ashish my husband came up with the Idea that why not to  explore these special train journeys and trust me it is the most beautiful experience of my life till today”

Tour program of these trains has been designed in such a way that they take you through all the major sight seen locations and heritage sites. It stops at stations from where you can go to the particular location and then come back to continue your journey ahead.

Palace on Wheels Route
Itinerary of ‘The Palace on Wheels’


Trains have luxurious bedrooms and interiors reflecting the lifestyle of Indian Royal Families.

Inside Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

In just a single journey, these trains will take you through the panorama of Indian Royal & Cultural Heritage.


5 Reasons to Explore India in Trains

India, The land of mystic and unknown famous for its festive spirits and colors in everyday life that will leave you fascinated beyond comprehension, It’s not a country but an experience that each tourist that comes here feels and the vibrancy of its people and the time spent here, reverberates in his ears in times to come, everything about this amazing country is magnanimous in each aspect and lives with you for rest of your life…

Exploring India is fun and at the same time need lot of planning, Indian Railways is very wide spread and operates thousands of Trains across the length and breadth of the country, the huge Indian Railways network connects the smallest of stations in the Himalayas in North East India to the southern shore of Kanyakumari.

Explore 5 reasons to know why it’s better to travel in Indian Trains when on holidays:

1. Money wise be wise

Travelling and covering much of the acclaimed tourist spots involves lot of costs like hotels, food, local transport etc etc and if you really want to cover the maximum areas as recommended by the Indian Tourism Dept then surely, Trains offers a very reasonable and cheap option for holidayers with which they can cover the maximum spots right from Rajasthan to West Bengal and Kashmir to Chennai. You can travel from New Delhi to Chennai in around USD 40 while you may need to shelve out around USD 200 for the same trip by a flight.

Plus Trains offers great flexibility of covering majority of the tourist destination from a Major City or Hub to another which unfortunately is not available in flights.

2. No cost for Extra Baggage

Yup , that’s true unlike flights where you need to pay exorbitant price for every kg of extra baggage that you carry , in Trains its free, yes in Indian Trains you can carry large pieces of luggage that gets comfortably settled down under the seats or on overhead bins and the Ticket Examiner not goona ask you for even an extra Dollar.

3. Absorb the life around you

When you are in a country like India , you surely want to absorb each and everything that comes to you during your time here, the colors, festivals, people, their lifestyle , villages, local sports, cuisines and much more can be best explored while in Trains , a 24-36 hours journey gives you the chance to explore many geographies of the country while you are the way to your main destination.

Every station has a history and a cuisine to offer, the layovers are excellent opportunity to explore the culture of locales.

4. Flexibility

Trains only offers you the flexibility to reach to the remote hills of Nilgiris and backwaters of Kerala, you can easily reach to a big city like Trivandrum in Kerala and then take another Train to explore the rest of the Kerala and its backwaters , This kind of flexibility is very important to a Tourist in India as you can plan your entire route at one go and book accommodations accordingly.

5. Tourist spot specific Trains

There are many Tourist attractions in India like Bodhgaya in Bihar or Forts and palaces of Rajasthan , which can only be explored best while booking a special Tourist Train like Palace on Wheels or Maha Bodhinirvan Express, These trains runs on select routes with in-house food and beverage services, they get halt on stations in their itinerary and from there the passengers are being driven in to cars and coaches towards the main Tourist hub, they offer a convenient option to cover these tourist circuits with all things covered like Food, Lodging, Local Transport , Fees and Monuments Maintenance charges etc.

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Get The Power To Know Whether Your Train Ticket Will Be Confirmed Or Not

Getting a Confirmed Train Ticket is a daunting Task in India , more-soever you can plan everything for your upcoming holidays including hotels, air tickets , surface transport etc but if the Train Ticket is not confirmed then the entire trip can be jeopardized, isn’t it? Well now you have the power to know whether your Wait list or unconfirmed ticket will stand how much chance when it comes to final confirmation or whether your name will feature in the final chart 24 hours before the Train Departure, Yes you have heard it right…..

India’s leading Mobile App based Train Food Delivery company now have brought this unique feature on their website powered by confirmtkt where you can just put the PNR details of the unconfirmed tickets and get to know whether they will be confirmed or not, also in case the chances for having a confirmation is grim, then it suggests you the alternate route, bus tours or any different routes where you can book a confirmed ticket.

Let’s look at this feature of Predict PNR at powered by confirmtkt

1. You need to visit this link to use this feature and we bet , you will be amazed to see the results.

2. You can input your 10 digit PNR no of unconfirmed or wait list ticket and check the chances of it getting confirmed.

3. The system will show you the probability of your ticket getting confirmed through symbolic colors like Green or Red, depending on the chances you stand…

4. The system will also show you the alternate routes of Trains or different Train nos which you can book to get a confirmed ticket to the same destination

Wow that sounds awesome , isn’t it?

5. Now comes the better part, it will also helps you how to break your journey in to 2 parts and reach your destination in the same time.

6. You can also check the Alternate bus available for the same routes and time taken by them.

So now you have power to know before you board the train  that whether your Ticket will be on the final chart or not so that you can plan your Travel accordingly and avoid the last minute panic , With this tool you can book on multiple routes to get an assured Confirm ticket for your journey.

You can also book your favourite food in train now with and that too with delivery right on your Train Seat, is India’s fastest growing mobile app based Train food delivery company with services in 300 Stations and in 10000+ Trains, you can also download the KhanaGaDi mobile app from App Store and Play Store, you can dial the Toll Free helpline no. from 9 am to 10 pm at 18004192076 to place order with our Food Counsellors.

KhanaGaDi offers more than 25000 menu items in Indian Trains that comes in convenient packaging and pre portioned trays served right on your Train Seat across Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks , category, ordering Food in Train has never been this easy in Indian Trains and that tool with great Quality, variety and hygiene.

Top 5 places to visit in Allahabad

Allahabad is famous for religious reason and some literary reasons too. But as a backpacker on budget if you want to explore some top places in Allahabad, here are our favourites. These bring both essential and some hidden condiments of the city alive and you can taste both the past and the present if you enjoy the places, food and learning about them.

Pro Tip: Wherever you are coming from, try to travel via trains because they will help you interact and see how people actually behave, talk and live in Allahabad.

Uttar Pradesh and some portion of Bihar reflect in the local food and dialect, but all in all Allahabad is a place that will have a positive impact on your life.

Here are top 5 places to visit in Allahabad:

1. Sangam

Sangam is one of the most sacred places from mythology where 3 rivers meet, also called Triveni, which means three things meeting. You must come here and enjoy the boat ride, and inherent peacefulness.

2. Alfred Park

While you are exploring the city, you will witness the Company Garden of Allahabad; the biggest green landscape is Alfred Park. It is a significant place as India’s freedom fighter Sh. Chandrasekhar Azad died here. Enjoy the scenes and have a stroll.

3. Allahabad Museum

Right when you visit Alfred Park, also known as Chandrasekhar Azad Par, you will see Allahabad Museum. So you get a touch of greenery and lots of history in this place together. If you are a history or architecture buff – this one is totally for you.

4. Allahabad Fort

From the 16th century this fort is standing tall. It is situated at the Yamuna bank in Allahabad. Enjoy the architecture of the Mughal era here. Big walls and an Ashok Pillar are open to tourists, but the entire area is not. Pay a visit and marvel at the architecture of old times.

5. Khusro Bagh

Located very close to the railway station, Khusro Bagh is another garden plus monument of the Mughal era. India literally absorbed all kinds of invaders and their culture. Walk in the park and see the burial complex of Emperors and their families.

Just in case you are travelling to Allahabad by train, try out KhanaGadi food delivery in train at Allahabad railway station. Contact using toll free number, WhatsApp message or Android app.


A Must have iPhone App for your Train Travel

Travelling in Train is fun and a soul searching experience in India , with such a huge and vast Rail Network , Indian Trains provides an exceptional opportunity to discover this great nation and its cultural heritage.

Food in Train is an essential part of the overall experience of the Train journey and can significantly impact your mood while you are zipping along on the Rail Track, As passengers have very little options at platforms and at stations when it comes to food options, there is always a need to have a service which can ensure hot and tasty food delivery right on your Train seat where you need not to even get up from your seat.

Indian Train Passengers can now sigh a relief as KhanaGaDi, India’s Fastest growing mobile app based Train Food delivery service provider has now launched an iPhone App which is virtually an E -Restaurant Chain in your pocket , you can browse through the menu items of more than 500 Restaurants at 300+ Stations in your Smartphone and order whatever you like at any station.

Features of KhanaGaDi iPhone APP:

1. Explore Food in your Train- You just need to enter the Train no and it will show you the entire Train Route and available food options at each forthcoming station in your journey.

2. Order Jain Meals

3. Order Diabetic Friendly Meals

4. Dial Railways Helpline nos directly from APP

5. Order Regional Delicacies

6. Order your favourite food on seat from 8 am to 1130 pm in night.

7. Midnight Deliveries at Select Stations

The User interface and User Experience of the APP is so simple and convenient that even a 10 year old kid can place the order , You can also refer your friends and earn KG credit which you can use in your next orders, This is the only iPhone App in Train Food Delivery segment in India and has been built after years of R&D on consumer’s behaviour, their ordering pattern in Trains etc , the entire menu bank has been prepared keeping in mind the Train environment , It offers min 50 food options per station .

In this age of “Go Cashless”, you can pay via secured CC avenue payment gateway where in you can pay for your order via Net Banking, Credit and Debit Cards, Cash Wallets like Paytm etc, in case you do not like anything with your order, you can lodge a complaint directly from your App and can easily track the status of your order till it reaches your Train Seat.

You can order food in train at all Major 300 Stations in India and in more than 10000+ Trains with this APP, so sit back and indulge in to the beautiful view out of your Train window while we prepare a sumptuous meal to be delivered at your seat at next Station, Go Foodieeee with

Planning to Travel in Indian Trains – Check this to Do List First

Are you planning to Travel in India by Trains on your next Holiday ? If yes then you should plan certain things in advance and check them in your To Do list to enjoy most rewarding experience of your life time witnessing a colourful country with its rich heritage, culture, languages and last but not the least , an awesome culinary experience…

Travelling in Indian Trains for the first time could be a little apprehensive giving the crowd that you may witness on stations and in Trains but a little bit of planning and checking things before you board can make it real fun.

Let’s look at some To Do list that you want to cross check before you pack your luggage and get on board:

1. Check your PNR status as the Final Chart gets prepared only 24 hours before the scheduled departure, there are many web links that you can visit to check status of your waitlisted or unconfirmed Tickets, you can also visit

2. Once your Tickets are confirmed and you checked them out, you also may want to check the platform no where your Train will arrive, you can get this info at Helpline nos at 131 and 133 or alternatively you can also log in to , this step is very important as in certain large stations like New Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad , you may need to travel a lot on station to reach to your desired platform no, it’s always better to know it beforehand and plan your arrival time.

3. In India most of the Train’s arrival time and their exact locations can precisely be checked, you can get this info on IRCTC website very easily and you can always know by when you are scheduled to reach to your destination.

4. Indian Railways has started helpline nos for Women travellers, you can dial 180002332534 and get help as and when you require .

5. If you have any Medical emergency and want to reach help during your Travel , then you can contact Railway Helpline no 138 for any immediate assistance, apart from this there is a separate helpline no 1322 which is available on 24×7 for any assistance during your Travel.

6. If you feel that your Train Coach is dirty and need cleaning at upcoming station then you can simply send a message on 5888 and your Train coach will get cleaned on the next available station.

7. Having access to Clean water is must in Train Travel and we shall recommend that you buy only from authorized kiosks at Railway platforms , water bottles sold by hawkers inside the Train should be avoided , All Stations have good supplies of Packaged Drinking water, you should abstain from any other source of water as it might be contaminated and not clean.

8. If you are looking to stay near the station and exploring the budget options then we must recommend you to check Railway Station Retiring Room which are available at all major Stations across India and provide clean accommodation with food and beverage facility, they are economically priced and more information can be collected from IRCTC.

9. Food Services in Indian Trains has evolved in recent times and now you can order Food in Train Online as well , which shall be delivered right on your Seat, Alternatively you can also dial 18004192076 to order food with, India’s leading Online Food Delivery Services in Train , you can also log on to to book your meal or download KhanaGaDi mobile app at (iOS link) and (Google play link), you can order from a vast variety of menu bank across breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks category, you can also order Veg Meals, Diabetic Friendly Meals and Jain meals right on your Seat.

Now when you have checked the above To Do List and are sure of most of the points, it’s time to board our Train and explore this magnificent country , India is a vast nation and can be best explored by Trains if you are on holidays , you would really be fascinated by the vivid colors of its cultural heritage , cuisine, festivals , people and their celebrations during the course of your journey.


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5 Things that Make Surat Special

Surat, formerly known as Suryapur, is the economic capital of Gujarat. Presently, Surat is the richest city in India far ahead of Bangalore and Madras. Surat has also been declared the third cleanest city in India, maintaining its consistency in cleanliness from past few years.

Here are 5 things that make Surat special:

1. Surat is known as the Diamond heart of the world and does a business worth billions of dollars every year. Reportedly, almost 95% of rough diamonds across the world are cut and polished in Surat. Annually, Surat’s diamond trade contributes almost 90% of the total national export of diamonds and stones.

2. Surat is a renowned for producing textiles, also known as the Silk City of India. Surat is very popular for its cotton mills, man-made fibers, and Zari Craft. There are over 41,100 power loom units and 381 dyeing mills (printing as well) having yearly turnover around 5 billion rupees, and providing employment to lacs of labors.

3. Surat is also known as the City of Flyovers, as it has the maximum number bridges and flyovers in India. Apart from this, Surat also preserves many historical monuments such as Clock Tower, Dutch Cemetery, English Cemetery, Tomb of Khudawand Khan, and Heritage Square. Surat is also the home of many beautiful beaches and parks.

4. Navratri, Diwali, and Ganesh Chaturthi are among the major festivals celebrated in Surat. People in Surat also celebrate thekite-flying festival of Uttarayan (Makar Sankranti, in January) and Chandi Padvo (in October) with great pomp and enthusiasm.

5. The best thing that attracts tourism to Surat is its relaxed lifestyle and its cuisine. A popular dish named Locho (made of gram flour and lentils) is mostly in demand because it is only available in the city of Surat. Ghaari, Undhiyu, Rasaawala Khaman, Surati Khaman, Sosyo, and Sarasiya Khaja are among other preferred dishes available in Surat.

So, when you plan to visit Surat, do keep in mind that you are in one of the oldest cities of India. Surprisingly, Surat is mentioned in the book of Mahabharata where Lord Krishna made a halt while travelling from Mathura to Dwarka.

Do not miss out on Surat’s delicacies and cuisine while travelling in train via Surat Junction. Get KhanaGadi app for food delivery in train at Surat railway station. Order 30-60 minutes prior to your train halt and we will bring you your meal on train seat.

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7 Mouthwatering Eatables in Nagpur Other Than Orange

Nagpur, which is the third largest city of Maharashtra, is famous for oranges but there is a lot more left unexplored. All of us must be acknowledged to the fact that Nagpur is famous for the Nagpur Oranges, and is also known as the “Orange City” as it is the major trading centre of oranges in India.

Apart from this, Nagpur is also famous for its Saoji cuisine or Varhadi cuisine, which was the main food comprehended in the culture of Savji community. The essence and richness of spices such as cloves, cardamom, poppy seeds, black pepper set Nagpur’s food apart from all other Indian states.

Here are 7 most mouth-watering dishes which can be found in Nagpur:

1. Tarri Poha

This is an authentic Nagpuri breakfast which is easily available in every roadside shacks and restaurants across Nagpur. This is a delicious dish that can be served anytime during the day as it is a high carbohydrate, low fats, and a quick meal that can be prepared in a few minutes. TarriPoha is made of finely processed flattened rice, properly roasted with chilies, chickpeas, mustard, onions, cumin seeds, and coriander leaves and served with tarri on the side.

2. Pitla Bhakri

PitlaBhakri is a traditional Maharashtrian rural dish and is typically popular among farmers and peasants. It is a delicious vegetarian dish without which your trip to Nagpur is incomplete. Pitla has a semi-solid texture made from chickpea flour or powdered dal and is served along with bread called Bhakri (made of Jowar or Bajra flour).

3. Sandage

Sandage is among the most popular and regularly made dishes in Nagpur. It is also known as “Mangodikisabzi“ in some regions of Punjab, the only difference being that it is made with Bangal gram (channa dal) in Nagpur and Green gram (moong dal) in Punjab. It is made during the summer season and left in the sun for drying. After drying, it can be cooked with different vegetables and served with chapattis.

4. Stuffed Eggplant

Stuffed eggplant or BharliVangi is famous in many other countries such as Turkey, Iran, and Israel, but in Nagpur (India) it has become one of the most eminent dishes because of the wide use of different flavors like coconuts, tamarind, date, peanuts. It is prepared by stuffing eggplants with a mixture of boiled and thoroughly minced potatoes along with above ingredients for flavoring purposes.

5. Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana (Tapioca Sago) is a well processed and ready-to-cook agricultural food preservative. The only raw material required for manufacturing Sabudana is Cassava. Sabudana khichdi is the major food item eaten by people of Nagpur in breakfast. It is also considered to have a high nutritional value and can be served to infants, sick people or during fasts.

6. Koshambir

Koshambir is one the vital components of a Nagpuri thali and is generally prepared on all auspicious and religious occasions. It is a salad made of raw vegetables and fruits, typically flavored with butter and different spices. The main ingredients of Koshambir dish are cucumber and grated coconut.

7. Zunka Bhakar

Zunka bhakar is an authentic traditional dish of Vidarbha region, which can be prepared from millet flour and split gram mixture. Zunkabhakar is a very healthy food, rich in proteins and carbohydrates. If you ever visit the city of Nagpur, you should have the above-mentioned food items or else your journey is going to be incomplete.

If you are coming via train to Nagpur and need to try these delicacies, you can get food delivery in train at Nagpur railway station with KhanaGadi.