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Small Wonder Cities: Vadodara

Also known as Baroda, Vadodara is considered as Gujarat’s third largest city. Acknowledged as a quieter city than the capital of Ahmedabad, Vadodara lies on the bank of River Vishwamitri. In Gujarat, when Marathas took over the British, they too took under the same city. It’s accredited to be an institutional hub; Vadodara is accepted as the fastest growing city of Gujarat. In fact, when someone talks about the cultural capital of Gujarat, their finger surely points towards the same city only.

Travel Spots to Explore

While traveling this amazing city, Vadodara you should never forget to visit various wonderful places that reside here. To help you out, we have listed some places that are quite famous and mostly visited by the people from all over the world.

  • Sun Temple

Sun Temple, also tagged as Surya Temple and Borsad, this temple is located in Anand, Gujarat. It is dedicated to the God Sun. This temple is also recognized to offer the sacred grace upon the beings that come here. It also aids the visitors from their bad conditions that make them unhappy. Therefore, it is enthusiastically visited by many people from all over India and too from the foreign countries.

  • Makarpura Palace

Initially, this palace that is named as Makarpura Palace was constructed with a motive of serving Gaekwad’s royal family as a summer palace.

  • Khanderao Market

An extravagant wing that was built under the supervision of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III in the year 1906 is Khanderao Market. It was then gifted to the municipality on 25 years completion of his authoritative administration

  • Kirti Mandir

Because of the affluent and powerful status of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III, he was an owner of a wide spread monument named, Kirti Mandir that was built to commemorate the burning of his family people.

  • Vadodara Museum and Picture Gallery

Again this building that is termed as the Vadodara Museum and Picture Gallery was constructed in 1894 by the Gaekwads.

  • Sayaji Gardens

As you yourself might have got an idea by its name, whose this amazing place is, which is known as Sayaji Garden. Yes, one and only Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. Actually, it is the largest garden which exists in the western part of India covering approximately 45 hectares of the area.

  • Laxmi Vilas Palace

In Vadodara, a palace which actually mentions a series of palaces is the Maharaja Palace. When the Gaekwad family started ruling this Vadodara State since then this place was constructed. The first building was known to be the Sarkar Wada. It’s not really a palace, which was styled in an old classic way and was given up for the Nazarbaug Palace. After that, the Lakshmi Vilas Palace, which was known to be an extravagant edifice of the Indo-Saracenic School, was actually constructed in the year 1890 by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III.

  • Sayaji Baug 

Built on the river of Vishwamitri, Sayaji Baug is a garden that is about 45 hectares wide. It too has two museums and an aquarium in it. The largest garden which lies in the western part of India is Sayaji Baug which gives a shelter to 100 species of colorful flowering plants. You may get inside this fascinating garden through three entrance gates.

Famous Foods of Vadodra

At Vadodara, you will be served a wide range of dishes including Gujarati thalis and famous cuisines. The tourists are going to get unlimited options to taste. Although in this city you will witness many vegetarian restaurants but yes, the non-vegetarians also have many options.

Now, let’s check out some of the popular delicacies that hold importance in Vadodara.

  • Dhokla

It’s a well-known fact that Dhokla stands in the name of Gujarati, the people here at Vadodara are too found cherishing this tasty recipe. This dish is made with fermented rice and the split chickpeas that are then settled down in various sizes, varied style, and color. It is then served with sweet or tangy chutney. These sweet-namkeen and soft dhoklas are often fried with curry leaves and cumin seeds in mustard oil that aids in activating the taste buds of the beings.

  • Nankhatai

Usually prepared in the oven, Nankhatai comes out to be really tempting. It may also be prepared on the gas too in a heavy base utensil or pressure cooker. You will experience a pleasing taste even when it is made on gas.

  • Spinach Dhokla

Really nutritious and scrumptious delicacy, Spinach Dhokla is cherished mainly as a breakfast recipe then during supper. Whenever you wish eating something healthy and light eatery, dhokla is the name that comes forth.

  • Khandavi

Known to be the popular Gujarati recipe, Khandvi is prepared instantly and easily in a microwave as it is not required to stir its batter continuously in it. while cooking you will not even experience lumps in it.

  • Bhakarwadi

Made in two distinctive ways, Bakarwadi is liked by not only the local beings but too by the outsiders. Well filled with potatoes and spices, this recipe leaves the people with finger-licking. It may too be enjoyed for months as may be stored for few months.

  • Dahi Vada

A popular delicacy of the north as well as of the west, Dahi Vada is served with sweet chutney or too with sour chutney. After trying you are definitely going to experience a top of the world feeling.

  • Chevdo

A Kenya style dish, Chevdo is a Gujarati snack that is moxed with nuts, lentils, potato crisps and rice flakes. It is made on festive days or special occasions in Vadodara and too all over Gujarat. Most of the beings like to eat Chevdo with lemon and onions or with tomato sauce. This appends amazing taste to the delicacy.

  • Sev Usal

This recipe is actually fried strands that give a glimpse of noodles. It is prepared with chickpeas flour strands when deep fried. Usal is gravy that is made with potatoes and green peas and commonly tagged as Ragda.

  • Surti Locho

This is a traditional street food of Vadodara that is prepared for the breakfast as well as supper. It is served with desi chutney, sev, and chili.

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Small Wonder Cities: Kanpur

The most populated city, Kanpur lies in the heart of Uttar Pradesh. It is also known for its big industries in India. This place is popular among the main centers in India where the industrial revolution got activated. It lies on the bank of a famous river, Ganga. The ruled by the kings of Chandela Dynasty, Kanpur was founded about an era ago between the 10th and 13th centuries.

Due to the rich economy of Kanpur city, it has been built by the various powers who ruled this place before the Independence and yes, the government of this city. Here, the parks and countless gardens hold popularity, which are found well maintained and well known for peaceful relaxation. Mahatma Gandhi Park, Japani Garden, Kanpur Zoological Garden, Nano Rao Park and Phool Bagh are some of the famous parks of Kanpur.

Marked as a major cultural and industrial hub, Kanpur city is considered as one of the famous tourist places in India. Here you are going to witness various places that lie in the top list of popular destinations of Kanpur. So, let’s get started as below.

Famous Touring Spots Nearby

  • Allen Forest Zoo

Spread across a zone of about 190 acres, Allen Forest Zoo is one of the famous zoos of India that are known for being created inside a naturally located forest. Most of the wildlife species that were already residing here are still found within this area. The lakes, aquarium, aviary and botanical gardens, all these are the attraction of this place and are mostly visited.

  • Jain Glass Temple

Situated in Maheshwari Mohal, Jain Glass Temple is one of the most popular temples that are dedicated to Jainism. Adorned with appealing intricate glass cut contours, this structure of this holy place is elaborately designed. There are statues of 23 teerthankaras and Lord Mahavira. Moreover, various glass murals that lie inside as well as outside it narrate the philosophy of Jainism.

  • Boodha Bargad 

Boodha Bargad that actually means Old Banyan literally is the most historical monument known ever in this city. You are going to find this tree dead, but still,      its memorial is there at Nana Rao Park. In 1857, this place was considered as a revolution center where the Indian revolutionaries, about 144 were hanged.

  • Bithoor

Bithoor, one of a small town in Kanpur is a place where a sacred river, Ganga resides and magnetizes various pilgrims to this divine destination. In the year 1857, in a revolt that took place in India, this spot was instrumental. Various other tourist spots lie around this place like Siddhidham Ashram, Dhruva Teela, Patthar Ghat, Brahmavart Ghat, Valmiki Ashram, etc.

  • Shopping Spot

Kanpur city, like the other tourist destination, is a plethora of the shopping places where you may spend hours picking many fascinating mementos for your family and friends. Apart from markets, you are going to witness malls and shopping complexes adjoining the land. Other than the classy souvenirs and artifacts, the leather made products like the suitcase shells, purses, belts, and shoes are sold like the hotcakes. While shopping, a tasty aroma of the local dishes fanning out from the famous hotels is definitely going to make you turn towards it.

In the month of October and untill the month of March is the best time to visit this city when the weather is amazingly balanced.

Famous for the royally delish Nawabi delicacies, Utter Pradesh is known for its Mughal’s influenced dishes. In the northern part of this state, the tasty Mughlai food which is famous in Delhi is cooked here. The great gourmets, Nawabs of Oudh cheered their top chefs to prepare new culinary styles. In Lucknow, the famous dishes that are cherished are Kakori Kababs and Tunda Kebabs that are flavored with the rich seeds and spices.

The cuisine of not only Uttar Pradesh but too of Kanpur is just widespread as the geography of this place.

So, come along and let your taste buds roam through Kanpur with following popular recipes. So, presenting you the best loved and liked the food from the land of legends.

  • Mutton Kofta

Remarked as the winner of the dining table, this dish is served dried as well as with gravy as kebabs that go well with the Basmati rice.

  • Kakori Kebab

Straight from Lucknow, Kakori Kebab is made since the generations. Its name is derived from the Kakori city that is prepared with the meat of lamb and some spices.

  • Aloo Rasedaar

An easy and quick recipe is made at any time here be it a festive time or any other occasion. Mostly served with the hot puris, this is all time favorite dish of all age group that tastes amazing the breezy noon.

  • Allahabad ki Tehri

Those weekdays when you feel a little bit lazy, a speedy and simple delicacy can be cooked named, Allahabad ki Tehri. Made with the goodness of veggies and basmati rice, this food makes your hunger satisfied.

  • Keema Dum

Rustic, the burn and grilled taste dominate this ultimate recipe. In order to make it, the minced meat is marinated and cooked with a variety of spices in the mustard oil. “Dum” is actually a slow style cooking.

  • Baingan ki Lonje

A Benaras specialty, Baingan ki Lonje is cooked by filling well the brinjals with chopped onions and spice and deep frying.

  • Bedmi

Flat and Indian bread that is truly born in Utter Pradesh is Bedmi. Usually paired with chana (also known as Chole) or Potato curry, this dish makes an outstanding combination. Quite fluffy and crisp puris are made with urad dal and whole wheat flour.

  • Bhindi ka Salan

Directly for the cuisine of Mughlai, this tasty delicacy, Bhindi ka Salan tastes amazing. The lady fingers are used instead of Marut Sikka. The bhindi is fried till gets crispy and is dipped in thick gravy made with yogurt and variety of spices.

  • Arhar Ki Dal

A comfort-loving dish, Arhar ki Dal is cooked by steaming the dal and served by drizzling on a plate of rice. This is a classic recipe that is loved to be made every day.

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Small Wonder Cities: Surat

Awarded as the best city, Surat is tagged by its other names too like “Clean City”, “Silk City”, “Diamond City” and “Best City”.

One of the fastest growing places in India, Surat is the capital of Gujarat. Not only dine; the street foods of Surat also hold much popularity. Apart from enjoying the delicious eatables at Surat, the beings in their leisure period always wish to visit some of the famous tourist places nearby it. There is much sightseeing here in Surat that seems to be beautiful and magnetizing.

In India, one of the best textile centers, Surat is a hub of many ashrams, architectural designs, and historical landmarks. Too known as a city of solitaires, this tourist destination entices the travelers from all over this world to clutch a bewitching gaze of amazing traditions of Gujarat. So, come along and let’s explore a best ever place in India, Surat.

Iskcon Temple

The most visited site of Surat, Iskcon Temple lies at Jahangir Pura, on Ashram Road. You may witness an awesome glimpse of this temple on all the weekdays between 11 in the morning till 8 in the evening. Here, the devotees of Lord Krishna are going to get a peaceful ambiance.


In Surat, a spot that is known for its historical image is Bardoli. It is too tagged as ‘Bardoli Satyagrah’ as this is the only site from where the Salt March got initiated. It will not take much time to reach here as it is 34 km away from the main Surat city. Here you are going to enjoy the cool breeze of a striking and fabulous beach. This location holds its position is the top sightseeing list of Surat.

Dutch Garden

Named among the top most historical locations of this city, Dutch Garden is mostly visited by not only the Indian visitors but also by foreigners. Actually, it is the graveyard of the business people or we can say officers who got settled in the same city for this business projects. In fact, you are going to notice a unique story of the officers when you will visit their tombs. Trust us, your eyes are going to get freeze after witnessing an astounding gape of this place.


Again, a most visited locality of Surat, Hazira is situated about 25 km away from the city. The best time to enjoy here is your leisure day or weekend. To reach here, you may hire a taxi or auto rickshaw. For nature loving people, this place is going to be the most beautiful spot ever.

Dumas Beach 

Among all the local folks, Dumas Beach is a common beach known so far. In the southwest part, it lies 21 km apart. The Municipal Corporation of Surat has a right to manage this beach. The traditional foods like Gathiya, Bhajiy, etc. are too enjoyed here. This place is going to become a worthy spot to visit.

Surat Castle

Named as the “Old Fort”, Surat Castle was assembled by the Sultanate of Gujarat according to Feroz Khan Tughlaq belonging to Delhi Sultanate. It is counted among the most historical shrines of Surat.

Jagadish Chandra Bose Aquarium

If you have kids then this spot should be a definite place to be visited named, Jagadish Chandra Bose Aquarium. In India, it is the first ever underwater aquarium among its types. In Surat at Pal, you may find this kid’s spot. More than hundred species of the fish resides here in this water home, JCB.

Famous Gujarat Delicacies

The joy of visiting this amazing place, Surat will get double just by trying various mouth-watering dishes that are popular here. Here on the street too, you are going to get the same food menu as the restaurants are going to present you here. It’s your wish whether you want to enjoy the surrounding while eating or want to just enjoy sitting in restaurants. Moreover, they spread carpet all over the footpath where the beings relish their home delicacies or street food by sitting on it along the roadside in the shiny lightening of Malls and running traffic.

Now, we are going to unfold a list of the most adored recipes of Surat.


Tastes quite spicy, Undhiyu is an authentic casserole made by veggies, which is mostly enjoyed in winter. A Gujarati word, “Undhu” is a term which has given a bird to such a delicacy which means upside down. As it is cooked in the earthenware for hours by stirring some vegetables traditionally upside down that’s why named so.


After a spicy dish, next is the turn of a sweet recipe named, Ghari. It is made by filling it well with the dry fruits and dipped in ghee. It is a dish overloaded with calories. On a festive day of Gujarat, Chandi Padwa, this special sweet is prepared. After just taking a bite of it, you are definitely going to give its name for the Guinness Book of the world record.


A famous member of the snacks family, Collegian is mostly liked by college students. You may take it as a chat the main ingredient of which is peanuts. Before serving it is garnished well with sev which appends an amazing savor to it.


A delicious and spicy yet simple and healthy Gujarati dish Khichu too comes in a snack category. It is actually steamed rice dough that is used for preparing “Khichiya” or we can say rice papad. When made with oil and with the spice of achar methi it tastes outstanding.

Ice Dish

Undoubtedly, Ice Gola is one of the favorite items for not only the kids but elders too. You might be thinking, this is the simplest eatery what’s a new talk about this. Let us tell you that the people of Surat are well composed of talent who alter the makeover entirely even of the simplest delicacies.


Bhajiya, made with aaloo this recipe is too named, pakodas. You are going to get a pleasant experience after activating your taste buds by trying this relished delicacy.

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Small Wonder Cities: Bhusawal

In this wide array of small cities, Bhusawal is one of the busiest junctions of Indian railway network. Bhusawal is a taluka that comes under Jalgaun district of Maharashtra, It is well connected with cities like Mumbai, Pune & Ahmedabad. Despite of the connectivity, Bhusawal is a peaceful city and a quick getaway from the busy life of surrounding metro cities.

Bhusawal is generaly known for its busy railway station, religious tourist spots, thermal power plant and Nadgaon.

Surrounded by more than 50 well-built temples including Sai Mandir, Kala Haanuman Mandir and much more, Bhusawal also has a Church known as Sacred Heart Church.  Kala Hanuman Mandir out of all these temples is the most visited religious spot as it’s inside the main city area.

Tourist Spots Nearby:

Ajanta Caves:

You can plan to visit Ajanta Caves if you are planning to go Bhusawal, as city of Aurangabad is only 180 Kms from Bhusawal and direct trains can take you there in least time.  From there you can take a taxi that will take you to caves, 60 Km from Aurangabad.

Anand Sagar:

If you want to take a break from your stressful life, then Anand Sagar is a must go, a spiritual and peaceful place full of Gardens and Lakes is 120 Kilometers from Bhusawal.


A place that gives vibes of religious harmony and religious diversity of India, You will see Muslim, Hindu and Sikh Monuments, all in this small place. People from all sects live in this town, although majority of monuments are from Muslim community.

Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary:

Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary is in Yamal Tehsil of Jalgaon District Sanctuary is known for it’s diverse vegetation and is spread across Manjal River as well as Satpuda Hills.


Food of Bhusawal

As Bhusawal is part of Maharashtra, the principle food of localites in Bhusawal is pure Maharashtrian Food, White brinjal is the most grown variety in the nearby areas which makes it the most easily available and popular food item in Bhusawal, other popular dishes include Daal Bhati Toop, Vangyachi Sabji and Bengan Bharta.


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Interesting Facts about Some Railway Stations in India

The soothing vibration and the guzzling of the train manage to carry every passenger and drop him at his destination. Indian Railways, which is the world’s third largest network of railway, clutches a crowd of facts of which you too find yourself strange.
Today, we have come up with various interesting facts about some of the railway stations that are situated across India.
• Navapur railway station which exists in India is developed in two states; half of it is in Maharashtra and another part of it resides in Gujarat.
• Almost 2.5 Crore passengers travels daily in Indian Railways, which is actually a total population of Tasmania, Australia, and New Zealand when put together.
• The busiest junction in this nation is Lucknow where about 64 trains arrive and depart every day.
• The shortest distance that is covered by the trains between the two sequential stations in India is approx. 3 kilometers between Ajni station and Nagpur station.
• Before installation of the Automatic Point System, hundreds of guards who were trying to fix everything manually lost their fingers and hands. We were there only for complaining about for the delayed train but the Indian Railway employees were losing their limbs for us.
• In this country, the longest tunnel is 11.215 kilometers long, which exists in Jammu and Kashmir named, Pir Panjal.
• There is a station in India that name of which is the longest of all that is Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta. Sometimes, the people call it by its prefix, ‘Sri’.
• In the past, the cartridges were position by the help of the elephants. For laying down the Indian railways’ tracks, they were required to circle up the entire earth for almost 1.5 times.
• If we talk about per minute clicks that hit the Indian Railways website that is nearby 12 Lakh. Hourly, the traffic on the site, is actually more than that of the annual traffic of few famed Indian websites. At one time, it can handle about 5 million threads.
• The train drivers, Loco-pilots, their salaries touch the boundary of Rs. 1 Lakh and even more. This pay scale is higher even that of the software engineer.
• The highest railway bridge that is about to get constructed in Jammu and Kashmir over Chenab. Its height is five times the height of the tallest building in India, Qutub Minar. In fact, it will defeat the Eiffel Tower in the same case.
• Too in the case of certain death, there is not a single loco-pilot in the history who has uncontrolled the train.
• The slowest train of the Indian railways with its speed of 10 kilometers per hour goes the uphill.
• There is a train from which you may jump off, spend few seconds and may again climb on it. It is a passenger train known as Mettupalayam Ooty Nilgiri.
• After the completion of 50 years of Indian Railways, the toilets were built in the train. Before that, the passengers had to control the nature’s call till the commencement of the next station. For this, we should thank Mr. Okhil Chandra who wrote a letter in the name of Indian Railways which was answered as the development of toilets in 1909.
• In Indian Railways when we talk about the most unreliable train, a name that strikes our mind is Guwahati-Trivandrum Express. It’s always late for an average time of 10-12 hours. Oh Gosh!
• The name of Indian Railway station which is smallest is ‘IB’ that is situated in Odisha.
• Vivek Express, a longest running train, which covers a distance of 4273 kilometers between two stations named, Dibrugarh and Kanyakumari.
• Trivandrum – H. Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express, it’s a train which covers the longest gap of 528 kilometers without getting stopped for a single time.
• The Rail Museum in India that is largest in Asia exists in Delhi. There you will witness both types of models, working, and non-woking.
• Moreover, there is a mascot of Indian Railway, a Guard Elephant named, Bholu.
• In Indian Railways, the oldest running dinning car is the Mumbai-Pune Deccan Queen.
• It’s a World Record – Delhi station got a position in the Guinness World Book as it has the largest route relay interlocking system in the world.
• It’s the talk of the pre-Independence; nearly 42 Railway companies were operated in India.
• The first sea bridge in India is a cantilever bridge on the Palk Strait named Pamban Bridge. It links mainland India and Rameshwaram on Pamban Island (which lies in Tamil Nadu).
• When it comes to revenue, during the financial year 2011-12, Indian Railways collected Rs 581 Crore as fine and charges on ticketless travel.
• The transit trains, Mumbai’s local trains are amongst some of the world’s train that has 15 coaches. Shanghai’s local trains also come near to it with 12 coaches.
• When it comes to a total number of trains, there are 19,000 trains that run every day by Indian Railways. Among these, 7,000 trains are for freight and 12,000 trains are for passengers.
• A luxury train, the Palace on Wheels was not in the fate of Indians when it was launched in 1982 on Republic Day as they were not allowed to travel in it.
• For the public use, the first ever underground railway that was initiated was Calcutta Metro.
• The first electric coach that ran on 3rd February in 1925 was between Kurla station and Bombay VT station.
• The world’s ninth utility employer or the largest commercial has the labor force of over 1.4 million employees. It’s too the India’s largest employer.
• The Howrah Station that is situated in Kolkata is the only station where you may take the car inside.
• Air cooling in Indian Railways was first organized in 1874 in 1st class coaches in the Great Indian Peninsular Railway.
• On 6 June 1981, in Bihar, the worst train disaster took place which was carrying more than 800 passengers, which got out of the tracks and plunged into the Bagmati River while crossing the bridge.
• Approximately, 10.65 Lakh acre of the land is in the hands of Indian Railways and 90% of it is under the usages of railway’s operations.

Sweet Kolkata, Dessert Capital of India

Kolkata is popular for its rich culture. Bhadralok, the Bengali people are carried as a sophisticated crowd who are always found romancing with the finer and advanced things of the life, be it the music, films, literature or cuisine. Bongs feel colossal pride in their huge part of the mishit. The most vital section of the superb Bengali cuisine is formed by the sweetmeats of Kolkata that is quite known among all age people, all over the country.

Every year in the rear months, Kolkata is well adorned with the glory as all the beings start gearing up to bestow a blasting welcome to goddess Durga. In this amazing revelry time, the day is set to an order of frolic, food, and fun.

Bengal, a home for the finest delicacies is also a boaster of the glorious sweet heritage. When the Bengali sweets come in focus, whether the sweet magnetizes us or not it hardly matters. On a single glimpse, you are going to lose your promise of getting stuck to the diet plan. Your heart will start melting and your buds will start secreting the greed out.

So, let’s get started as below:

Mishit Doi

Mishit Doi, nothing looks better before it, after all, it comes in a list of top exemplary Bengali dessert. Made with the caramelized sugar and condensed milk, it goes melt on taking a first bite of it. It seems like; it comes directly from the heaven to sit on your tongue.

Nolen Gurer Sondesh

All-time favorite dessert of Kolkata people, Sondesh is made with their most cherished ingredient, jaggery. The slippery yet gooey consistency of jaggery raises up its consuming experience one level high.

Kolar Bora

The ingredients that seem to be hard for other to get adjusted in the dishes, Bengalis are fond of making enchanting dishes from those. One example of such kind is Kolar Bora which is too known as Banana fritters. Made with the ripe bananas, sugar, and maida this delish sweet delicacy is covered with the grated coconut. Sound mouth-watering, isn’t it?


Too cherished on other parts of India, Malpua is Kolkata-born dessert. When the soft and sweet pancake is prepared with the saffron syrup and a rush of cardamom becomes Malpua.


Akin to the spongy Rosogullas, Rajbhog is too found being bought from the same family. One thing that places them on the other line is the stuffed dry fruits and their bigger size that makes them a bash of taste.


Pleasingly rich and delicious Pantua is a clone of Gulab Jamun. The paste of it is made with flour, channa, and khoya that is afterward shaped into small balls and deep fried. At last, all are allowed to get drenched in sugar syrup. To enhance its flavor, cardamom powder is sprinkled.


Patishapta, also titled as ‘pitha’ or crepes, is made with the crepe of rice flour with the fillings of jaggery and coconut. The best thing that makes this dessert best ever one is the sweet stuffed in it and the soft crepe.


Even a member of Pantua family, Langcha is shaped cylindrical not circular like the former one. Undoubtedly, this dish too tastes impeccable identical to the sense of its term.
Chhannar Jilipi

Like the other desserts of the list, this sweet delicacy is made with maida, paneer and khoya but you would wonder about its gaze and its tang that put it apart from the crowd. This is the only reason why Kolkata is a king of desserts that you can’t miss.

An utter bliss, Chomchom is made with fresh panner well-cooked in sweet syrup. Don’t forget to bathe your teeth into the juicy pool of this delish dish.


Served with the tiny balls of gulab jamun, this essential vermicelli dish is in the in-demand list of Bengali people. Not only in Bengal or Kolkata, this dessert has its well-established name in other countries too. So, to believe it, try it.


Do you remember the traditional ‘boondi’? Yes, that only, which seems to be yellow in color and sweet in taste, Mihinda is the cousin of it. It is found a member of the family because of its presentation, appeal, and flavor. The light golden tone of it will definitely activate your taste buds.

Joynagarer Moa

Made with the jaggery of date palm, clarified butter (too known as ghee) and puffed rice, Joynagarer Moa needs to be tasted as is one of the less popular dishes.

Kheer Kadam

To send you into the food coma, one layer was not just enough, so this delicacy, Kheer Kadam is made of one more layer. The layer of inside clutches tiny rosogullas and the outer one is made grated with powdered sugar and khoya. Go just figure!

Labanga Latika

It’s like an art to present and cook this out of the world sweet, Labanga Latika. It too requires precision and patience. It’s actually the hallmark of the Bengali tradition. Made with the grated coconut, maida, khoya, ghee, cardamom and nuts, this impeccable dish is artfully bent into a pastry and locked with a clove.


The most popular and tempting sweet that is deep fried is Sarbhaja. Like the other sweets, the flavor of this delicacy is guaranteed. This is among the group of those desserts that are made purely with the condensed milk. For the calorie conscious people, it’s strictly NO dish.


When prepared in Bengali style, Boondi Laddoo forms Darbesh. It’s one of the favorite Bengali sweets.


Chandra stands for white, and puli mean cake, and therefore this dessert resembles a white cake. Made from grated coconut, khoya, and sugar, chandrapuli is a fabulous treat for any occasion.

Kacha Golla

This authentic and delight sweetmeat is the one that is mostly offered to the Goddess Durga every festive day. It is formed with pure milk. You will just feel your soul satiating when you will try out these gooey and soft balls.


Last but not the least, Rosogulla, an iconic sweet of Kolkata is the glowing sign of the Bengali sweets from the immemorial time. The sweet and spongy dumplings when get dipped into the sugar syrup leaves you fingers licking.


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Food of Telangana, Heaven for Non-Veg Food Lovers

Telangana, the capital of Hydrabad is famous for its non-vegetarian food recipes. On your next trip to this beautiful place just go and indulge yourself in the must eat the food of Hydrabad. The city of nawabs, Hydrabad is famous for its delicious dishes starting from its lip-smacking biryani to its delish kebabs to mouth-watering sweet dishes. Biryani is one of those enchanting delicacies that firstly come first in our minds when we talk about Hydrabad. All together it’s a Food Paradise. So, all the foodies, just check out some of the delicious food of Telangana below:

Tunday Kebabi

On simply uttering the name of this dish, you become like having it right now even if your stomach is full. This is the only thing that makes it special, instantly your appetite perks up. So, just don’t wait for anything now just go and relish this spicy delicacy with the creamy mayonnaise.

Kache Gosht ki Biryani

Hole and sole like its tag biryani is cooked with the raw meat. It is quite juicy to it and fragrant that activates the taste buds of the non-veg lovers. This delicacy is a main course of Telangana. On just tasting it once, you can’t stop yourself finishing up your plate. You may too savor it with the raita so that a best of it may come out.

Murgh do Pyaza

Now, let yourself introduce to this mouth-watering dish named, Murgh do Pyaza. Its name will automatically get raise your hunger. Moreover, the delightful taste of this chicken food will definitely go melt in your mouth. Just a single bite will not sound enough; you will like to have more. You are not going to forget its tempting taste in your whole life.

Gosht Pasinde

The best time to have this amazing recipe, Ghost Pasinde is the weekend’s lunch-time when your taste buds wish to have some captivating savor. This classic dish of meat straight from Hyderabad will cheer up your mood within a flick. Its gravy is prepared quite thick with the potatoes and beans. You may pair it up with the hot chapattis especially tandoori one to make your day.

Boti Kebab

Just make your mind remind of the hot kebabs just going sloppy in your mouth. Just a simple thought of this tempting preparation will wake up your stomach rats. A secret that is behind the flawless taste of this delicacy is the strongly soaked mutton which is cooked with the fresh garden herbs. So, don’t just salivate, just try it out.

Maghaz Masala

The name of this dish is made with two words, ‘Maghaz’ and ‘Masala’ that actually mean ‘brain’ and ‘spicy’ respectively. This spicy dish of brain fry is a popular lamb delicacy directly from Hyderabad. The sizzling and thick gravy with the juicy meat will undeniably magnetize the attention of the non-veg lovers towards it. In order to enjoy this amazing traditional Hyderabadi recipe you just go for it with your hands. And yes, it will too leave you finger-licking.

Keema Samosa

Keema and samosa come together to make this dish. Your appetite will reach the sky after tasting simple a single bite of this delicacy. The combo of this little snack doesn’t require any occasion to get prepared. You may even have a bet that you haven’t tried this enchanting food earlier.

Hyderabadi Marag

The best way to initiate your meal is none other than the spicy-meaty soup. You might have tasted varieties of soups earlier but this one is just amazing. In fact, you will a become fan of it. This dish is prepared with the tender mutton and reveals of its light texture. It is a perfect starter that will make you hooked.

Hyderabadi Biryani

Talking about the biryanis without pairing it with a term, ‘Hyderabadi’ will not be good as the main, in fact, the top most recipe of Hyderabad is Biryani only. It is cooked either with chicken or mutton and is laced with the rich ingredients. This delicacy is like a staircase towards the heaven. This is all time favorite dish for the people as they always love to have it in the morning, noon or night.


The term, Pesarattu is made adjoining two words, “attu” and “pesara” which actually means crepe or dosa and moong dal. Apart from the use of the urad dal which is used traditionally in dosa batter, this tempting dish is made from the whole or split green moong lentils. This nutritional and crisp dosa is exclusively famous that is usually eaten in the breakfast time. It is mostly served with tangy chutney of ginger to enhance its savor.

Mirchi Bhajji

A perfect snack for the tea time, Mirchi Bhajji is the favorite dish for the one who loves to have spicy and hot green chilies. Through the middle the green peppers are slit and boiled potatoes are stuffed within. At the end it is coated with the paste of gram flour after that it is deep fried in oil. Suddenly a pop of the intricate taste is delivered at once only. A typical street food, Mirchi Bhajji is enjoyed at its best with a cup of hot tea in the rainy days and breezy evenings.

Baghara Baingan

A popular eggplant curry, Baghara Baingan was firstly introduced as an Indian recipe by the Mughals. Later, it became an important part of the Hyderabadi cuisine. For its preparation, eggplant is fried deeply and later tossed in the gravy. The gravy is loaded with the peanuts and churned spices.

Burani Raita

All the dosa delicacies that are made with meat require some balance and for that only this tempting dish is prepared. It is a kind of dish which actually balances the flavor of the meat dosas. It is too an integral part of the cuisines of Hydrabad. As it is made by infusing garlic, this secret of it makes it the most loved dish ever. The local people of Telangana enjoy this dish with pulao and biryani, but its impeccable taste doesn’t get change when taken with mutton delicacies. Naan also sounds awesome with it.

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Divine Taste of Kerala

Kerala, a beguiling heaven well decorated with quite backwaters, exotic wildlife, serene beaches and lush mountains, is one of the famous tourist places of the southern part of India.

Kerala is a home for its vibrant and unique cuisines. When we try elaborating a topic of the best and enchanting food, the name of one eminent place clicks our mind named, Kerala. Undoubtedly, this place is rich with its varieties of delicacies.

The land of coconut trees, Kerala is well-known for its lip-smacking dishes that are prepared using coconut milk, coconut oil and richly adorned with grated coconut. You might have caught it, the aroma and taste of the food of Kerala is enhanced because of the use of special spices and yes, not to forget, coconut products. This way, the meals of Kerala stand out from the other dishes of India.

Not only is the vegetarian, the non-vegetarian food is too famous here in Kerala. The mouthwatering seafood assortments hold an importance in the southern region of Kerala and the other non-vegetarian varieties are popular in northern part of it.

So don’t get off Kerala without trying following delish popular dishes of this place:

Fish moilee

A delicacy of typical Syrian Christian and too a famous fish of Kerala is made with the coconut milk. Its curry is prepared usually in an earthen vessel also known as traditional manchatti. The fishes fried lightly in coconut milk. Spices are added to the dish like cloves, cinnamon, pepper and turmeric with the green and fresh chilies that append tangy taste to it.

The fishes especially the seer fish and kingfish is marinated with the oil, red chili powder, turmeric, lemon juice, and salt. This takes 30 minutes and after that, a yummy fish dish is served hot.

Kerala prawn curry (chemmeen curry)

The signature dish of Kerala, Kerala Prawn Curry comes directly from the region of Malabar that is made with a mixture of fennel seeds, black mustard seeds, and fenugreek seeds. The green chili and coconut milk are too added. A special ingredient which is too included is kudampuli which is also named as a brindle berry in order to make it sour. Also, the marinated prawns, raw mango, and drumsticks are used that enhance its tangy savor.

Erissery or pumpkin and lentil curry

This is one of the popular dishes of Kerala. It is prepared from either he sliced yams or raw plantains. It too usually clutches a pumpkin the taste of which is slightly sweet. Pumpkin is firstly boiled in the water with dried lentils, pepper, chilies, salt, cumin seeds, turmeric powder, and garlic. At last, it is served covering the bed of rice. This delicacy has a festive mood which is mostly prepared on Onam.

Karimeen pollichathu (fish)

A traditional dish of Kerala, Karimeen pollichathu is actually a pearl spot fish or Karimeen which is a spotted marine animal. It is generally found in the backwaters of Kerala. It is too a Syrian Christian food but nowadays becoming a showcase dish of the rich cuisines of Kerala. This pearl spot fish is soaked in the mixture of fresh juice of lemon, red chilies, and other ingredients. Then it is covered and baked in the plantain leaves that appends a unique taste to it.

Puttu and kadala curry

The main breakfast delicacy of Kerala, Puttu and Kadala Curry is cherished all over Kerala. A cylindrical shaped and steamed rice cake, Puttu is cooked and loaded with grated coconut. Kadala curry is usually the companion of Puttu which is a dish of the black chickpeas with the coconut milk, spices, and shallots. At last, it is served with ripe bananas and off course, grated coconut.

Banana fritters (dessert)

Ethakka appam or Pazham pori, juicy banana fritters are featured as a tea time special snack since the past. You may find this delicacy all across Kerala. The ripe bananas are simply fried deeply in oil and are well coated with the plain flour.

Thalassery biriyani

The most liked dish of the Muslim Community is rice biryani. A seaport of Kerala, Thalassery was a hub for the exportation of the spices where the three cultures, Arab, European and Malabar came together and influenced the Kerala cuisine. A thin, small-grained, fragrant and unique variety of rice is used in making Thalassery biriyani named, kaima. In this delicacy, the cooked rice and biriyani masala are arranged in the layers. Before, sealing the lid of the container with dough, on the low flame, the meat is cooked on a low flame with masala.

A rice biriyani is the most common dish of the Muslim community. Thalassery sea port was a center for the export of spices where European, Arab and Malabar cultures came together and influenced the cuisine. Thalassery biriyani uses a unique, fragrant, small-grained, thin rice variety named kaima. The biriyani masala and cooked rice are arranged in layers in the dish. Meat is cooked with the masala on a low heat and layered with rice before the lid of the container is sealed with dough. Hot coal or charcoal is then placed above the lid.

Palada payasam (dessert)

Kheer, a sweet rice dish is made with palada. This delicacy is made all over in Kerala especially at home even during the festive season and other special occasions. It too holds various varieties. The traditional among all make the use of the following basic ingredients like ghee, sugar, milk, and rice ada. You may find these inclusions at grocery stores in Kerala.

Malabar Parotta with Kerala beef curry

The flat bread that is layered is originated in the region of Malabar anmed Parotta. It is made by kneading the mixture of egg, maida, ghee, oil, and water. The dough is flattened and after that spiral shape is given to it with the thin layers. The balls of it are made then flattened then roasted with ghee into a Parotta. Beef curry is served with this dish. The beef is cut down into pieces, simmered in the curry that is made using spices, garlic, onion, and tomatoes. Spices that are added are cloves, cardamom, black peppercorns, cinnamon, bay leaves and star anise.

So, for you next trip to Kerala, don’t leave Kerala without trying all these amazing and delightful dishes.


Tips for a Solo Woman Traveler in India

As a solo traveler, while traveling all over India, one thing of which a woman should keep a track of while traveling is that today also India is a conservative hub predominantly. In the world of Bollywood too the films reveal Indian women in a fashionable and glamorous way. On the contrary, when we see the other side of the real woman who finds her home on the Indian streets, the ground realities sounds poles apart. Here, in the society, the difference between the genders and standards is growing and becoming a giant.

Some female tourists and mainly the solo one are reevaluating their trip plans across India due to increasing women encircled crimes. The woman coming to India should learn every day about how she may fit herself here like a blonde female. Here, groping women, voyeurism or rude comments are quite common. Being a woman, you should have to come prepared and always get set go to make a fuss when required and yes, don’t allow it to put you off experiencing bewitching yet chaotic India.

Apart from this, we would like to help you out with some amazing tips that would prove to be beneficial for a solo women traveler in India. You are definitely going to appreciate all these. Besides, these would make your life easier.

Get Yourself Covered

We all are aware of the glowing and hot attitude of Indian sun. How are the people going to react watching you in shorts and a singlet? It’s obvious that you might not be in a mood to upset the crowd and walk on the streets like a model.

So, it’s better to cover up your lower face and head with a scarf. This will too act as a pollution guard. Moreover, your knees and shoulders should not be exposed regardless of whatever the temperature it’s around.

Caution! There are Dogs

Apart from the attractive places of India, you are going to meet the stray dogs too. They might be dangerous, especially after the sun sets.

So, you should be attentive after dark. In fact, avoid wandering alone in the noiseless places. Additionally, don’t forget to be rabies vaccinated before departing from your place.

Avoid Scams

Scam, a quite popular word, is common not only in India but throughout the world. It’s a trick that fraud people follow to gain the confidence of a new guy just for the sake of making money.

It’s better to prepare yourself for the same. You can just gain each and every important, yet related detail so that you may avoid all the pitfalls that are general. You may too take a look at the handy guides to be safe from the scams while you are on your trip.

Watch out! You are Celebrity here!

Indian, a curious crowd, would definitely like to have a selfie with you. They usually give a celeb treatment to the westerners. They don’t want to harm you but yes, want to show off their pictures to their family and friends. If you doesn’t want or doesn’t feel comfortable in so then you may just decline politely and move on. If it is possible then you may make a use of your day-bag on your seat so that a barrier like a wall may build up between you and the person sitting beside you. Indians are just simple beings they don’t know how to behave with the travelers. So, it’s better to take care yourself but yes, don’t forget to make someone’s day just by waving back your hand to them, as Indians becomes happy just by doing this.

Don’t Hesitate in Making Friends

While traveling on public transport, you may just make a simple talk with the locals as this is going to enhance the peacefulness of your mind. If you find it hard to converse in the same language then you may just give a smile, this is the best way to get connected with the fellow travelers.

Don’t Wait for the Sun to get Down

These days, walking alone after the sunset is not a good idea, not only in India but too on this entire earth. However, if you find it necessary then you may just be in link with the busy areas. And yes, be sure that there should be a transport facility all around you so that you may quickly get up and touch your accommodation just in time.

Get Connected to Hunger Helpline

We all know that there is a facility of food on wheels but yet many problems catch us like:

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  • 2. The quality too doesn’t meet the line.
  • 3. There is no food facility specifically for the Jain community.
  • 4. In addition, the diabetic patients can’t make them comfortable with the food that is served in train.

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Practical Tips

Now, we will just take a short route to get some practical tips that will help you, the ladies to travel even solo:

  • 1. While traveling in the night, you should pick the upper berth so that you may have more privacy.
  • 2. On the train, always go for a women’s car and too don’t forget to book the front seats in the huge buses. If possible, sit next to the female passengers only.
  • 3. Avoid unnecessary chit-chat with the stranger, especially odd-looking men.
  • 4. Try to avoid traveling at night, specifically when you don’t have company.

So, while traveling alone, just follow all the tips and enjoy your trip even when you are alone.

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Travel on train is the most comfortable and cheapest option of moving from one spot to other. Too 90% population of India picks train for traveling as most of the destinations are linked via tracks only as compared to that of roadways where the road routes are found longer.

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Track Order

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At KhanaGaDi, you will be offered a cluster of Comprehensive Services to its customers other than the online food delivery service in their place. This cluster will hold the blossoms of the other services which allow the passengers to check their Indian Railway PNR status on the website.

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Here, on this App, the viewer is going to witness a set of 25000 and more menu items that clutches a wide collection of all time meals like breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner and beverages in a convenient packaging. The sole objective of the team is to offer a variety, value, and range to the customers.

Predict PNR Status Confirmation


For the dear travelers, KhanaGaDi throws a feature according to which they may predict the PNR status confirmation that is powered by The travelers may get to know the chances they have for their PNR confirmation. This system makes a use of the intelligent algorithms as per the historic trends.

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