Order your Train Food with KhanaGaDi

KhanaGaDi.com offers simple, prudent and specific food delivery solutions across India for Train Passengers looking for Quality and Hygienic food during their train journey , right at their seat using robust operating procedures and technology framework working at Six Sigma , It offers wide variety and assortment of Pre-portioned Meals and Ala-Carte menu to its consumers at around 105 Stations and in 6000+ Trains.The main frame of KhanaGaDi’s Operations is entirely focused upon the Delivery & Logistics procedures where it uses a Six Sigma certified process to achieve 99% delivery strike rate right at passenger’s seat in mobile Trains.

Founded in June 2015 by Industry Professionals with more than 23+ years of experience , KhanaGaDi is the fastest growing Startup in Train Food Delivery Segment and is Headquartered in Jaipur. KhanaGaDi has it Customer Support Center and Data Lab also in Jaipur where extensive research is being done to provide more comprehensive solutions in Train Food Delivery Segment, KhanaGaDi aims to serve 1000+ meals per day in 300+ stations in 2016 and also contemplating certain food delivery models in urban areas on which detailed R&D is in progress.