7 Dishes to Definitely Retry These Winters

makke di roti

1. Butter Chicken:

Butter Chicken

The creation of Kundan Lal Gujral, the owner of Moti Mahal Delux, Butter chicken attracts foodies from India and abroad to Delhi, Made on traditional clay tandoor and then roasted or fried in the mouthwatering Indian spices with lots and lots butter, tastes like heaven in mouth.

2. Makke di Roti:

makke di roti

Indian food is incomplete without breads, and makke di roti or corn bread is the delight of winters in Northen India. It’s a popular delicacy having roots in rural Punjab, where it is enjoyed with Jaggery, butter, butter milk and its alter ego Sarso da Saag, which typically complete this meal. Served hot by ladies to their husbands going to work hard whole day, makke di roti is very nutritious and healthy diet.

3. Biryani:


Rich in ingredients and taste, The core ingredient of Biryani is Rice, the harmony of magical Indian spices, veggies, fruits, meat & herbs make it a lovely affair for foodies. Hyderabad (Present day Telangana) is considered as the epicenter of Biryani, including many other South Indian States because of their high affinity and capability for rice production. Although it is widely popular and made with precision in various parts of the country like Delhi and Lucknow.

4. Idli:

Idli Sambar

Again a South Indian dish, Idli is the lifeline of south Indian food lovers. Made with rice and de-husked black lentils, it is very soft to eat, Served with hot tangy Sambar and coconut sauce, it dissolves like cotton candy in mouth. Light on stomach and considered as one of the best breakfasts in the world. Many celebrities have claimed to eat Idli and butter milk in their breakfast.

5. Dum Aloo:

Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo is half Kashmiri and Half Bengali Dish according to a story, In 1784 Awadh was struck by food scarcity, in an ancient recipe found in “Ain-i-Akbari” where beef was stewed overnight in a “deg”, the technique was known as “Dum Pukht”, The Kashmiris introduced Turnip in place of Beef so that hundreds of hungry workers could be fed at a moment’s notice with warm food. After the British captured Awadh in 1856, Waji Ali Shah moved to Calcutta along with his “Nanbais” or Cooks. Where Bengalis started using Potato in place of Turnip.

6. Dal, Bati & Churma


Rajasthan’s complete meal, Dal Bati Churma has all the flavours that you desire in a meal, Bati, bread hard from outside and soft from heart is soaked in warm ghee to add buttery taste to it. Its another avatar, Masala Bati is stuffed with mouth watering mixture potatoes, dry fruits and spices.

7. Chana Masala:

Chana Masala

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Chana Masala is evergreen. the mushy flavor of chickpeas goes well with all kind of breads. Mostly loved with Bhature or Kulche in North India, on other hand In Kerala, white appam and chana masala is one of the main dishes for breakfast.

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