7 Yummy Foods You Never Knew You Can Order In Train

Subway Food in Train

1. Subway @ New Delhi

Subway, a legendary fast food chain known for its customized sandwiches and salads can be a part of your wake up snacks at New Delhi Railway Station. You can choose from a menu available on KhanaGaDi App and simply order with a single click.

Subway Food in Train

2. Moti Mahal Ahmedabad

Heaven for Non Veg Food lovers, Moti Mahal is the team behind the creation of Butter Chicken, So whenever your train is passing through Ahmedabad, your inner foodie can relish the taste of  desi tandoor, just order before an hour and get your meal delivered on your train seat at Ahmedabad Station.

moti mahal food in train


3. Haldiram’s, Howrah

Haldiram fans know what makes them 55th most trusted brand in India, that Indianness and purity of food makes haldiram a reliable food brand for everyone. So why not to opt for their ready to eat meals when you are craving for Veg Food and hot mouthwatering desserts like Moong Halwa. Get food delivery in train with KhanaGaDi App.

Haldiram Food in train

4. Mizaz e Bhopal

Mizaz e Bhopal is Your evergreen restaurant that serves wide variety of North Indian Veg and Chinese meals. Bhopalis love them as they serve a delicious and freshly cooked food that we all Indians look up to may be you cannot differentiate between Kadhai Paneer and Shahi Paneer, but you will remember the unique taste of Mizaz e Bhopal.

5. Gujarati Cuisine

Gujarati Cuisine is tangy, spicy, sweet and colourfull, as if it has all the tastes & happy colours of life, either you are Gujarati by origin or from any part of this world, KhanaGaDi gives you a choice to get Gujarati Food delivery in train.

Gujarati Food in Train

6. Chettinad Cuisine

Love for food doesn’t see the differences of cultures or traditions, all it sees is taste. If you plan to explore South Indian Chettinad meal. Then 2 states can fall in love anytime with KhanaGaDi App.

Chettinad food in Train

7. Bengali Cuisine

If you are Bengali, then Fish must be an integral part of your meal and now you don’t need to dream fishing while your train journey naps, all you need to do is download KhanaGaDi App to order your favorite meals

Bengali Cuisine in Train